Mpc8313erdb Code Analysis of Uboot environment variables read from NAND flash in Linux

Mpc8313erdb Code Analysis of Uboot environment variables read from NAND flash in Linux[Email protected]One. Story causeDue to the increase of the file system, it has greatly exceeded the 8MB nor FLASH. Instead, the kernel, file system, and device

Linux/unix method of assigning process ID and source code implementation

In the Linux/unix system. Each process has a unique process ID that is represented by a nonnegative integer. Though it is the only one. However, the ID of the process can be reused. When a process terminates, its process ID can be used again.Most

Kali-linux setting Proxychains

Proxychains is a proxy tool under Linux and other unices. It allows any program to go online via proxy, allowing TCP and DNS to pass proxy tunneling, support for HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 types of proxy servers, and multiple proxies can be configured.

Linux Learning notes---command watch

Watch is a very useful command, basically all Linux distributions with this gadget, like the name, watch can help you monitor the results of a command, save you to manually run over and over again. Under Linux, watch is the periodic execution of the

Linux Cut:invalid Byte, character or field list Try ' Cut--help ' for more information.

1. OverviewCentOS Execute simple Shell pin this report wrongCut:invalid byte, character or field listTry ' Cut--help ' for more information.2. CodeVim!/bin/bash#program# use ID, finger command to check the systemaccount's

Linux sync mechanism-basic concepts (deadlock, live lock, starve, priority reversal, escort phenomenon)

Deadlock (deadlock) Refers to two or more than two processes in the execution process, because of the contention for resources caused by a mutual waiting phenomenon, if there is no external force, they will not be able to proceed. At this point the

Detailed description of Linux directories and each directory

"Common Directory description" Directory /bin Storing binary executables (ls,cat,mkdir, etc.), commonly used commands are usually here. /etc Storing system administration and configuration

A summary of basic usage of the Linux Three Musketeers command

The three commands that are important in Linux are grep sed awk combined with regular expressions that can perform powerful functions.Regular ExpressionsA regular expression is composed of the following:Ordinary characters, such as spaces,

Linux bulk modifies host names for multiple servers (hostname)

One. Scenario Description:There are a lot of servers in an environment, each server hostname are different, there are hundreds of servers, if one by one through SSH modification, then for us, the workload is very large, and inefficient, and this

LINUX redhat 12th Unit documentation

1. File Archive # # #1.File archiving, which is to turn multiple files into an archive file2.Tar C # # Create F # # Specify the archive file name T # # Displays the contents of the archive file R # # Add files to an archive file --get # # Remove a

Linux Operating System Basics

1. Linux OverviewLinux is a free and open source Unix-like operating system. The kernel of the operating system was first released by Linus Torvalds on October 5, 1991 and became a Linux operating system after adding user-space applications. Linux

Linux-ubuntu R Unable to install HH package reasons and Solutions


Error message:Configure:error:GNU MP not found, or no 4.1.4 or up, see Http://gmplib.orgERROR:configuration failed for package ' GMP ' * removing '/home/chenyansu/r/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-library/3.3/gmp ' Warning in Install.packages: installation of

How to execute a script in Linux

---restore content starts---how to automatically execute an execution script on Linux at system startup If the script is executed immediately, the script can be written to rc.local; If the user log on after the automatic execution of

Linux Learning Note 5--command RmDir and RM

Yesterday I learned the command to create a directory mkdir, and then learn about the commands for deleting files and directories in Linux: the RM command.RM is a dangerous command, especially when used, especially for novices, or the entire system

Write a simple progress bar under Linux and compile with the make command.

First create a new file, Touch progress_bar.c execute the vim progress_bar.c command, write the progress bar of the program. Write into a progress bar program:#include #include #include voidProgress () {inti

Linux Common Parts command

Common Command parsingDate Displays or sets the system time and dateCal is used to display the calendar for the current calendar or a specified dateLS is used to display the target list, in Linux is the use of high command, you can output color

Linux Quick Build FTP server

FTP is the abbreviation for file Transfer Protocol (document Transfer Protocol), and Chinese is called "Interfax protocol". Used for two-way transmission of control files on the Internet. At the same time, it is also an application (application).

Linux system CPU Usage (load average) grooming

In peacetime operations, when a server has a performance problem, it usually looks at the current CPU usage, especially the load of the CPU (load average).To get the CPU load of the server, there are three kinds of commands:1) w command [[email

Linux Touch Command

The role of the Touch command is to create a new blank file and access (access) and modify (modify) timestamp for the file that is updatedView Help for TouchNote: Modify changes to the contents of the file, regardless of whether access or modify

Linux Selection Information Command Introduction and application 20170331

Before you introduce the command to select information, say the pipe symbol "|" With the TR command, because it is often used when multiple commands are used together.One, using the pipe symbol provided by Linux "|" Separates the two commands, and

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