IOS Database Application 1: SQLite

      There are many ways to save data, such as plist files, XML, or text files, but the efficiency is not high. SQLite provides local storage for efficient query and retrieval of big data. SQLite is an open source library, written in C, that

IOS animation implementation: Spring Effect

Source Code address:, This is complicated. I wrote a simplified version: Https:// - ()simulateSpringWithDisplayLink:(CADisplayLink * (springEnabled && !=

JB Development 2 [jailbreak, jailbreak Development Research]

1. Change the wallpaper: Write the image to this directory,/var/mobile/Library/LockBackground.jpg, and kill the Springboard. 2. Add the program to the notification center (iOS5 or above) and put the. bundle file in the System/Library/WeeAppPlugins

Iphone real machine development process-Certificate Application

I. Application 1. Go to the ios Developer Center Http:// 2. Click Log On. Enter the user name and password (premise: there is already an Apple ID and it takes $99 to develop) 3. After logging on, select the

IOS data persistence-detailed description of SQLite database usage

Use SQLite DatabaseCreate a database Three steps are required to create a database: 1. Use the sqlite3_open function to open the database; 2. Use the sqlite3_exec function to execute the Create Table statement and Create a database Table; 3. Use the

Ios implements a map function similar to Warcraft in

I wrote a widget similar to the Warcraft GEO map function. For example, you have a scrollView that can be zoomed in and out. It will zoom in and out, click the button in it, and perform other operations. This small map control. It will be

Mutual calls between js and c ++ in jsb

Declare the function in c ++, named functionCpp, through the jsapi in spidermonkeyJS_DefineFunction of is bound to a js function named functionJS. This function name 2. c ++ calls js FunctionsDeclare the function in js, named functionJS,

UINavigationController and UITabBarController are used together

1. Create a Tabbed Application. Projects with two tabs are created by default. 2. Add in AppDelegate. h   @ Property (strong, nonatomic) UINavigationController * NaviView1Controller; @ Property (strong, nonatomic) UINavigationController *

IOS Study Notes (12)-iOS Internationalization

"Language" = "english "; "Language" = "Chinese "; NSLog (@ "% @", NSLocalizedString (@ "language ",@""));     CFBundleDisplayName = "English ";     2. Why?You can view the key of the Application name by following these steps.    

IOS Study Notes (11)-JSON data parsing

  Json data packets NSDictionary * dic = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys: @ "value1", @ "key1", @ "value2", @ "key2", @ "value3", @ "key3 ", nil]; // isValidJSONObject determines whether the object can be constructed into a json

Detailed description of the autoresizingMask attribute of UIView.

Reposted from: liubo0_0 column link URL: In UIView, there is an autoresizingMask attribute, which corresponds to an enumerated value (as follows). The attribute means to automatically adjust the

Cisco ios 2


  1. What are the different types of Cisco IOS software versions? 1) IOS software is divided into three types by system release: major release version (MR), early development release version (ED), and general deployment version (GD ). The ED version

Upgrade cisco 2811C to IOS

IOS features of Cisco devices2811C has spservices and advipservices IOS. The features of advipservices include pptp with mppe, but spservices do not. Unfortunately, I bought spservices (show version shows the information .)Then I found many

How Cisco IOS Unicast NAT works (I)

The emergence of NAT technology stems from the requirements for private network security and the situation that IPv4 addresses are insufficient. Cisco IOS supports the following common NAT technologies. Today, I found that my colleagues in the

How Cisco IOS Unicast NAT works (2)

This blog goes on (1) a more complex situation, when the access control list is configured and the IPSec packets are routed through NAT, the IPSec packets are processed in the ACL/NAT/Routing

Rvictl for iOS APP Network Analysis (capture network types other than Wifi)

For Network Analysis of iOS applications (including mobile applications), the mobile device traffic is generally imported to the PC, and mature data packet analysis tools such as wireshark on the PC are used for analysis. In general, there are three

Ios commands for setting passwords and slogans

The address table of the ios command used to set passwords and slogans is not included in this experiment. Objective: To set a password and a slogan on a vro。 to verify the configuration of an encrypted line password and to set a password and a

Cisco IOS naming rules

The Cisco IOS naming convention is composed of three parts: the Cisco IOS binary file name. PPPPP = platform FFFF = feature MM = runtime memory and compression format. The following figure shows the topic: PPPPP is the platform identifier, which

Packet Loss Analysis for MSS, MTU, and iOS

MSS and MTU, iOS Packet Loss Analysis [background knowledge] MTU: Maxitum Transmission Unit maximum Transmission Unit MSS: Maxitum Segment Size Maximum Segment Size (even literal translation, poor translation, PPPoE: PPP Over Ethernet (carrying the

Analysis of Cisco network device IOS Operation Sequence

The Operation Sequence of Cisco network device IOS is essential to understand how communications in routers are transmitted and how to control these communications. We will show you two operation tables in different order: NAT Operation Sequence and

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