Use JavaScript to check the YYYY-MM-DD format for the correct source code.

A few days ago to see brother Liao about using JavaScript check YYYY-MM-DD format of the article, debugging a bit, found wrong, now give the correct source code, welcome to advise. Program under the PWIN98,PWS, but there are two points do not

Summary of option Exceptions for select in JavaScript

Yesterday, in the project encountered the cause of the option to show the exception, screenshot as follows: Firefox with CSS control after the effect CSS doesn't work in chrome and IE Code: The code is as follows Copy Code

Several ways to close page pages in JavaScript

The first type: JS timed automatically close the window The code is as follows Copy Code The second: Click the link does not prompt JS close the window The code is as follows Copy Code

The implementation method of JavaScript encryption and decryption

In the Web page (in fact, is the Web Trojan hehe), the most annoying is their own hard to write the client IE run the JavaScript code is often easily copied by others, really let their hearts a little taste, to know that they write something also

Example of a JavaScript timestamp format

Scene: Service-side output JSON: {"Msglist": [{"MsgID": 1066, "Sendertype": "S", "SenderID": "The", "sender": "The", "Receivenum": 4, "Sendtime" : 1394422138000, "Msgflag": 1, "content": "{Title": "Cao", "Content": "Kao"}, "ContentType":

Analysis and comparison of dot,juicer,arttemplate template engine in JavaScript

Can be separated from the front and back of the code, the position is clear, so that the background program staff can better to complete the logic operation, and the front-end personnel posts more specialized and unified. JS template engine More

Example of saving and deleting cookies in JavaScript

Let's take a look at an example Sometimes we need to save the user name with a cookie, record the login status, and how to correctly determine if the user cookie exists? You can't simply use the a!= ". The code is as follows Copy

The Apply () and call () methods in JavaScript use notes

The first argument to call () and apply () is the object of the function to invoke, which is the value of this keyword in the function body. The remaining arguments for call () are the values passed to the function to be invoked. The structure is

The difference between undefined and null in JavaScript

In fact, I've listed all the "null" and "false" values in JavaScript, except that the Boolean value itself is true and false, "null values" for other data types are mainly undefined and defined. The types of these null values are: The

The usage of eval () function in JavaScript

Definition and usage the eval () function computes a string and executes the JavaScript code in it. The syntax eval (string) argument describes string as required. The string to evaluate, which contains the JAVASCRIPT expression to evaluate or the

Regular expression pattern matching Javascript

Regular expression pattern matching JavascriptSummary: Collects some commonly used regular expressions.Regular expressions are used for string processing, form validation, and so on, practical and efficient, but often not too sure to use, so it is

Notes for JavaScript Process Control statements

Process Control statements are critical in JS. The Process Control statements in JS include 7 kinds of statements, such as if condition judgment statement, for Loop statement, while Loop statement, Do......while Loop statement, break statement,

JavaScript substitution function Replace all methods

Only the first "a" letter can be replaced Can replace All "a" letters

The sort method in a JavaScript array

This is also generally recommended in the way, because you do not know what the different JS engine will not pass the sorting function, according to what scheme to sort.For example: The code is as follows Copy Code var

Example description of require calling JS in JavaScript

Non-organized functions When I first started writing JavaScript functions, this is usually the case: The code is as follows Copy Code function Fun1 () {Some code here}function fun2 () {Some other code here}...

Introduction to String-digital methods in JavaScript

We know that the simplest way to spin a digital string is: Force type conversions To convert integers to strings, you must use the integer.tostring () static method or the String.valueof () static method to convert the string to an integer, and

JavaScript feature detection is not browser detection

JavaScript feature detection is not browser detectionDetailed source reference:. net/article/21834.htm "> first, the front-end engineers objected to browser testing, which they thought was bad because it was

JavaScript gets all the pictures of the document

JavaScript gets all the pictures of the documentfunction UpdateUI () {var IMGs = document.getelementsbytagname ("img");For (Var i=0, len=imgs.length i Imgs[i].title = Document.title + "image" + i;}var msg = document.getElementById

JavaScript indexof function with square

JavaScript indexof function with square Definitions and usageThe IndexOf () method returns the location of the first occurrence of a specified string value in a string. GrammarStringobject.indexof (searchvalue,fromindex) parameter

Basic knowledge of JavaScript regular expressions

Basic knowledge of JavaScript regular expressions 1 JavaScript regular object creation and usage declaring JavaScript regular expressionsvar recat = new RegExp ("cat");You can alsovar recat =/cat/; Perl Style (recommended) 2 learning the most

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