Javascript Base64 Encoding Implementation code

The code is as follows Copy Code /** Base64 Code*/var base64encodechars = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/";var base64decodechars = new Array (-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,

JavaScript implements Heredoc syntax and a large number of string concatenation implementations

There are heredoc ways to define strings in PHP and Python:Php: The code is as follows Copy Code $sql =SELECT *From pageswhere Pagename= ' $PN 'EOD; Python: The code is as follows Copy Code

High performance JavaScript loading and execution tutorial

First, I want to talk about the loading and execution of JavaScript. Generally speaking, the browser for JavaScript to run two major features: 1 load immediately after the execution, 2 will block the subsequent content of the page (including page

Introduction to the attribute and setattribute usage of javascript

To start with setattribute, we often need to add various properties to the element dynamically in JavaScript, which can be done by using setattribute (), which involves browser compatibility issues. The code is as follows Copy Code

JavaScript Universal validation function library (phone, mailbox, mobile, digital)

Web page Special Effects Universal Verification function library (telephone, mailbox, mobile phone, number)This verification library is our commonly used telephone, mailbox, mobile phone, digital QQ, letters, Chinese, English and other validation

JavaScript Learning notes Dom Basics Usage

. Dom:document object model is an application for HTML and XML documents API.DOM provides structured document representations.Allows the program to modify the document's content and visual representation. Essentially, it connects web pages to

JavaScript Action URL function (add, modify, delete URL parameters)

This two days to encounter the operation of the URL js, online Search A lot of methods, are direct operation, use is very inconvenient, there are many duplicate code. So set hundred home strict, summed up the various methods, it compressed into a

Seamless scrolling code for pictures in JavaScript

Here's a relatively simple way to realize this: a container demo that sets the width and hides content that extends beyond its width, where demo1 and demo2,demo1 are scrolling content, Demo2 for Demo1 direct cloning, By constantly changing the demo1

JavaScript hints submit is not a function error

I encountered a very strange problem, that is, when using JavaScript to control form submission, the browser prompts document.genForm.submit is not a function. Genform is the name of the form , and another form using the same function is performing

Introduction to the operation of JSON in JavaScript

JSON syntaxJSON is constructed in two structures:Object-A collection of name/value pairs. In different languages, it is understood as objects, records, structures, dictionaries, hash tables, a list of keys (keyed list), or associative arrays. An

Custom JavaScript number formatting functions

1. Rounding The following two functions can be rounded to the floating-point number, reserving two digits after the decimal point. /** the following two functions can be rounded to the floating-point number, retaining two digits after the decimal

JavaScript Close window does not prompt to close dialog box

We know that the direct use of Window.close () is a shutdown prompt, the user experience is compromised, Solving method When the child window calls Window.close (), the dialog box will not pop up, so as long as the window is set to a pseudo parent

The difference between getyear () and getFullYear () in JavaScript

The practice of getting the current year in JS is The code is as follows Copy Code var object = new Date (), Object.getyear () , to get the year, so that there will be browser compatibility issues, in IE can

JavaScript screen gets information about the client display

The Screen object contains information about the client display screens.The screen property of each Window object refers to a screen object. The screen object holds information about displaying the browser's screens. JavaScript programs will use

Share several JavaScript number formatting functions

JavaScript does not have any built-in formatting functions, and here we've collected 5 JavaScript number format functions via Google, which we hope will bring convenience to all of our web development. Decimal rounding These two pieces of code

JavaScript four dynamic display of time date code in Web pages

Web effects four dynamic display of time date code in Web pagesDisplaying the date time in a Web page is more commonly used, and I've collected four display methods that I hope will help a lot. Take the parts and make a string connection code

JavaScript Screen Keyboard Common code

Use when you link to Location.replace (URL) ">JavaScript Mask main Window scroll bar Add it to the body tag.Style= "Overflow-y:hidden"JavaScript screen screen, constantly emptying clipboardAdd it to the body tag.Onload= "SetInterval ('

How to use JavaScript condition run operator

Conditional statementWhen you write code, you often need to perform different behaviors according to different conditions. You can use conditional statements in your code to accomplish this task. In JavaScript, we can use the following conditional

JavaScript setattribute, GetAttribute incompatibility Issues

Test environment (client browser)IE6,IE7, IE8 compatibility mode, IE8Firefox 3.6.8, Google Chrome 5.0.375.125 The standard definitions of two functions are described first.Elementnode.setattribute (Name,value)Name required. Specify the name of the

A generic validation JavaScript function

A long time ago wrote a universal validation function, we do not laugh ah, many things are not perfect, such as date validation. Name: Password: Theme: expression: > content:

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