IOS uicolor custom color

These articles often use uicolor, But they encounter many problems. The main problems are the relationship and Conversion Between Custom colors and cicolor and cgcolor. It took some time to finally figure it out. 1. Use uicolor to display #

[Cocoa] IOS developer account, online debugging, and application Publishing

IOS developer account, authorization, certificate Luo chaohui ( This article follows the "signature-non-commercial use-consistency" creation public agreement  Collected and sorted out some information about applying

[Cocoa] use of regular expressions in IOS

Use of Regular Expressions in IOS Luo chaohui ( This article follows the "signature-non-commercial use-consistency" creation public agreement In iOS, nspredicate can be used to process regular expressions. The

Cisco IOS basic command set

1. Basic router inspection commands Show version Show Processes Show protocols Show mem Show IP Route Show startup-config Show running-config Show flash Show interfaces Ii. Basic route configuration commands Enter: config

Experience in iPod library development. Obtain music library information for iOS

Recently, I am busy working on a file transfer software. At the beginning, I didn't want to think about the difficulty of project implementation. It is not feasible. How can this problem be solved? Because similar software has already been launched,

How to enable App Store on iOS webpage

Take Baidu map as an example: A Href = "Http:// map" > Baidu Map A > ITunes --> A Href = "Itms: // map" > Baidu Map A > ITunes then jump to App Store (ios5) to iTunes (ios4) --> A

Key Points of iOS development knowledge

About string: 1. convert an integer to an nsstring. [Nsstring stringwithformat :@"% D", 3]; 2. Compare whether two nsstrings are equal [@"Test"Isequaltostring :@"Test"]; 3, @ "abcdefg", truncate the first three characters

Playing music in IOS background

1. // background playbackAvaudiosession * session = [avaudiosession sharedinstance];[Session setactive: Yes error: Nil];[Session setcategory: avaudiosessioncategoryplayback error: Nil]; 2. Enable the background to Handle multimedia

IOS automated Packaging

From: Baidu search R & D department /? P = 1295 Summary As the number of users of Apple handheld devices increases, IOS applications also increase rapidly. As the number of iPhone jailbroken apps increases, packaging

Tutorial and development for iOS Environment (1)

I,Register an Apple ID 1. Download iTunes from the apple website. Http:// 2. Install iTunes. 3. Start iTunes and select iTunes store in the navigation bar 4. Pull the display page to the bottom and choose

[Cocoa] Question about URL encoding in IOS

URL encoding in IOS Luo chaohui ( This article follows the "signature-non-commercial use-consistency" creation public agreement The stringbyaddingpercentescapesusingencoding of nsstring can encode the URL parameter,

[Cocoa] two places in IOS that permanently Save User Data

Permanent saving of user settings and Data Luo chaohui ( This article follows the "signature-non-commercial use-consistency" creation public agreement   To save user data or settings permanently, it is not

[Game Development] iOS game development tutorial Resources

IOS game development tutorial Resources Luo chaohui (Http:// This article follows the"Signature-non-commercial use-consistentCreate a public Protocol Cocos2d Getting Started: How to Use cocos2d to create a simple iPhone

[Cocoa, healthcare] compile DCMTK on iOS platform

Compile DCMTK on iOS platform Luo chaohui ( This article follows the "signature-non-commercial use-consistency" creation public agreement DCMTK is GermanyOffisThe cross-platform open-source C ++ library

Cocos2d-x learning Tour (7): 1.7 cocos2d-x iOS development environment construction

Preparations A Vm for MACOs or MACOs Install xcode4.2 or later Install ios sdk 5 Here we will not detail how to install xcode and iOS sdks. You can download and install them in the itues store, provided that you have to register an apple

Introduction to iOS's multitasking Mechanism

For 320ProgramPersistence is very interesting, so I first studied the IOS multitasking mechanism. for most applications, the program compiled with the latest SDK itself supports multiple tasks-Press the Home Key to run the program in the background (

IOS calayer details

Calayer is a frequently used object. It is very common and important. It also has many attributes. Well, you must learn more. The principle of calayer is hard to understand. Because I only focus on application at present, I will talk about some

IOS control label (uilabel)

I have already passed object-C some time ago. Now I want to start practical iOS development. Because it was previously done.. NET development, so there are still a lot of discomfort and confusion about the transfer time, especially C #-> Object-C

IOS Data Storage

Previously, LP was ill and operated, and the project was tight. Some bloggers did not reply to the message. The main issue was the Omni example, which was uploaded to git for communication and learning. The following is a summary of the previous

IOS appdelegate. m details

Today, when I learned how to use storyboard in iOS, the operations are all correct, that is, the white page is always displayed after startup and cannot be redirected. After searching for a long time, I couldn't find a solution. Finally, I asked the

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