IOS compiles ffmpeg For SDK6.1, which can be used by simulators, armv7, and armv7s.

Recently I have been studying IOS video players and need to use ffmpeg4ios. Need to use Git, Linux Shell script to execute Linux Shell script: SRCDIR==/install- - [ !

IOS development: Official built-in JSON

Apple provides json-related processing APIs for ios5, the most important of which is the NSJSONSerialization class. + (BOOL)isValidJSONObject:( + (NSData *)dataWithJSONObject:()obj options:(NSJSONWritingOptions)opt error:(NSError ** +

IOS Study Notes (5)-UI basics UIWindow and UIView

  Self. window = [[[UIWindow alloc] initWithFrame: [[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds] autorelease]; // Override point for customization after application launch. self. window. backgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor]; [self. window makeKeyAndVisible]; //

IOS Study Notes (13th) -- get mobile phone information (UIDevice, NSBundle, NSLocale)

UIDevice   // NSString * strName = [[UIDevice currentDevice] name]; NSLog (@ "device name: % @", strName); // e.g. "My iPhone" NSString * strId = [[UIDevice currentDevice] uniqueIdentifier]; NSLog (@ "unique identifier of a device: % @", strId); //

The IOS Regular Expression matches the URL location in the text and obtains the URL location (to solve the problem of connecting Chinese characters)

The requirement is very simple. It is to match the hyperlink from a piece of text. The basic practice is to use a regular expression for matching. But there is such a problem. Most regular expressions for identifying URLs on the Internet can be

9-step development of an iPhone application

When accessing the App Store, users like to install and download attractive applications, but decide that users can only determine their attractiveness and functions through the application before downloading. If you want to design an app by

Understanding of release "not available" in Xcode4.2

Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) is a compilation-level feature used to develop Cocoa programs for Automatic memory management. 1: In XCode 4.2, create a project using the template, which will use the "ARC feature" by default. 2: You can select

Design Principle of ios Dual-joystick shooting game

Today I will introduce you to an article on iOS game development. This article was originally written by Graham McAllister, director of the User Experience studio Vertical Slice, this section details the precautions for developers when creating such

How to call iphone Maps, phone numbers, emails, text messages, and content

The Code is as follows: -(IBAction) openMaps { // Where is Apple on the map anyway? NSString * addressText = @ "1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014 "; // URL encode the spaces AddressText = [addressText stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding:

Ios camera/album to get images, compress images, and upload server method summary

I have been developing an application on the iphone over the past few days. There are problems that require camera/album programming and Image Upload. Here I will summarize them. [Partial knowledge] Images on the iphone are usually stored in four

IOSXcode debugging strategy

1. Xcode has built-in GDB. You can use GDB to debug and debug the command: 1.1 po command: the abbreviation of print object, showing the text description of the object (Lldb) po [$ eax class]: Address of the output exception object (Lldb) po [$ eax

Simple use of iphone Regular Expressions

After 4.0, the system has its own class (NSRegularExpression, NSRegularExpression) to use regular expressions. Previously, it was used to add a third-party class library RegexKitLite. Simple use of these two classes: NSString * str = @ "3sdfh * odsi

Prevent iphone from entering sleep background to play music

Step 1: find info. plist of the project in the resource folder and addArray of Required background modesAnd add an element below, whose value isApp plays audio Step 2: You need to import the corresponding framework and header files.# Import # Import

How to view PNG images optimized by iOS

For iOS apps, xcode optimizes PNG files so that image preview cannot be displayed. So how can we view these optimized files? The optimization is completed by the pngcrush tool. You can find it in xcode. Pngcrush supports command line options-revert-

Add a dynamic hide button to the iOS virtual keyboard

If you want to add a button on the keyboard, you can change the button Location Based on the keyboard height in real time. If you do not enter a button, you can click it to hide the keyboard. This method is embodied in many software applications,

How to refresh a single row of data using UITableView in iOS

[TableView reloadData]; you can refresh the data of the entire tableview, but sometimes we may only change the data of one or more rows, and we don't want to repeat all the data. What should we do? This requires the following method. -(Void)

Iphone obtains the address details

The homepage has been revised to provide comments. Iphone obtains the address details -(Id) initWithCoordinate :( CLLocationCoordinate2D) coordinate { If (self = [super init]) { // Custom initialization ReverseGeocoder = [[MKReverseGeocoder alloc]

Basic memory management policy for iPhone Library

Basic memory management policy of the database Apple provides developers with a large number of libraries, including the following memory management policies. 1. If the object is created using the-initialization method, the object only adds 1 to

IOS Crash File Analysis Method

The location of symbolicatecrash in Xcode 4.3 is different from that in earlier versions. /Applications/Xcode. app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS. platform/Developer/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DTDeviceKit.

Layout problems in IPad/IPhone Development

I initially learned how to develop IOS (IPad/IPhone). I spent a lot of time on the Interface layout in the past two days. There are two methods for IOS interface: 1. Create an Interface using Interface Builder and associate it with the

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