Yield a practical and concise way of implementing in JavaScript

Just now suddenly brainwave, iterators we rarely really directly to the silly next to traverse, then why must realize this stupid next? Directly implement each, so that, in turn, yeah, Itong, soon wrote the first Super Compact version: Code

Detailed explanation of the difference between a href= #与 a href=javascript:void (0)

A href= "#" > click on the link, the page will scroll up to the top of the page, # The default anchor point is #TOP click the link after the page does not move, just open the link function ditto, different browsers will have differences. Click

Using the bitwise XOR operator in JavaScript

The bitwise XOR operator (^) is a bitwise XOR on two expressions, and the following is an introduction to its specific useThe bitwise XOR operator (^) performs a bitwise XOR on two expressions.  How to use: The code is as follows: result =

JavaScript's classic code for IE operations

  This article is mainly on the JavaScript of the classic code for IE operation introduced, the need for friends can come to the reference, hope to help everyone else This period of time has been using AJAX technology to do things, so there will

JavaScript array Operations

  This article mainly introduces JavaScript array operations, including creation, element access, element deletion, copy of array, and so on, as well as other examples, the friends you need can refer to the following 1, the creation of the array

Introduction to 2 Examples of merge ordering of JavaScript sort algorithms

  This article mainly introduces the JavaScript sorting algorithm merging sort (merge sort) 2 examples, the need friend may refer to under Merge sort is an efficient sorting algorithm based on merging operations. The algorithm is a very typical

Garbage collection in JavaScript

1 Reference count Garbage collection Core: The number of times the object is referenced by a trace record. The idea is that if an object A is assigned a variable V, the reference count value of the object A is plus 1, and if the variable v is given

Ways to capture and analyze JavaScript error

  This article mainly describes how to capture and analyze JavaScript Error, interested friends can refer to the following How to capture and analyze JavaScript error Front-End engineers know that JavaScript has basic exception handling

JavaScript verifies that user input URL address is empty and the format is correct

The code is as follows: The code is as follows: Url: PHP detects URL address validity The code is as followsThe code is as follows: ;? function Is_url ($str) { return Preg_match ("/^http://[a-za-z0-9]+.[ a-za-z0-9]+[/=?%-_~ ' @[] ':

Variable declarations in JavaScript have the difference between Var and no Var

This paper discusses the difference between the variable declaration in JavaScript and VAR, and the scope of the variable declaration in JS is in function, so we often see that the method of avoiding the global variable pollution is 1 2

JavaScript implements several methods to preserve two decimal places

This article mainly introduces the implementation of JavaScript to preserve two decimal places of several methods, if the number of the original decimal places less than two, then the lack of automatic 0, interested in the small partners can refer

JavaScript (Core, BOM, DOM)

http://www.flyne.org/article/407JavaScript (Core, BOM, DOM)JavaScript is an object- and event-driven , client-side scripting language. Has the following characteristics: Interactivity Security (no direct access to local hard disk)

The sleep implementation of JavaScript--javascript asynchronous Programming learning

First, the original demandRecently in the Baidu front-end Technical college exercises, there is a practice is required to traverse a binary tree, and do the traversal visualization is traversing the node the best color is differentThe binary tree

JavaScript----Closures (what are closures, why closures, the role of closures)

Often asked what is closures?To be honest, the concept of closures is difficult to explain. In the JavaScript authoritative guide, there is a phrase: "JavaScript functions are the code that will be executed and a complex that executes the scope of

JavaScript scope and scope chain explanation, declaration promotion

I'm sure you'll be confused about the scope, scope chain, and variable declaration promotion concepts when you get started with JavaScript.Javascript ScopesIn Javascript, there are only local scopes and global scopes. Instead, only functions can

JavaScript statement identifier, variable period

Statement Description Break Used to jump out of a loop. Catch Statement block that executes a catch statement block when a try statement block performs an error. Continue Skips an

The In operator of JavaScript ("How to tell if a value is an element in an array"?) )

When you write JavaScript, you encounter a common question, "How can I tell if a value is an element in an array"? This reminds me of the In_array () function in PHP and the in operator in Python. But JavaScript does not seem to have a similar

Some basic exercises of javascript

One, flip stringFirst, convert the string into an array, then use the reverse method of the array to flip the order of the arrays, and finally convert the arrays into strings.1 function reversestring (str) {2 var array = []; 3 Array = str.split

JavaScript Knowledge points Summary

JavaScript Learning Summary1.JavaScript is a programming language for Web and HTML.2.JavaScript code must be placed between tags, javascript is now the HTML default scripting language, so in There is no need to declare the scripting language as

Design dynamic loading using jquery's Load method and troubleshoot loaded page JavaScript failures

First, the problem analysisFor the back-end system, compared to everyone has an impression, know the layout structure,In this layout we need to separate the header,sidebar,footer, and the content of the middle part needs to change dynamically, that

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