JavaScript coding Style

JavaScript programming StyleThe so-called "programming Style" (programming style) refers to the style rules for writing code. Programmers are free to choose a programming style, but a good programming style helps to write programs that are higher

JavaScript lexical scopes and calling objects

The relationship between the function scope, the calling object, and the closure of Javascript is subtle, and there are a lot of articles about them, but I don't know why many novices are hard to understand. I will try to express my own

JavaScript Closures--implementation

The official explanation for closures is that an expression (usually a function) with many variables and an environment that binds them is also part of the expression.The popular point is: From a theoretical point of view: all functions.

"JavaScript Packaging Library" Prototype prototype release!

/* Source author:  stone not Easy (Louis shi) contact information: ====================================================== Program name: javascript  Package Library  Prototype 

JavaScript verifies that the user entered the correct URL address

Url:PHP detects URL address validityCode to copy code as followsfunction Is_url ($STR) {Return Preg_match ("/^http://[a-za-z0-9]+.[ a-za-z0-9]+[/=?%-&_~ ' @[] ': +!] * ([^<> "]) *$/", $str);}?>We can use the file_get_contents () function to verify

JavaScript two-dimensional array

varA=NewArray (NewArray (),NewArray (' B ', ' C '));d ocument.write (a[1][1]); To be blunt, we use a For loop to define a two-dimensional array! //The dashed part can also be implemented using the push () method of the JS array built-in object,

The Javascript array loops through the foreach

1. js Array loop traversal.Array loop variables, the first thing to think about is the for (Var i=0;iAdd by oscar999 - DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 transitional//en"> HTML> HEAD> TITLE>New DocumentTITLE> METANAME= "Author"CONTENT= "

JavaScript regular expression control input can only enter a number

Cannot enter ChineseOnly numbers and underscores can be enteredOnly numbers and decimal points can be enteredAllow only Chinese characters to be entered One is to allow only numbers and decimal points to be entered.Second, the judgment is more

[Reprint] teaches you how to shape javascript cool image

Http:// do you write JavaScript to make it taller? How can you organize JavaScript to make it easier for others to see you at a glance? Do you expect others to read your code and say, "Can you write like this?"

JavaScript matches the character of the even position of the string and matches the $ symbol

A string that is known to be #####, now needs to replace the # of the even position with &.function Replacedemo () { var s = "1#2#3#4#5#"; var regex =/#/g; var index = 1; S=s.replace (regex,function() {index++; Return index%2?

Javascript--callback (callback function

1. callback function definitionA callback function is a function that is called through a function pointer. If you pass the pointer (address) of the function as an argument to another function, when the pointer is used to invoke the function it

JavaScript DOM Programming Learning notes-replacing nodes

document which city do you like? Beijing Shanghai Wuhan Shenzhen which book do you like? Journey to the Monkey kingdoms Outlaws Cities bookdocument which city do you like? Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen shenzhen 2 which book do you like?

JavaScript modular Programming (II): AMD specifications

The first part of this series introduces the basic wording of the JavaScript module, and today describes how to use the module in a canonical manner. VII. specification of modules First think about why the module is important?Because of the

JavaScript Tutorial: Queryselector () method

Module DOM {[Supplemental, Nointerfaceobject]Interface Nodeselector {Element Queryselector (in domstring selectors);NodeList Queryselectorall (in domstring selectors);};Document implements Nodeselector;DocumentFragment implements

jquery notes: The connection and difference between jquery and JavaScript

Source: think this title is a bit big, beyond the scope of ability, do not like to touch. Currently only recorded in the LZ capacity within the range, and continue to supplement in the future.One, the mutual

Effective JavaScript Item 39 never reuse property names in a parent type

this series as effective JavaScript 's reading notes. If you need to Item in the Actor object to add a ID Information:function Actor (scene, X, y) {this.scene = Scene;this.x = X;this.y = Y; = ++actor.nextid;scene.register (this);}

Angular model objects with JavaScript classes

Angular model objects with JavaScript classesThe missing piece in AngularJS Unlike Backbone and Ember, AngularJS does not provide a standardized-to-define model objects. The model part of mvc*-Angular is the scope object, which are not, and we mean

JavaScript basic Concepts (Operators)

Unary operatorThe unary operator, when processing all non-numeric values, translates the value through number () to a numeric value.Bitwise operators Negative numbers are stored in the form of twos complement on the computer,

JS Classic Code Learning one: Using ternary operators to handle JavaScript compatibility

Window. Event ={add:function() { //use conditional expressions to detect whether a standard method exists returnDocument.addeventlistener?function(A, B, c) {/*use the standard method if the standard method exists. Note here

Basic JavaScript concepts (variables and data types)

1. Variables  Omitting the var operator in a local scope can define a global variable, but doing so can cause the variable to be difficult to maintain, and in strict mode causes a Referenceerror error to be thrown.2. Data type (JS Common 6 data

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