JavaScript and provincial two-level association menu program

var citys=new Array (New Array ("101010100", "Beijing"),New Array ("101030100", "Tianjin"),New Array ("101020100", "Shanghai"),New Array ("101040100", "Chongqing"),New Array ("101320101", "Hong Kong"),New Array ("101330101", "Macau"),New Array ("1012

JavaScript event bubbling and capturing and bubbling advantages

Event flow refers to the order in which events are received in the page, IE, Firefox, and Chrome browsers are event bubbling, which is called event bubbling, where events are first received by the most specific elements and then propagated up to the

The Window object in JavaScript is simple to learn

the 1.Window object is the primary access point for all client JavaScript features and APIs. An important property in the Window object is document, which references the Document object.A JavaScript program can traverse and manage documents through

JavaScript Virtual Entry Function Main method


This article we virtual a JavaScript entry main function as the starting point of the program, so that we can have more in-depth learning and understanding of, the actual entry of JavaScript fileJavaScript files to the JS engine runtime, the

JavaScript uses Nativescript to invoke native APIs to implement Cross-platform (mobile end)

NativescriptNativescript is a running environment that allows you to use generic JavaScript code to create native Ios,android and Windows (upcoming) applications. Nativescript has a number of cool features, such as supporting JavaScript object

JavaScript gets the absolute path method for the current directory

When it comes to path-related issues, everyone will go to the window.location and think that this object provides quite a lot of path information, which is commonly used to include: Location.href: Full URL of the current pageLocation.pathname: path

Examples of scope chains for JavaScript closures

Put the variables in the higher level function back, and so on until the global object. When the function needs to query the value of a variable, JS interpreter will go to the scope of the chain to find, from the first local variables to find, if

Calculate string actual length in JavaScript

Knowing the above principles, we can calculate the actual length of a string, if the GBK character set encountered in Chinese plus 2, if the UTF8 character set encountered Chinese plus 3 can Example (this is our common)   code is as

JavaScript filter domain name and HTML tag implementation code

Analysis A complete domain name, by the root domain, top-level domain, level two, three ... Domain name composition, each level of domain name separated by point, each domain name by letter, number and minus sign (the first letter can not be a

An array variable declaration of JavaScript Learning notes

In fact, the development of the people, touch JavaScript, there is a paradoxical feeling, many of the grammar of JavaScript are very familiar with the structure of the programming and other mainstream language is not very different. But the main

JavaScript closures simulate static private variables, and constant implementation programs

Say nothing more, directly on the code, see the original author comments go, uh ...Static private variables The code is as follows Copy Code var mynamespace = {}; Defining namespaces Mynamespace.treeitem = (function () {

Split string Split function in JavaScript

Suppose the string to be split is: s= "... fs...fs ..." where FS represents the character or string to be delimited. Definitions and usageThe split () method is used to split a string into an array of strings. GrammarStringobject.split

JavaScript text box watermark/Placeholder Implementation method

Popular PracticeThe common practice now is to change the value by using the Onfocus/onblur event of the form element, as follows: The code is as follows Copy Code Most of jquery's Watermark Plug-ins

Javascript checkbox tick and reverse check detailed

The code is as follows Copy Code The JavaScript processing checkbox is summarized as follows 1,javascript checked checkbox form(1) Get the Form object(2) Set the checked value of the Form object, true to tick the check or

Methods for JavaScript rounding number.tofixed and round ()

Number.tofixed (x) is the x bit after the specified number is intercepted, and number.toprecision (x) intercepts the entire number to the specified (x) length. Note that one calculates the length of the decimal point, and one is the length of the

JavaScript Split function

Being able to split into a series of separate blocks has been supported in many programming languages, and it can be in JavaScript as well. If you have a long list of names, such as "Bobysu Santresideni" and you want each store to be named

JavaScript Try...catch Exception Handling detailed

Web page Special Try...catch exception handling detailed Grammar try{Statement1}catch (Exception) {Statement2}It can be used to handle all or some of the errors that can occur in a script.   If a mistake is not caused by a try ... Catch the

JavaScript Filters HTML Tag code

javascript Tutorial Filters HTML Tag Code

JavaScript Split () use method

Split definition and usageThe split () method is used to split a string into an array of strings.GrammarStringobject.split (separator, howmany) parameter descriptionSeparator required. A string or regular expression that splits the Stringobject from

JavaScript numeric character validation regular code

1. Text box can only enter a numeric code (decimal point can not enter)2. Only numbers can be entered and the decimal point may be lost.3. Number and decimal method two4. Only letters and characters can be entered5. Can only enter English letters

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