Get started with iOS development-xcode4 real machine debugging

Today, I tested the debugging of the iPhone's real machine.ArticleSort out the notes and test them by yourself for your reference. The first thing to note is: If you only want to learn object-C, there is no need to use Mac or apply for a

Uiscreen and uiwindow and uiview for iOS development

Uiscreen (screen), uiwindow (window), and uiview (View) are several basic interface elements of IOS. Uiwindow and uiview are for iPhone applications.ProgramConstruct visual components of the user interface. Uiwindow provides a background platform

Overview of IOS technology (1)

My head is not good. I can't remember it after reading it. I am too tired to write on paper. I picked some things specially to deepen my impression... It is also convenient for other friends who are too lazy to read large documents. If not, please

How to deploy the IOS test program to other devices

I recently encountered a problem when developing an iOS application project: we want to testProgramSend to the customer for trial, but the customer and we are not in the same place, that is, they cannot get their device. I think many developers may

IOS unit test sentest

Environment: xcode 4.2 1. Create a target for the unit test Select a project and click Add target to add the cocoa touch unit testing bundle type target under iOS-Other (figure 1 ). (According to some information on the Internet, the target

[IOS-cocos2d-X game development 12] custom cocos2dx joystick (enhanced joystick), increase the joystick following the user contact as the joystick coordinates, so that the joystick is no longer rigid!

This siteArticleBothLi huaming himiOriginal, reprinted must be clearly indicated: Reprinted from[Heimi gamedev block]Link:☞Click to subscribe☜The latest developments in this blog! Notify you of the

[Game Design] game designers practice cheats Reading Notes 4 (for iOS intellectual games)

Today, we will talk about the design of an intelligent game, mainly involving the maze type or the prediction type of puzzles. I,Source For the types of puzzles, I believe that the fans who have played the xianjian standalone series will

[Game Design] game designers practice cheats Reading Notes 2 (about IOS)

1. Game Core The only game experience the designer wants to deliver. Notes:[Simply put, we want to convey what kind of game the game is about, such as a game sprinkle in the app store. what he tells people is that you need to put out fires in

IOS 4.2 safari supports HTML5 feature updates

ArticleDirectory Accelerator support Websockets HTML5 form support Ajax2 Print support New JavaScript Data Type New DOM Event Enhanced support for SVG and canvas Others Articles from safari on iOS 4.2:

[Game Design] game designers practice cheats Reading Notes 3 (about iOS game Fruit Ninja and fishing talents)

1. Basic Game Design Notes: [From the perspective of physics or chemistry, we talk about game design as a game element. The protagonist of the game we are positioning is what we interpret the subject of our game. For IOS games, such as fruit

[Game Design] game designers cultivate the secret book and write a notebook (Brainstorming for iOS)

1.1. What is game design:Game Design is the process of creating game content and rules. A good game design is to create a goal that inspires players' enthusiasm for customs clearance and the rules that players need to follow when pursuing these

[IOS-cocos2d-X Game Development Five] Game storage of cocos2dx built-in ccuserdefault class details;

This siteArticleBoth Li huaming himi Original, reprinted must be clearly noted: (Author: Sina Weibo:@ Li huaming himi)Reprinted from[Heimi gamedev block]Link: ☞Click to subscribe☜The latest

Uikit Particle System tutorial in iOS 5 (produced by tairan Translation Team)

Disclaimer (read only !) : The original translations of all tutorials provided by this blog are from the Internet and are only for learning and communication purposes. Do not conduct commercial communications. At the same time, do not remove this

SMS in IOS Program

ArticleDirectory Mfmessagecomposeviewcontroller Ios4.0 is added with mfmessagecomposeviewcontroller and mfmessagecomposeviewcontrollerdelegate. It provides an interface for sending text messages and does not need to jump out like

A complete set of crash report solutions for iOS platforms

I first wanted to do both iOS and Android. Later I tried to collect crashes on Android, which is more difficult than I thought, it can also be said that it is almost impossible to implement a practical and convenient crash Collection System (1.

IOS 4 x iPhone 4 = inf

I have always been a very bumpy person. This is not the end of today's keynote speech by Steve Jobs at WWDC 2010. He had to admire Steve Jobs's legendary "distortion of reality". He grasped the two-hour rhythm just right. First, he used to hit a

Crash caused by byte alignment problems on iOS platform

Recently, a product we are responsible for developing will crash as soon as it is started, but the version compiled on the development machine is indeed normal. The DB cannot work, which affects the versions in our daily experience development.

IOS-simple animation

ArticleDirectory Move left and right Rotate Zoom Http:// By Fgamers Posted on December 18, 2010 89 reading comments (0) The simplest animation effect in IOS is that

IOS default start direction

Apps developed by iOS can change the direction of their mobile phones at Will (UIInterfaceOrientation). Generally, ViewController's-(BOOL) shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation will help you: 1 -

How to add dynamic background music to your iOS game (produced by tairan Translation Team)

Translation: lanyu, benna, outmanProofread: Sharyu   Do you remember the dramatic effect of music when sonick started diving? Sorry for those anxious memories, but this is a good example of dynamic background music. I will show you how to add music

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