Sharing a special effect cube for iOS development

  The new ios5 notification center will use this feature at the top of the screen when updating the notification.CubeThe effect of body scrolling is used as an update animation.The original private method can be called for this effect.Here we

IOS Development Learning-pop-up view (popup view) effect source code sharing-series of tutorials 4

Popup textviewDescription: displays the text input box. Similar to the status input box popped up in the Facebook application.Http:// POP list viewIntroduction:Implement a pop-up view and add a list to the pop-

IOS development and learning-Calendar effect source code sharing-series of tutorials

 CK calendar for iOSIntroduction: a calendar that is easy to use and can be customized.CodeEffect. The Code also provides delegate callback functions to help you customize calendar actions, including date selection.Http://

IOS development and learning-source code sharing of Button Effects

 Round progress buttonIntroduction: Add a dynamic progress bar to the Circle button. The effect is similar to the playback button for previewing a song in the itune app.Http://   Gloss caustic shaderIntroduction:

IOS development video tutorial download/iPhone development video tutorial download

Download the first free iOS development video tutorial from the Internet. Qianfeng network exclusive product. Download and learn Network Disk download:IOS video tutorial-lecture 01st-Ios historyIOS tutorial video-lecture 02nd-xcode

IOS development and learning-source code sharing of table effects-series of tutorials 4

Keyboard avoiding Introduction: the pop-up keyboard can never hide the input box. The input box is moved up when the Input Keyboard is displayed, so that it is not blocked by the pop-up Input Keyboard. That is to say, when the pop-up keyboard

IOS Development Learning-List (table) effect source code sharing-series of tutorials 5

QuickdialogDescription: Custom uitableviewcell. Implements the tableview input interface for various styles. Including the logon interface (LOGIN), adding a variety of controls to the list line.Http:// Signup

Introduction to frameworks in IOS

1. Cocoa event Layer Addressbookui UseAddress bookUI framework,Show contactsOfAddress bookDatabaseMediumOfData. Eventkitui CreateUser Interface,Used for viewing and editingCalendar dataAndEventKitUI framework.

Ios-cocos2d game development basics-progress bar-Development notes

    Ios-cocos2d game development basics-introduction-Development notes (1)   Ios-cocos2d game development basics-Basic Knowledge-Development notes (2) Four basic concepts required for getting started with cocos2d   Ios-cocos2d game

IOS Development Learning-drawing effect source code sharing

 My paletteIntroduction: A simple drawing tool demo that allows you to adjust the width and color of a paint brush. You can undo the previous or all operations. With the eraser function, you can save the picture to a local album.Http://

IOS Development Learning-tab bar effect source code sharing-series of tutorials

Custom uitabbarIntroduction: Custom uitabbar includes the background image of a custom tab bar, the height of the tab bar, and the image of each tab to meet various interface requirements. However, there is no text.Http://

IOS development and learning-cocos2d (cocos2d) effect source code sharing-series of tutorials

Simulate alloy warhead demoIntroduction: A demo using cocos2d to simulate the special tasks of an alloy warhead, including several scenarios, which can launch, jump, and forward bullets.Http:// Tank

IOS development and learning-animation effect source code sharing

FtutilsIntroduction: implements various graphics and animation effects. The example shows the appearance and disappearance of various views, such as fade-in and fade-out views and fly-in and fly-out views.Http:// MoD =

[IOS-Cocos2d Game Development] series (summary of a number of articles, you can study well

After carefully understanding the iOS game development engine, commonly used cocos2d and unity engines in recent days, unity is not free, while cocos2d is free and open-source; Finally, I chose cocos2d for two reasons: 1. the most important

IOS development and learning-network effect source code sharing-series of tutorials

ReachabilityDescription: determines the network connection of a device. Compared with Apple's official Reachability, this is a more advanced and useful reachability. It supports arc, block, and GCD to notify network

IOS development and learning-pop-up view (popup view) effect source code sharing-series of tutorials 1

Informatic ToolbarIntroduction:The toolbar is displayed, and other controls are added to the toolbar. The tool bar pops up at the bottom of the screen to display the mail sending status.Http:// Depth

IOS development and learning-source code sharing of charts-series of tutorials

 Percentage chartDescription: draws a percentage semi-circular pie chart. It can be used to represent percentages.Http://  Pie Chart to be rotatedDescription: a pie chart that can be rotated. Drag the pie chart

IOS development and learning-source code sharing of Button effects-series of tutorials 2

Overlay menu ViewIntroduction: Click the main button to show more hidden buttons. Click the main button again. Other buttons are hidden.Http:// MoD = viewthread & tid = 102 & fromuid = 15 AurosetteviewIntroduction: This

Ios development and learning-pop-up View (Popup View) effect source code sharing-series tutorial 2

Drop Down MenuIntroduction: bring up a drop-down menu. When you click an option in the menu, the menu is reduced and hidden.Http:// Codex Popup ListIntroduction: Use the WEPopup class library to bring up the list

Ios development and learning-Audio and Audio effects source code sharing-series of tutorials

AAC Audio ConverterIntroduction: audio files in any format can be transcoded and compressed into AAC MPEG-4 (m4a) format. It can be applied to the app that needs to transmit sound files, so that it can compress a large volume of sound files (such as

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