WEBJX recommends 10 JavaScript frameworks with nice UI components

Article Introduction: 10 JavaScript Development Framework with rich UI components. Today, there are a variety of JavaScript frameworks online to simplify WEB application development. These frameworks provide core features such as DOM

JavaScript Instance Tutorial (17) using String functions

javascript| Functions | tutorials | string-string objects provide many methods, but few programmers make the most of them, which, for a programmer, cannot be said to be a flaw. Strings provide methods that can be used to manipulate characters,

Drop-down menu in JavaScript design Web page

Javascript| Menu | design | Web page | When the page is made, in order to better organize the information, so that the display of information classification clear, Level clear, web page makers often do their best. Commonly used methods are useful

JavaScript Instance tutorial OLE Automation (3)

Javascript| tutorial using OLE Automation in JavaScript 3. How to create a new instance of a Automation object Jscript (Microsoft version of JavaScript) is a relaxed type of language. In other words, the variable is not clearly defined as the

JavaScript Learning: Basic inheritance mechanism

Javascript| inheritance recently because the school does the website design, therefore has been in the ASP and the database big expense painstakingly.    I was doing Java programming in the previous stage. I suddenly received the task and learned

Beginners JavaScript Cookie (translation)

cookie|javascript| Beginners [Translator Note: Copy the last sample code in this article to a text file, rename the file as a homepage.htm format file, run in a browser, this article explains the sample code Brief introduction ======

JavaScript Examples: Web page drag-and-drop implementation of detailed

Article Introduction: The basic concept of drag-and-drop is simple: Create an absolutely positioned element so that it can be moved with the mouse. This technique comes from a classic web page trick called "Mouse Tail". The end of the mouse is one

The Chinese version uses JavaScript to implement the cool "Web Clock"

Javascript| Website | chinese Just insert the following JavaScript code into the area of your HTML page!

Some techniques for JavaScript practical

Javascript| Skill 1. Oncontextmenu= "Window.event.returnvalue=false" will completely mask the right mouse button no available for table 2. deselect, prevent copying 3. onpaste= "return false" is not allowed to paste 4. oncopy= ' return false; '

Some techniques for JavaScript practical

Skills 1. oncontextmenu= "Window.event.returnvalue=false" will completely screen the right mouse buttonno available for table 2. deselect, prevent copying3. onpaste= "return false" is not allowed to paste 4. oncopy= ' return false; ' oncut= '

Common operations for JavaScript array array

Article Introduction: the array in JavaScript. Array is a commonly used type in JavaScript, and arrays in JavaScript are quite different from arrays in other languages. The data types that are stored in an array in JavaScript are not

JavaScript creating custom objects: Creating an object instance adding properties and methods

Article Introduction: The easiest way to create a custom object is to create an instance of object and then add properties and methods to it. The easiest way to create a custom object is to create an instance of object and then add

JavaScript Instance Tutorial: How ChildNodes behaves in a browser

Article Introduction: the childnodes difference between IE and Firefox!! JavaScript, I believe that we have tried to use getElementsByTagName and childnodes to achieve the traversal of the node. But getelementsbytagname to complex DOM

How to add a date to a page with JavaScript tips

Tips | The second episode of the page how to add a date to the page We want to tell you an example of the use of dates and times, from your personal client machine to get the date and time.The procedure is as follows: In this case, we must first

How to use the arithmetic function in JavaScript tips

function | Arithmetic this is a special built-in function eval includes an operand for its arguments, an operand, and a value. This function is useful for computing a numeric string that is represented, for example, the value entered from form is

JavaScript Technical Skills Encyclopedia (IV)

Tips//Refresh the unchanged text box //Access to the Clipboard (1) Drag and drop accessEvent.dataTransfer.setData ("URL", OIMAGE.SRC);Simageurl = Event.dataTransfer.getData ("URL")(2) Ordinary visitWindow.clipboardData.setData ("Text",

JavaScript Technical Skills Encyclopedia (v)

Technique//post instead of form ReadyState is the progress of the XMLHTTP return data, 0 = load, 1 = uninitialized, 2 = loaded, 3 = run, 4 = complete //component is installedIsComponentInstalled ("{6b053a4b-a7ec-4d3d-4567-b8ff8a1a5739}",

Using JavaScript to make an in-site search device

Javascript In-site search with JavaScript is not only programmed to implement, maintenance is very simple, and it can be directly executed in the client browser, without the support of the server, you can save the script to execute permission space

JavaScript Advanced Tutorial: JavaScript closures

Article Introduction: understanding JavaScript Closures is the way to advanced JS programmers, understanding their interpretation and operational mechanisms to write more secure and elegant code. Closures (closure) are a difficult and

JavaScript exception handling

Examples of common exception errors are as follows:Name Error nameNumber errorDescription descriptionMessage error messages Common exceptionsEvalerrorRangeerrorReferenceerrorSyntaxErrorTypeErrorUrierror Code: exception Handling in

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