Linux program written to oralce database Chinese display as question mark??? Code implementation SET Environment variables!

Linux Program Write Oralce the database is displayed in Chinese as a question mark??? 1. Introduction of the problemThe root cause is the character set problem, which is the character set of the database and the writing program of the Linux system

Linux under SH file run and desktop environment double-click Run SH file

SH file run:1. Modify to execute permissions:chmod u+x hello.sh2. Operation./hello.sh3, do not use executable permissions to modify, with SH direct operationSh./hello.shDesktop Environment Double-click Run sh file:Mac:1, modify the suffix sh to

Configuration of the OCI development library in Linux

The Oracle Calling interface (Oracle call Interface, OCI) provides a set of interface subroutines (functions) that can be accessed from an Oracle database, which can be accessed by invoking a third-generation programming language (such as the C

Soft and hard links in Linux that's the thing.

Soft connections and Hard linksThe previous article has introduced to you the Linux system file directory structure, see Based on the Times, this blog introduces you to Soft links (also known as

The Uptime of Linux commands

What is itThe uptime is used to see how long the system has been started. It displays the same information as the header of the W command (the first line). Give me a chestnut.To give an actual application scenario: such as the discovery of some

Gracefully messing with linux-6-chrome-side SSH plugins

The article was originally published at the Third Frontier Institute in SZHSHPReprint Please specify Gracefully messing with linux-6-chrome-side SSH pluginsRecently registered an AWS, free one year, a year can be a variety of fun ~Connecting to

Linux Empowerment List


#CVE #Description #Kernels cve-2017-1000367 [sudo] (sudo 1.8.6p7-1.8.20) cve-2017-7494 [Samba Remote execution] (Samba 3.5.0-4.6.4/4.5.10/4.4.14) cve-2016-5195 [Dirty Cow] (Linux kernel>2.6.22 (released in)) cve-2016-0728 [Pp_key] ( 3.8.0, 3.8.1, 3.8

Linux commands 16

Special Shell variables1. Environment variables:An environment variable is a class of variables that the system itself needs to be created in advance by the LIUNX system.Mainly used for the user's working environment, including (user's host

Full coverage of Linux monitoring commands

1.1 top1.1.1 Command DescriptionThe TOP command monitors the system's operational status in real time and can be sorted by CPU, memory, and execution time1.1.2 Parameter Description command-line Startup parameters: Usage: TOP-HV |

Linux file Naming conventions

File naming rules(1) All characters are legal except/(2) Special characters such as @, #, ¥, &, () 、-、 spaces, etc. best not to use, when the use of space as a file name, the execution of the command error;(3) Avoid using "." As the first character

Nginx-uwsgi-django Construction under Linux

Django is a high-level Python WEB framework this encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.Nginx (pronounced engine-x) is a free, Open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxies, as well as an IMAP/POP3 Proxy Server.WSGI

The English word abbreviation for Linux common commands

Ls:list (List contents)Cd:change directory (change directory)Su:switch User Switch usersRpm:redhat Package Manager Red Hat Pack ManagerPwd:print Work Directory Print current directory displays the absolute path of the current working

Linux bulk Change password via expect

Company recently to a batch of CDN server, need to change the password regularly, originally wanted to use automation tools to achieve this function, but recently busy no time to do, so the first way to modify the script, the Internet search for a

How the Linux kernel loads and launches an executable program

Original: Seven: How the Linux kernel loads and starts an executable programName: Li DonghuiStudy No.: 20133201Note: Original works reproduced please specify the source + "Linux kernel analysis"

Linux operation Tip: "Can ' t open file for writing" or "Operation not permitted" workaround

The use of the VI command on Linux to modify a file content, found unable to save, each time after the use of ": q!" command can exit normally but use ": wq!" command to save the file and exit when the message appears:E212:can ' t open file for

Linux Performance and Tuning Guide----1.1 Linux Process management

Translation: Brother Fei ( )All rights reserved, respect other people's labor results, please indicate the author and original source and this statement when reproduced.The original name: "Linux Performance and Tuning

The source and introduction of the file system of the VFS file system in Linux

Recently mounted n many file systems, roughly the corresponding characteristics of different file systems and mount mode, but still the Linux file system is not from the source to understand. Superficial understanding really not good.So learn from

Some common basic Linux operation instructions

Review of the way to share my knowledge, although not what the technical sharing of cattle, just some foundation, the foundation of the technology slowly improved! Together to encourage together! The specific VI and VIM command set too much, after

Kali Linux Sogou Input Method installation

1. Download Sogou Input method for Linux and 32-bit Deb packWhat I download here is: Sogoupinyin_2.1.0.0086_amd64.deb2. InstallationKali based on Debian,deb package installationExecute command: Dpkg-i package

0 Base deployment of Javaweb projects on Linux servers

Download link for the tool used in this tutorial: Http:// Password: 43PJI. Installing the JDK1, first to see the server version of the system, is 32-bit or 64-bit[Plain]View PlainCopy #getconf Long_bit 64 2.

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