JavaScript settimeout and SetInterval Execute command function method

Web page effects settimeout and SetInterval Execute command function method periodically settimeout (expression, delay time)At execution time, after the specified time is delayed, the expression is executed once, remembering that the number is once

JavaScript continue method to terminate the current loop

Web effects continue methods to terminate the current loop The continue command terminates the current loop and then continues running from the next value.Instance: Jump out of the loop a Simple page Example Two

JavaScript's This detailed

1. This is under global scope:2, the general function and the strict mode of the function of this:3. In the case of the function's this as the method of the object:4. This on the object prototype chain:The prototype of the object P points to O, P.a

Javascript-hash array for in function

1 what is an array: In memory, storage space for multiple data storage, and then a name why;2 Why: The reality of storing multiple related data, are centralized storage, a common name3 4program = data structure +algorithm5 good data structure can

JavaScript Sunflower Treasure Pack closure

Closure, the person who wrote the JS script must not be unfamiliar with the word, all said that the closure is the most magical JS in a knowledge point, although in the work, the project will often use ~ but is not you have really enough

Bootscript/javascript components

JavaScript components  (1) each plug-in (with JS function components), want to use the bootstrap plugin, one is to write his HTML, the second is to use CSS to modify it, and then introduce the corresponding JS file. Bootstrap frame in the Carousel

Summary of principle and usage of closure in JavaScript

The five forms of closure in JavaScript are as follows:1 /**2 * Created by admin on 2016/12/26.3 *//*4 //Add a property to a function object5 function Circle (r) {6 this.r=r;7 }8 circle.prototype.pi=3.1415926;9 circle.prototype.area=function ()

7 High-performance JavaScript code highlighting plugins

This article by the code Farm-small peak original, reproduced please see the text at the end of the reprint requirements, welcome to participate in our paid contribution program!For those who like to write technical blog, must be very familiar with

Javascript Basic Knowledge Collation

The role of 1.JavascriptJavaweb insideHTML: Responsible for Web page schema, display content, data.CSS: Responsible for the display of styles and formats.JavaScript: Responsible for the completion of page interaction, Web page behavior.Three ways to

JavaScript Common function collation

JavaScript functions:1. Disable the right mouse button menu code blockfunction Stop () {return false;} Document.oncontextmenu = stop; Disable right mouse button Document.ondragstart = stop; Prohibit drag document.onselectstart = stop; Prohibit

JavaScript in-depth understanding of JS closures

The scope of a variableTo understand closures, you must first understand the special variable scope of JavaScript.The scope of a variable is nothing more than two kinds: global variables and local variables.The special point of the JavaScript

Regular expressions in JavaScript (end-of-article)

Regular Expressions in JavaScript (end-of-article)In previous articles, we learned about the basic syntax of regular expressions, but those grammars are not specific to a particular language. In this blog post we will learn about the use of regular

javascript--object Literals common notation and rules

object literalAn object literal is a list of 0 or more property name-value pairs (elements) that are enclosed in curly brace pairs ({}). You cannot use object literals at the beginning of a statement, which results in an error or unexpected behavior,

JavaScript DOM Programming Art Chapter I: A Brief History of JavaScript

This series of blogs is a summary of my reading of the book "JavaScript DOM Programming Art". The partial theory of the front part of the book is the exact words, feel the need to record, to facilitate their own pages, but also hope to read this

Bootstrap JavaScript Plugin part of the note finishing

Overview (1) Each plugin (with JS function), want to use the bootstrap plug-in, one is to write his HTML, the second is to use CSS to modify it, and then introduce the corresponding JS file. Bootstrap frame in the Carousel diagram, he has his own JS

JavaScript Design patterns and development Practices reading notes (9)--Command mode

Command mode : Sometimes you need to send a request to some object, but do not know who the recipient of the request is, and do not know what the requested operation is, at this time want to use a loosely coupled way to design the software, so that

What is the reason for JavaScript not getting the element by id?

Tag: Dex has no text. text keyword ace NTB button javaS codeJavaScript Code? 12345678910111213141516 functionshow_more_mess(){    $("#background_div").css("width","100%");//获取这个div的时候是没有问题的    $("#background_div").css("height","100%"

JavaScript DOM Programming Art reading notes (i)

Chapter i, Chapter IIDOM: is a set of methods for abstracting and conceptualizing the contents of a Document.  definition: An interface that is independent of the system platform and programming language through which programs and scripts can

JAVASCRIPT constant Definition

Believe that the students see this title when the face of a confused, what? JS can constant definition? Don't tease me, okay? To be exact, JS does not have a constant (ES6 as if there is a constant definition of the keyword), but in depth we can

What are the features of the functions in javascript? How should it be optimized?

Function and Optimization 1. Function construction Method: The constructor of all functions in JS is function, including function itself, (function is its own instance and its own Constructor)证明:Function.prototype = = = function.__proto__1.1

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