Use xcode and instruments to debug IOS Memory leakage

Although the arc mechanism is added to iOS 5.0 and later versions, memory leakage may still exist due to the complicated mutual reference relationship. Therefore, it is important to understand the principles. How to use instruments to

Explanation of IOS certificate and signature [transfer]

Tutorial:   The following is an article provided by a full-time IOS developer in Melbourne, Australia.Article. He was a very modern young man-Adam eberbach on the forum. · Bundle identifier · Provisioning profiles · App ID · Certificate

Preparations for iOS development

Over the past two years, more and moreProgramThe developer has or is preparing to join the iOS development team. If you are an iOS programmer, you can skip this article.ArticleIf you are thinking about iOS development, you may want to spend one

The first iOS app -- Hello world!

In fact, many people have already written similar tutorials on the Internet, but xcode itself is upgraded Fast. Some tutorials on the Internet are based on xcode 3. After work, I spent some time organizing a simple tutorial, hoping to join the ranks

New book translation and iOS app I made myself

From January July to now, I have received a new book for translation, which is basically occupied in my spare time. My blog has not been updated yet. I apologize to you first. The reason why I received a new book translation is not to earn extra

How to run code during debugging during iOS development

During the development process, we often use nslog for tracking debugging, but these debugging may not be desired in the released product.CodeRun. Here is a tip. You can use the following method when writing code: # Ifdef debug//Debug mode code..

IOS reads and writes plist configuration files

Read:--------------------------------------------------------------- // First, read the data in studentinfo. plist. Nsstring * plistpath = [[nsbundle mainbundle] pathforresource: @" Custominfo " Oftype: @" Plist " ]; Nsdictionary *

) Mpmovieplayercontroller movie player-iOS development

StatementYou are welcome to repost this article, but please respect the author's Labor achievements. repost this article and keep the statement in this box. Thank you.ArticleSource:   Mpmovieplayercontroller

Collect iOS device screen rotation Techniques

Uiinterfaceorientation direction enumeration: Uiinterfaceorientationportrait // The home is alive.Uiinterfaceorientationportraitupsidedown // The home is alive.Uiinterfaceorientationlandscapeleft // The home is

In IOS apps, the portrait mode is forcibly converted to Landscape mode.

In iPhone applications, sometimes we want to forcibly change the display mode from a vertical screen to a horizontal screen (or vice versa). cocoachina member "alienblue" provides us with two ideas. First, manually change the attributes of view.

IOS device information judgment

// Software Information [[Uidevice currentdevice] systemname]; // system name[[Uidevice currentdevice] systemversion]; // System Version[[Uidevice currentdevice] uniqueidentifier]; //[[Uidevice currentdevice] model]; // Device Model[[Uidevice

IOS-Upload File with formdata onsumed web API code snippet

Code- -(Ibaction) uploadaction :( ID ) Sender { Nsstring * urlstring = self. urltextfield. text; // Nsstring * poststr = @""; Nsdata * imgdata = uiimagejpegrepresentation (self. previewimageview. image, 0.9f ); Nsstring * boundary = @" 0

IOS standalone storage demo (run after debugging)

Nsarray * array1 = [nsarray arraywithobjects: @" IPhone " , @" IPod " , Nil]; nsarray * Array2 = [nsarray arraywithobjects: @" Mac " , @" IMac " , @" Mac Pro " , Nil]; nsdictionary * Mydictionary = [nsdictionary

Starting from scratch to learn iOS development (1): preparing to start

First, I would like to introduce my background. I graduated from graduate school in 211. I will not introduce my university. It is a university in Shanghai. I studied computer science and technology and the student age, having worked in ACM, there

First iOS 7 experience

Recently, the release of ios7 has attracted a variety of complaints from the industry. In order to experience one, I have converted the iPhone 5 into ios7, also download the Xcode5-DP and a test. I would like to talk about ios7 AND THE Xcode5-DP

IOS app resource path

// ================================================ ========================================================== //Resource Directory Nsstring* Defaultdbpath = [[[nsbundle mainbundle] resourcepath] stringbyappendingpathcomponent: Filename];  

IOS control collection-4

Thlabel The extension of uilabel provides effects such as shadow, gradient, and Black edge. The title is good. PS is required, and now the label is used directly. Project addressTmcache One of Tumblr's open-source projects provides cache services

IOS developer: drawscript

There is an iOS development tool paintcode on Mac app store. It can plot the user control interface you want to generate through Vector Plotting, and then dynamically generate IOS & OSX by paintcode.Code. In this way, in the drawrect function, you

(Original) iOS video playback

// Create a player and play the video. -(Void) playmovie {nsstring * videopath = [[globals getresourcemanager] loadvideo: @ "abcsong"]; player = [[mpmovieplayercontroller alloc] handler: [nsurl fileurlwithpath: videopath]; [[nsicationcenter center

IOS detects the network connection status)

Download the example from the apple website before use: Click here to download Add reachability. h and reachability. m to your project and reference systemconfiguration. framework. Three Network statuses are defined in reachability: // The network

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