JavaScript methods and Techniques Encyclopedia _ Basics

This is a blog about JavaScript, which I saw on the clang. The author introduced quite comprehensive, so reprinted to let interested friends to see. Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ There are times when you are proficient in a language, but it turns out that you're

JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming (1) Foundation _js object-oriented

1. Implement classes with JavaScript JAVASCRITPT does not have a dedicated mechanism to implement classes, here is the use of its functions to allow nested mechanisms to implement the class. A function can contain variables, and can contain other

Change the inside of a JavaScript function the three methods that the this pointer points to _js object oriented

After looking at a lot of data, I summarized the following three rules, these three rules, have been able to solve all the problems I have encountered at present. Rule 0: The function itself is a special type, most of the time, it can be considered

JavaScript Object-oriented static and Non-static class _js object-oriented

Until one day, I started piecing together Dom tags in js, and I needed to keep piecing together, and I found that my code was getting ugly, not only about the simplicity of the code, but sometimes the performance problems. Over the longer term, in

JavaScript Object-oriented new practice prototype inherits _js object-oriented

First, you create an instantiated object for the parent class, and then assign the object to the prototype property of the subclass. In this way, all public instance members in the parent class inherit from the quilt class. And when judged with the

JavaScript Write class six _js object oriented

6, the Prototype.js writing class way Copy Code code as follows: Code in the Prototype.js var Class = { Create:function () { return function () { This.initialize.apply (this, arguments); } } } After simplifying the

JavaScript Write class way five _js object oriented

5. Define a class with a constructor + prototype; The same constructor can define multiple types Copy Code code as follows: /** * $define Write the Second class tool function * @param {Object} constructor * @param {Object}

JavaScript Write class way of two _js object-oriented

2. Prototype mode Copy Code code as follows: /** * Person class: Defines a human, has a property name, and a GetName method */ function person () {} = "Jack"; Person.prototype.getName = function () {return

Bootstrap the overall framework of JavaScript plug-in architecture _javascript skills

Examples of this article for you to introduce the JavaScript plug-in architecture knowledge points for your reference, the specific contents are as follows 1. JavaScript Plugin Architecture The following are all the code for plug-in alert, each of

Replace the carriage return line contained in the textarea with a <br> JavaScript code _ Form effect

1 floor Textarea.value.replace (/\n/g, ""); 2 floor S=textarea.value.replace (/\r\n/g, ""); 3 floor When you press it, replace it immediately. V id= "A" contenteditable= "true" style= ' border:1 solid black ' > In fact, many people have discussed

JavaScript Knowledge points Summary (must see article) _ Basic knowledge

1, the concept of javascript: is a language of expression, but also an object-based (object) and event-driven (EventDriven), secure script language, running on the client, thereby reducing the burden on the server side, summed up as follows:

Examples of using instanceof operators in JavaScript _ basics

The instanceof operator can be used to determine whether a constructor's prototype property exists on another prototype chain to detect an object. Example one: Universal usage A instanceof B: detects whether the B.prototype exists on the prototype

JavaScript String Object Detailed _ Basics

A string object is used to process text (strings). 1. Create string Copy Code code as follows: var str = "Hello world"; var str1 = new String (str); var str = String ("Hello World"); All three methods are OK, but slightly

JavaScript Object Literal Explanation _ Basics

In programming languages, literal is a notation for representing values. For example, "Hello, world!" represents a string literal (string literal) in many languages, and JavaScript is no exception. The following are examples of JavaScript literals,

Deep understanding of JavaScript built-in Functions _ Basics

JavaScript functions can be divided into five categories altogether: · General functions · Array functions · Date function · Mathematical functions · String functions 1. General functions The JavaScript general functions include the following

Operator type conversion in JavaScript sample Summary _ Basics

First, let's do some questions first! In order to unify, I do not mix to write these questions, the interview topic, often will these questions mix up, such to your confusion will be bigger, in order to be more convenient demonstration, I here the

The various operators in JavaScript use the summary _ basics

Unary operatoran operator that can manipulate only one value is called a unary operator.The unary operator is the simplest operator in the ECMAScript. 1. Increment and decrement operatorsthe increment decrement operator borrows directly from C and

Simple summary of String string type _ basics in JavaScript

The string type represents a sequence of characters consisting of 0 or more 16-bit Unicode characters, that is, a string. Strings in ECMAScript are immutable, that is, once a string is created, their values cannot be changed. To change the string

JavaScript Reference Tutorials _ Basics

JavaScript Reference Tutorials JavaScript is used as "object-oriented programming" or "object-oriented programming." The so-called "object-oriented programming", meaning that JavaScript can be involved in the scope of the division into large and

Fast cloning of JavaScript arrays (slice () function) and array sorting, ordering, and searching (sort () function) _ Basics

Operations on variables in JavaScript are referred to by reference, and the same is the case for arrays. Two days ago want to copy an array, has been struggling to find a way (traversal of the method I was absolutely not used) Accidentally picked

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