Summary of option Exceptions for select in JavaScript

Yesterday, in the project encountered the cause of the option to show the exception, screenshot as follows: Firefox with CSS control after the effect CSS doesn't work in chrome and IE Code: The code is as follows Copy Code

Several ways to close page pages in JavaScript

The first type: JS timed automatically close the window The code is as follows Copy Code The second: Click the link does not prompt JS close the window The code is as follows Copy Code

how eval () functions are used in JavaScript

A few days ago, when it comes to JS, try not to use eval, but what exactly is eval? Today we're going to talk about the eval thing. First look at this definition: Definitions and usage The eval () function computes a string and executes the

JavaScript program to prevent repetitive drip of content

Example The code is as follows Copy Code function Getrepeatdata (input) {   var arr = input;    var rdata = {};   for (var i in arr) { &nbs p;    var c = arr[i];      rdata1? (rdata1++): (rdata1= 1)  }      for

JavaScript Mask carriage return submit Form

HTML uses input to prevent carriage return submission By default, a single input box, regardless of the button's type= "Submit" or a type= "button" type, is submitted by carriage return. 1. When the type= "submit", no matter how many type= "text"

JavaScript (JS) get current domain name URL program code

Example Document.domain The code is as follows Copy Code Method Two, using the URL to resolve the domain name The code is as follows Copy Code How to use: The

JavaScript detects date time format is correct code

In web development, often with datetime, sometimes we need users to provide date and time data, in order to ensure the smooth submission, we need to validate the user input date and time format, the user will be prompted to check and re-enter, the

Regular expression pattern matching Javascript

Regular expression pattern matching JavascriptSummary: Collects some commonly used regular expressions.Regular expressions are used for string processing, form validation, and so on, practical and efficient, but often not too sure to use, so it is

An introductory tutorial on Javascript array usage

Defining arrays The code is as follows Copy Code var a = new Array ("A", "B", "C");Method 1.var mycars=new Array ()mycars[0]= "Saab"mycars[1]= "Volvo"mycars[2]= "BMW" Method 2. Define and initialize together:

JavaScript digits keep digits after decimal

See a lot of people have this reserved number of decimal point after the demand, but most of them write a function to intercept, but also consider rounding up what, it is quite complicated to write. In fact, the number object of JavaScript has a

Usage of JavaScript Regular expressions

1, "." is a wildcard that represents any one character, for example: "A.C" can match "ANC", "ABC", "ACC"; 2, "[]", in [] can specify the required matching characters, such as: "A[nbc]c" can match "ANC", "ABC", "ACC", but can not match "ANCC", A to

JavaScript Framework (IFRAME) Mutual transfer between the program code

Many of the frameworks have a parent-child relationship that is cumbersome to operate, and many students often have this sad code: The code is as follows Copy Code Window.parent.document.getElementById ("main").

Decimal hexadecimal code in JavaScript

The core of JavaScript color conversion is the transformation between transitions. RGB format is actually decimal notation, so the hexadecimal color and RGB color conversion is hexadecimal and decimal conversion between. 16 conversion to decimal is

JavaScript validation is a numerical method summary

isNaN functionisNaN (expression:object): Boolean Evaluates the argument and returns True if the value is NaN (non-numeric). This function can be used to check whether a mathematical expression was successfully evaluated as a number. The isNaN

JavaScript gets the offset value code for the page element

JS acquisition method. The code is as follows Copy Code document.getElementById ("Divfloat"). ("button"). offsetleft+25; With IETester and Firefox test, under the ie6+ can, as

JavaScript If ... Else Getting Started instance tutorial

JavaScript If ... Else Getting Started instance tutorial Conditional declarations in JavaScript are used to perform different actions according to different conditions. Conditional statementOften when you write code, you want to perform different

JavaScript writes cookies to read cookies and decode cookies

JavaScript Tutorials Write cookies read cookies and decode cookiesfunction Writecookie (name, value, hours) {var expire = "";if (hours!= null) {expire = new Date (new Date ()). GetTime () + hours * 3600000);expire = "; Expires= "+ expire.togmtstring

JavaScript new Array

Javascrip new Array Create an array There are several different ways to create an array. Creates an array of arrays to participate in () construct the old way. JavaScript arrays are dynamic, and you can declare an array without constructing the

JavaScript feature detection is not browser detection

JavaScript feature detection is not browser detectionDetailed source reference:. net/article/21834.htm "> first, the front-end engineers objected to browser testing, which they thought was bad because it was

JavaScript gets all the pictures of the document

JavaScript gets all the pictures of the documentfunction UpdateUI () {var IMGs = document.getelementsbytagname ("img");For (Var i=0, len=imgs.length i Imgs[i].title = Document.title + "image" + i;}var msg = document.getElementById

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