Linux Multi-task programming (four) exit () function and its basic experiment

Exit () and _exit () functions Function description The create process uses the fork () function, the execution process uses the EXEC function family, and the exit () and the _exit () function are used to terminate the process. When a process

Linux Multi-task programming (iii) EXEC function family and its basic experiment

exec function Family Function Family Description The fork () function is used to create a new child process that almost duplicates the entire contents of the parent process, but how does this newly created subprocess execute? The EXEC function

Discussion on common faults and treatment methods in Linux system

As with Windows system, Linux operating system will also have many problems and failures, many Linux novice are afraid of failure, face the problems appear helpless, and even, thereby giving up Linux, in fact, we should not fear the problem,

Detailed Test Linux competition Microsoft Home Server

When I started looking at Microsoft's Windows Home Server (Windows House SERVER,WHS), I was disappointed to find that this "revolutionary" WHS was not as advertised.    As a common file server for families, there is nothing wrong with it. After

Vsftp Server instance resolution on Linux system

Experimental environment: AS4 Minimal Installation Experiment goal: Set up VSFTP server This time we'll learn about the configuration of the VSFTP servers in the Linux system. Here we go! First we install the VSFTP server-side software. The

Security management of phpMyAdmin program directory under Linux

Security | Program Linux under the development of Web programs, now very popular development methods: using PHP to develop Web programs, using Apache Web Server,mysql as a background management database. This combination makes the development of Web

Configure a full-featured Web server under a Linux system

Debugging Environment: redhat9.0apache1.3.29mysql3.23.58php4.3.4 Linux system installation I do not say, this is the basic skills, in fact, this article in similar redhat other Linux should also be universal, everyone as long as you master the

Linux and Solaris build Apache virtual root environment (1)

"Guide" to install a virtual root on Linux on the environment of the Apache directory tree is quite simple. This example uses the red Hat 6.* and the Apache 1.3.12. It also contains the PHP4 (as an Apache module) and the installation of PERL5 on the

VSFTPD installs the configuration on the SUSE Linux operating system

These two days on the SuSE installation and configuration of FTP, encountered a lot of problems, here to do a summary: First, installation SuSE's graphical user interface does a good job, so the installation process is relatively simple. 1, open

I see Linux and FreeBSD

Simply speaking, do not do technical analysis (mainly is no technology), for everyone's reference, entertainment. As we all know, both systems are derived from an ancestor, Unix. Of course Unix is very very stable, I think the main reason is that

Overview of mail systems under Linux

There are many packages under Linux that can implement standard mail services. Unix/linux e-mail system model can be divided into the mail delivery Agent MTA, mail storage and acquisition agent MSA, and mail client Agent MUA three modules. Although

The processing method of external DDoS attack Linux through Iptalbes prohibit Phpddos contract

The penalty policy for this attack is, Further violations would proceed with these following actions: 1st violation-warning and shutdown of server. We'll allow hours for your to rectify the problem. The first time is a warning + shutdown, give 24

Linux Concise system maintenance Manual (II)

Iv. Major Software Installation As I said before, it is my custom to install a kernel and compile the system when installing the system, and then to install the other software after a clean system is clear. Another point, unless the source version

Install the oracle9i under Linux

Oracle There are several places to note before installation: Your swap partition is best to have a G or so big, the second your hard disk partition best also have large enough space. The following my translation of the Chinese version: 1. Create

Linux Programming: Time and file and signal operation

#include #include #include #include #include #include void Fun (int x) { printf ("Hello world!\r\n") ; int i; FILE *f=fopen ("A.txt", "rw+"); if (f==null) {printf ("file error\r\n"); Exit ( -1);}; for

Hard disk type and Linux partition

The current hard disk is mainly divided into the following: Ide,scsi,sata,sas. where SAS (serial Attached SCSI) is a serial attached SCSI, a new generation of SCSI technology. The following are the names of the Linux common devices: The naming

Multi-threaded client/server implementation in Linux system

In a traditional UNIX model, when a process needs to be executed by another entity, the process derives (fork) a subprocess, allowing the child processes to process. Most Web server programs under UNIX are written in such a way that the parent

Linux culture of the Yan Chinese platform Input method add

On the Chinese platform, users can add their own input method. The design of the input part of the Chinese platform uses a leading module as the interface with the platform, and it adopts a unified and normative interface with each Input method

Linux in the tar command to use the detailed

Tar Used to package multiple files or directories into a large file 1. Pack/tmp and use BZIP2 compression [Root@localhost ~]# TAR-CJVF./tmp.tar.bz2/tmp Tar:removing leading '/' from member names /tmp/ /tmp/man.config1.gz /tmp/man.config /tmp/

Use scripts to log all user actions under Linux

This script is found on the internet, a little bit of modification, can be implemented under Linux all users, whether remote or local landing, all operations on this machine will be recorded, and generate a "user/ip/time" files stored in the

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