How to execute a script in Linux

---restore content starts---how to automatically execute an execution script on Linux at system startup If the script is executed immediately, the script can be written to rc.local; If the user log on after the automatic execution of

Linux Learning Note 5--command RmDir and RM

Yesterday I learned the command to create a directory mkdir, and then learn about the commands for deleting files and directories in Linux: the RM command.RM is a dangerous command, especially when used, especially for novices, or the entire system

Write a simple progress bar under Linux and compile with the make command.

First create a new file, Touch progress_bar.c execute the vim progress_bar.c command, write the progress bar of the program. Write into a progress bar program:#include #include #include voidProgress () {inti

Linux Common Parts command

Common Command parsingDate Displays or sets the system time and dateCal is used to display the calendar for the current calendar or a specified dateLS is used to display the target list, in Linux is the use of high command, you can output color

Linux Quick Build FTP server

FTP is the abbreviation for file Transfer Protocol (document Transfer Protocol), and Chinese is called "Interfax protocol". Used for two-way transmission of control files on the Internet. At the same time, it is also an application (application).

Linux system CPU Usage (load average) grooming

In peacetime operations, when a server has a performance problem, it usually looks at the current CPU usage, especially the load of the CPU (load average).To get the CPU load of the server, there are three kinds of commands:1) w command [[email

Linux Touch Command

The role of the Touch command is to create a new blank file and access (access) and modify (modify) timestamp for the file that is updatedView Help for TouchNote: Modify changes to the contents of the file, regardless of whether access or modify

Linux Beginner--management of users and groups

Linux system can support multiple users to use different terminal equipment login system, users are divided into different groups according to different attributes, in order to system security needs to set different permissions for different users,

Linux Selection Information Command Introduction and application 20170331

Before you introduce the command to select information, say the pipe symbol "|" With the TR command, because it is often used when multiple commands are used together.One, using the pipe symbol provided by Linux "|" Separates the two commands, and

Linux Common commands English abbreviation

command abbreviation: ls:list (list directory contents) Cd:change directory (change directory) su:switch user  Switch User rpm:redhat package manager  Red Hat Pack manager pwd: Print work directory  The current directory shows the absolute path to

Three questions: Linux operating system security hardening

Three questions: Linux operating system security hardening1. Why do I need to secure the reinforcement?     safety reinforcement is self-evident. Here I have the operating system and Maslow's hierarchy of needs to make an analogy, if there is

Linux Clock Interrupt

From: In-depth analysis of Linux kernel source code ( generation of clock interruptsThe physical cause of the Linux OS clock is the programmable timing/counter output pulse, which is fed into the CPU and can trigger


Log system on LinuxSyslogSyslog-ng: Open SourceLog system: Syslog ()A:B:D:Syslog Service Process:SYSLOGD: System, non-kernel generated informationKLOGD: Kernel, specifically responsible for recording the log information generated by the kernelKernel-

Linux Operating System Basics

Continue to add some of the vim instruction points of knowledge, when you need to manipulate multiple files simultaneously, use the VIM command to open several files simultaneously to load into memory. The command format is vim file1 file2 file3,

Linux View OS version command

Sometimes, for example, when deciding to download a software version, we need to determine the number of bits and releases of the current system. Command Role Applicable instructions Uname-a Displays the

Linux systems and common operational commands

Gui:graphic User Interface Graphical interfaceWindowsX-windows: Graphical Display protocolGnomeKdeXfaceCli:command Line InterfaceShBashCshKshZshTcshGoogle:Linux Filetype:pdfLinux site:ibm.comGoogle hackIDE: Development environment used by

Linux Create connection command ln-s soft link

This is a very important command in Linux, please be familiar with it. Its function is to create a link to a file in another location, the most common parameter of this command is-s,The specific usage is: Ln-s source file Destination file.when we

DNS detailed under Linux

Before configuring the bind DNS server software: Bind is an open source DNS (domain name System) protocol implementation that contains all the software required to query and respond to domain names. It is the most widely used DNS server on the

Linux Dig Commands

Dig (Domain information Groper), and Nslookup functions are similar, are DNS query tools1.Dig command FormatDig @dnsserver name QueryType If you set the DNSServer to be a domain name, first use the default up-to-connect DNS server to query

Linux Basic Command Job four

Linux Basic Command fourJob One:1) Add a 15G SCSI hard disk before opening the Linux system2) Turn on the system, right click on the desktop, open the terminal3) for the newly added hard disk partition, a primary partition size of 5G, the remaining

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