IOS scaling bug fix

// IOS scaling bug fix // Rewritten Version // By @ Mathias, @ cheeaun and @ jdalton // source URL: (function (DOC) {var addevent = 'addeventlistener ', type = 'gesturestart', QSA = 'queryselectorall', scales = [1, 1],

IOS 6 tutorials

IOS 6 is another exciting OS update from apple that introduces a lot of cool new stuff you'll want to use in your apps, like auto layout, collection views, and passbook. we have a bunch of tutorials covering these new APIs below! If you like these

Use monotouch for iOS development

ArticleDirectory Development Environment preparation Getting started Notes Development Environment preparation You can refer to this blog post to get a general understanding of virtual machine environment configuration. As

[IOS] audio format-afconvert

When you want to convert your music or sound effect file to your iOS application, you need to convert them to some audio format even though IOs can support using format to achieve performance and decrease your app size. There are some good command

[Cocos2d] Build only one project to support all IOS devices with cocos2d

There are 4 Resolution iOS devices currently: iPhone, iPhone 4 (S), ipad1/2, new iPad, feel painful about this? Don't tell your feeling to Android Developers. In cocos2d, just use suffix to the image files or Atlas as below rules: Static

IOS 5 tutorials

Introducing the iOS 5 feast User Interface customization in iOS 5 Beginning storyboards in iOS 5 Part 1 Beginning storyboards in iOS 5 Part 2 Beginning turn-based gaming with iOS 5 Part 1 Beginning turn-based gaming with iOS 5 Part 2

Add watermarks or text to IOS images

1. add text -(Uiimage *) addtext :( uiimage *) IMG text :( nsstring *) text1 {// get image width and height int W = IMG. size. width; int H = IMG. size. height; cgcolorspaceref colorspace = margin (); // create a graphic context with

Leaves-implementation of a book paging effect on iOS

Leaves is a simple page flip control developed by tow brow. It skillfully integrates the image layer, shadow layer (for translucent pages), and gradient layer (for shadows) to achieve the paging Effect of books. The page turning effect is shown in:

Repeating an iOS local notification

ArticleDirectory Setting the repeat interval Limitations Example code When I wrote about local communications one thing that I left out was the ability to scheduleRepeating notification.One of the reasons I did not bother to

IOS simple code snap

  # Define Switch_tag 102 -(Void) Updateswitch :(ID) Sender{//Toggle the switch from its current settingUiswitch * s = [self. View. Window switchwithtag: switch_tag];[S Seton :! S. ISON];}   -(Void) Updatetime :(ID) Sender { // Set the

IOS network connect reachability

-(Bool) connectedtonetwork { // Create zero Addy Struct Sockaddr_in zeroaddress; Bzero (& zeroaddress, Sizeof (Zeroaddress )); Zeroaddress. sin_len = Sizeof (Zeroaddress ); Zeroaddress. sin_family = af_inet; // Recover reachability

Random Number generated in IOS

Address: IOS has the following three random number methods: 1. srand (unsigned) time (0); // the random number generated each time the sentence is not addedInt I = rand () % 5; 2.

[Favorites] some basic articles on iOS development

1. Explain the iOS appProgramStartup Process and principle: Http:// Http://

Say goodbye to undefined selector in iOS development

Objc and C ++ are the same OOP languages derived from the C language, but their methods for implementing OOP are different: In C ++, objects and methods are bound to the compiler; in objc, the word "method" is "message ",ProgramSend a message to the

Suspends the main thread in IOS.

Generally, io-related operations in IOS are multi-threaded and not completed in the main thread. This is to avoid the time-consuming Io operations getting stuck in the main thread. However, in some cases, we want the main thread to wait for the IO

After Cisco deletes iOS, it resumes and reinjects IOS

Flash is cleared and can only enter the rommon mode. The only way to refill the IOS image file is to download the required IOS file on the Cisco official website and preparation:* First, find the IOS file that matches the

Embedded webview page for iOS

Embedded webview page creation experience in IOS   Because IOS Embedded pages are implemented at work and will be encountered more and more in the future, I plan to summarize this experience.  Do not cut text into a graph   I have seen some

How to fix the failure of the IFRAME scroll bar on iOS.

Problem description: IFRAME sets the height (for example, 500px ).If the content of IFRAME is long enoughIFRAME settingsOn iPad and other devices.IFRAME internal htmlThe scroll bar does not appear. In addition, the content below (similar to the

Data cannot be added to the IOS array.

I wonder if you have encountered this situation. I declare a variable array, but I cannot add data to this array. Maybe it's because I'm a newbie. To use a variable array, follow these steps: 1. Add in Declaration: @

Uibutton for iOS development

// Create a button uibutton * button1 = [uibutton buttonwithtype: uibuttontyperoundedrect] For a rounded rectangle. // The following types of buttons can be defined, // typedef Enum {// uibuttontypecustom = 0, custom style // uibuttontyperoundedrect,

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