Common Commands under Linux


Ls:is to display the file in the current directoryllis to display the file details in the current directory.Description of the file attributes:The file attribute field has a total of 10 letters,The first letter indicates the file type, if the letter

Linux CMakeLists.txt syntax

CMake Getting Started TutorialReference: website: URL: version: 3.1RC3This article was written based on the

Linux df and du usage

DF looks at the size of the first-level directory, but cannot view the size of the file. Du can view the directory or file size.  1 Basic usage of DFThe DF command displays the total space of all current file systems and the currently available

Write your own two Linux materials, free download, PDF document

The first one was my note on the Linux video Hanshunping teacher's commentary, which was originally 21, but I never found 17 or 18 of them. But the other parts I feel and record are pretty serious. This set of video commentary is very basic, so my

Linux Basics (iv)

First, system monitoring 1. Real-time monitoring of CPU, memory and hard disk status with the top commandThe effect is Windows-like Task Manager, which refreshes the display on the screen every 5 seconds by default.[[email protected]/]#TopTop-17:39:4

Linux Common commands


first, the Directory Processing command:1, LSCommand name: LSCommand English original meaning:listdirectory where the command is located:/bin/lsFunction Description: Display directory fileSyntax: LS [-ald] [file directory]    -A (all) displays all

Use the free command to view the memory usage of Linux servers (-/+ buffers/cache detailed)

Optional Parameters for the free command -b,-k,-m,-g show output in bytes, KB, MB, or GB -H human readable output (automatic unit scaling) -L Show detailed low and high memory statistics -O use old format (no-/+buffers/cache

Linux expect usage

usage1. [#!/usr/bin/expect]This line tells the code in the operating system script to use that Shell to execute. The expect here is actually a kind of thing with bash under Linux and cmd under Windows.Note: This line is required on the first line of

Linux Basic optimization

How to do basic optimization after installing Linux system? 1, Yum Source 2, SELinux3, close firewall 4, thin boot service 5, use sudo to manage files 6, Chinese character set display 7, Time server synchronization 8-9, SSH remote connection 10,

How to set up a Linux server on Amazon AWS

Summary: AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one of the world's leading cloud server providers. You can use the AWS platform to set up your servers within a minute. On AWS, you can fine-tune many of the technical details of the server, such as the number

Usage and difference of Yum and Apt-get in Linux


Usage and difference of Yum and Apt-get in Linux  Generally famous Linux systems are basically divided into two main categories:  1.redhat series: Redhat, Centos, Fedora  2.debian series: Debian, Ubuntu and other  redhat Series  1 common

Syslog, UNIX domain sockets from a simple requirement to a Linux environment

Demand:Back to TopWorking in a Linux (DEBIAN8) environment to run a server program, implemented in the Python language, the code has different priority logs need to be recorded, the development time is the use of Python logging module output to the

How Linux and Unix install git

Guide The easiest way to install Git on Linux is to use the preferred Package Manager for Linux distributions. If you like to build from source code, you can find tarball on I hope this article is helpful to everyone ~

Linux wildcard characters and regular expressions

Wildcard characters* Any character, can be repeated multiple times? Any character, repeat once[] represents a characterexample: [a,b,c] means any one of the ABCwildcard characters are used to match the file name of theRegular ExpressionsA regular

Linux Learning Note 2

Recommendations for beginners in 2016-09-26 All commands are lowercase, strictly case-insensitive, and do not prefix file types, but we write manually to help identify them. Zip package:. gz/.bz2/.tar.bz2/.tgz binary package:. RPM Web file:.

Linux/unix system inter-backup script

This is a shell script I wrote earlier, used to Linux/unix automatic file backups between systems.The main features of the script are: Synchronization or copying of files for the day between different servers; requires expect command

Linux System Bulk Configuration script

System bulk Configuration Script user manual usage requirements Linux operating system (RHEL,kylin, meditation rock available) Local computer expect commands are available ssh, scp commands available Script Composition and

The old driver talking about the learning skills of Linux system

Linux originated in the the 1970s and is an excellent operating system. The first time that Linux was exposed to this system was during college, so it was discovered in addition to the other interesting system outside of Windows. Start with a

Learn some linux-every day Select command cut and grep

Choosing a command is to analyze a piece of data and take out what we want. or by analyzing the keywords, get the line we want! In general, the selection command is usually for a row of data for analysis, not the entire information analysis.CutThe

ACL permissions control under Linux and setting user execution permissions on commands with sudo

ACL permission Assignment1.setfacl command Set file permissionsSetfacl-m U:USER1:RW root.txtsetfacl-m u:user2:rwx root.txt2.getfacl Command View file permissionsGetfacl Root.txt[Email protected] ~]# getfacl text.txt # file:text.txt# owner:root#

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