Summary of "surprise cluster" problem in Linux network programming

1. PrefaceI have been engaged in the network development of Linux for nearly 4 years, often still encountered some problems, but do not know the reason why, and sometimes communicate with other people, make very awkward. Now the computer is

Linux the next day

A file Operation command  1) Create an empty file or modify the file timeTouch file nameCommand name: TouchCommand path:/bin/touchExecute Permissions: All Users2) DeleteRM-RF file name-R Delete Directory-F MandatoryCommand name: RMCommand English

Default permissions and Hidden permissions (files, folders) in Linux

A file (or folder) has a number of properties. Contains basic properties such as (r/w/x), as well as attributes such as folder (d) and file (-) or connection file (L). In addition, Linux can also set other system security properties. Use Chattr to

Linux password Encryption Program (can be used to replace the user in the shadow file password)

Source code such as the following:#include #include intMainintARGC, Char*ARGV[]){if(ARGC! =3){printf("%s \n", argv[0]);return-1; } Char*passwd=Crypt(argv[1],argv[2]);printf("passwd: %s\ n", passwd);return 0;}Summarize:char *crypt (const char

Linux Programming Custom Band-level log

#define MY_LOG (level, FMT, args ...) do{ if (bit_on (Debug_flag,level)) { printf ("[%s]:", __function__); printf (FMT, # #args); } } while (0)Of course we also need to define a set of debug level methods, my idea is this:

Linux Time and TimeZone settings

One, time zone settingBecause UTC is used to install the system, what is UTC is that UTC is the time of the 0 time zone, which is the international standard, while China is in the utc+8 time zone.Using the Tzselect command, the process is as follows:

How to use Linux-redmine | SVN commit Code

how to use Redmine | SVN commit CodeThis address: Http:// 1. Installation: 2. Configuration:In ~/. Reviewboard RC to choose their own group (Android, IOS, server, etc.), their own in the review Board username

Linux switch directories, view files under Directories, file type descriptions, and view metadata information for files

This blog introduces several basic Linux commands, write if there are shortcomings, but also hope that readers are not hesitate to enlighten! Switch directoriesCD(changedirectory) Switch working directorySyntax: CD [directory to switch]CD : Enter

Linux Log timing polling process in detail (logrotate)

Logrotate IntroductionLog files are an extremely important tool for Linux system security. Log files contain useful information about the events that occur in the system, which are often used during troubleshooting or during system performance

Linux CP Directory

Linux copies all files in the specified directory to another directoryCopy all files in the specified directory to another directoryThe copying of files and directories is often used. The commands for copying under Linux are CP.Assume that the

Operating system Hash table Linux Kernel application analysis

1. Basic Concepts Hash list (hash table. Also called a hash table). is a data structure that is directly visited based on key value.That is, it visits records by mapping key code values to a location in the table. To speed up the search.This mapping

Performance monitoring and tuning of Linux system CPU

Objective:Performance optimization is a commonplace topic, typical performance problems such as slow page response, interface timeout, high server load, low number of concurrency, database frequent deadlock and so on. Especially in the "rough fast"

Introduction to strip commands in Linux------undress files

Reproduced in: a Linux developer, if you have not heard of the strip command, it is very inappropriate. Strip this word, everyone should have learned, you remember to take off clothes on the

Umilit Modifying the maximum number of files that can be opened in Linux

Ulimit-n modificationTemporary modification: Ulimit-shn 65535Permanent modification: Echo ' *-nofile 65535 ' >>/etc/security/limits.confLinux system open the maximum value of the file descriptor, the general default value is 1024, for a busy server,

Abstract extension of Linux routing table applied to Nf_conntrack

The thought standard IP routing lookup process provides us with an excellent "match-action" routine.That is matched to a route item. The packet is then sent to the next hop indicated by the route entry.Assuming that we abstract the above process of

Linux Common compression Commands-Gzip,zcat,bzip2,bzcat

A few common zip file extensions *. Z Compress program compressed files. *.GZ gzip Program compresses the file. *.BZ2 bzip2 Program compressed files, *.tar tar program packaged data, and not compressed;

The Du and DF commands for Linux

Today, some classmates asked me to look at the directory size under Linux command, now also will be the former learning to DU/DF two command summary of it.In the pre-test work, we have encountered the DF and du two commands because of the fact that

Linux New files and directories

This blog if there is insufficient to write the place also hope that readers will not hesitate to enlightenIntroduce the symbol in the blog: [] Everything is not fixed, ... Indicates that there can be more than one!Basic knowledge of filesFile

Linux Network Properties Configuration-Modify configuration file

Modifying a configuration file1, IP, MASK, GW, the location of the DNS configuration file:/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-iface[Email protected] ~]# vim/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-Ens33type=Ethernet interface type, common with Ethernet

This fix sambacry vulnerability in Linux systems

Guide Samba has long been the standard for Windows clients on Linux systems to share file and print services. Home users, midsize businesses, and large companies are using it as the best solution to stand out in environments where multiple

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