JavaScript Common function Library

javascript| function /* --------------function Retrieval-------------- Trim function:                          trim () LTrim () RTrim () Verify that the string is empty:                 Checkisnotempty (str) Verify that the string is an integral

JavaScript objects and Array reference Encyclopedia (12)

Reference | objects | Names of array name option lists (name attribute) Number of options in the Options list Index of selected in the list of Selectedlndex options (location) Text after marking in the Text option list (option) value= attribute in

JavaScript learning: Removing array elements

Array JavaScript truncating an array by setting the length property of an array is the only one by one way to shorten the length of an array. If you use the delete operator to delete elements in an array, the length property of the array does not

JavaScript version of date input control (3)

Control Displaycalendar (Obj_month.innertext-1,obj_year.innertext); } function Numberofdays (month,year)//Get the number of days per month to determine excepting leap year{var numdays=new Array (31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31);N=numdays[month];

Javascript[object. Properties] Collection of ten

Object Math ObjectProperty LN10 (natural logarithm of 10) PI (3.1415926 ...) Sqrt1_2 (square root of 1/2) Method ABS (x) returns the absolute value of X ACOs (x) returns the arc cosine value of X ASIN (x) returns the arc sin value of

JavaScript Learning: Basic inheritance Mechanisms (1)

Inheritance recently because the school to do the website design, so has been on the ASP and the database on the great pains.    I was doing Java programming in the previous stage. I suddenly received the task and learned ASP, so I have been

Using regular expressions in JavaScript

Regular In JavaScript, there are two ways to use regular methods, one is to create an instance of a regular expression, but rather to use a regular expression in a string object to relate the method. First, there are 2 ways to create regular

JavaScript objects and Array Reference Encyclopedia (9)

Reference | object | The natural logarithm of the array LN10 10 (approximately equal to 2.302) LOG2E the logarithm of the 2-base e (about 1.442) LOG10E the logarithm of a 10-base e (approximately equal to o.434) Value of Pi∏ (approximately equal to 3

Easy to create a simple lottery system with JavaScript

Author: JeggAt the end of the year, many companies are busy with the annual meeting, there will be some lottery activities, the following program is written in JavaScript with a simple lottery system to share with you. This code borrows some of the

A comprehensive understanding of the caller,callee,call,apply concept of JavaScript

Concept Before you mention the above concepts, first of all, let's talk about the implied parameters of functions in javascript: arguments Arguments The object represents the function being executed and the arguments of the function that called it. [

The implementation of shallow copy and deep copy in Javascript

Javascript The image assignment in JavaScript is the same as in Java, and is passed as a reference.That is, when assigning an image to a variable, the variable is still pointing to the address of the original image. How do you do that? The answer is

Several ways to implement a clock in JavaScript

Javascript Example1 Your browser does not support scripting language running here is the text in the body tag /> Show Time

JavaScript Reference Tutorials

javascript| Reference | Tutorial JavaScript is used as "object-oriented programming" or "object-oriented programming." The so-called "object-oriented programming", meaning that JavaScript can be involved in the scope of the division into large and

JavaScript Common language sentence

Javascript 1.document.write (""); Output statementThe annotation in 2.JS is//3. The traditional HTML document order is:Document->html-> (Head,body)4. The DOM order in a browser window is:Window-> (navigator,screen,history,location,document)5. Get

To remove an HTML tag (Javascript) with a regular expression

Javascript| Regular function striphtml (HTML)... {html = HTML | | "";var Scriptregex = ".] *>[SS]*? ";var scripts = new RegExp (Scriptregex, "gim");html = html.replace (scripts, ""); Stripts the ";var styles = new RegExp (Styleregex, "gim");html =

View some user information with JavaScript

JavaScript 1, detecting browser version 2. Remember the number of visits 3. Which Web page are you visiting from? 4. Date of last update 5, enter the name to welcome words Place the following code between : Put the following code in the

Use JavaScript to record the number of site visits

javascript| Access We know that cookies are records of users who visit your site, reside on the user's hard disk, and if the user returns to your site again, the cookie will be sent back to your server to help you count and process the repeated

Web tip: Properly handle errors in JavaScript

javascript| Error | tips | Web page No matter how technical you are, errors or anomalies are part of the life of the application developer. The discontinuity of web development leaves many places where errors can occur and that do occur. The key to

Use JavaScript to encrypt your site

Javascript| encryption We often encounter websites that have to enter a username and password to enter. In fact, we can also do a simple encryption of their website page, the specific operation please see below: First step: Create a password login

JavaScript objects and array reference Encyclopedia 4

Javascript| Reference | objects | Array useragent user and Agent header text sent by client to server Method javaenabled JavaScript does not currently have this method, but will soon add that it will see if the browser is compatible with JavaScript,

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