JavaScript function declarations and summary of expressions

function declarations and expressionsA function is a first-class object in JavaScript, which means that the function can be passed like any other value.A common use is to pass anonymous functions as callback functions to asynchronous

JavaScript saves login information in cookies

"Sample source Codejs Operation Cookie Easy Network Technology Service Center Http://> function Cookie () {var self = this;var trim = function (str) {Return Str.replace (/(^s*) (s*$)/g, "");}var init = function () {

JavaScript Capture Carriage return event

JavaScript captures carriage return events, as follows: Capture Carriage return

JavaScript version of several common sorting algorithms to share

Description · Each browser test results in a different data. For example, I use the chrome test General fast sort will be fastest, IE is based on the length of the array is likely to hill the fastest. · Don't test bubble sort with too much data

JavaScript implements drag-and-drop like Google and MSN space

Google Recently on the Internet to see some friends everywhere looking similar to Google's personality homepage and MSN Space Drag implementation, in the next just also found an example. But there are more problems. I rewrote it and perfected it,

Object-oriented JavaScript programming and its Scope processing

This article first explained the JavaScript mechanism, and combined with the current popular open source JavaScript framework to explain how to implement object-oriented and inheritance mechanism in JavaScript; This article will cause

Implemented with JavaScript (the effect that the page is loading)

Load | page Code files: Using System;Using System.Collections;Using System.ComponentModel;Using System.Data;Using System.Drawing;Using System.Web;Using System.Web.SessionState;Using System.Web.UI;Using System.Web.UI.WebControls;Using

JavaScript Tutorial: Revisiting the JavaScript inheritance mechanism

Article Introduction: revisit the JavaScript inheritance mechanism. In the last period of time, the team has several times to share the force, here to the West wind master of the inheritance mechanism to do a little sorting, appropriate

107 Common statements for JavaScript

Core tips: JavaScript Common sentence Collection 1.document.write (""); Output statementThe annotation in 2.JS is//3. The traditional HTML document order is: document->html-> (head,body)4. The DOM order in a browser window is: window->

JavaScript operators detailed

Core Tip:JavaScript has the following kinds of operators: arithmetic operators, equivalent operators and all-in-one operators, comparison operators; 1. JavaScript has the following kinds of operators: arithmetic operators, equivalent operators and

JavaScript solves browser compatibility issues

compatibility issues are caused by multiple browsers being present at the same time. These browsers sometimes behave differently when they are working on an identical page. This difference may be small, or even unnoticed, and may be large or even

JavaScript Technology Lectures-Program composition

Program The basic composition of JavaScript scripting language is programmed by control statements, functions, objects, methods, attributes, etc. One, program control flow In any language, program control flow is necessary, it can make the whole

The JavaScript realization of the classic fighting game "Street Fighter"

In fact, the results of this exercise is not very important, mainly to experience the process, although most of the time is spent in pain, but also have a lot of harvest, but also exposed a lot of technical deficiencies, but also for later learning

Beginners JavaScript Cookie (translation)

cookie| Beginners [Translator Note: Copy the last sample code of this article to a text file, rename the file to homepage.htm format file, run in a browser, this article explains the example code Brief introduction ===================================

WEBJX collects very useful free JavaScript development tools

Whether you're a new JavaScript novice or a seasoned developer, the tools you use directly affect your productivity. The open source movement makes it less expensive to have a powerful tool, and you don't actually have to pay for anything. Here's a

JavaScript manipulation Cookies

Cookies Problem:Makes it possible to follow the previous settings when accessing a page, or to share data between different pages. For example, when users visit the site to set the size of the page font, then you will want to visit the next time you

JavaScript to realize the effect of imitation Sina information

Sina below is a quote fragment: Policy Documents _ China Power Engineering cost Information Network Web page tao

JavaScript for automatically adding Digg this! buttons

button var Main=document.getelementbyid ("main"); var Singlepost=false; var firstpost; var anchor; for (Var i=0;i{ if (main.childnodes[i].classname&&main.childnodes[i].classname== "POST") { var post=main.childnodes[i]; if

JS Tutorial: Passing parameters to JavaScript files

First, the use of global variables This is the simplest way, such as Google Adsense: The disadvantage is that global variables are introduced. There are two variations of the way in which files are introduced: Variant 1: document.write output

Determine if the client has JavaScript and cookie functionality

cookie| client on my site, I want to make sure that visitors have cookies and JavaScript features. Maintaining session state is complex in many cases, and it also takes into account validation of the form. On my site, I use client JavaScript for

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