Linux kernel Analysis

Kernel version: 2.6.34 ICMP module is relatively simple, you should pay attention to the ICMP rate limiting policy, to the IP layer transfer data Ip_append_data () and Ip_push_pending_frames (). In Net/ipv4/af_inet.c, the Inet_init () registers

Linux Base command (MB) gzip command

Reducing file size has two obvious benefits, one is to reduce storage space, and the other is to transfer files over the network, you can reduce the transmission time. Gzip is a regular use of Linux in the file compression and decompression of the

Linux Basic Command (a) find the parameters of the command detailed

Find some common examples of some commonly used parameters and some specific usage and considerations. 1. Use the name option: The file name option is the most commonly used option for the Find command, either by using this option alone or with

Linux Basics Command (9) Touch command

Linux touch commands are not commonly used and may be used when using make, to modify the file timestamp, or to create a new file that does not exist. 1. Command format: touch [Options] ... File... 2. Command parameters: Only the access time is

Linux Basics Command (2) CD command

Linux CD commands can be said to be the most basic Linux command statements, other command statements to operate, are based on the use of the CD command. So, learn Linux commonly used commands, first of all, learn how to use the CD command

Linux Group, user, permission related command exercises

Task requirements Research and Development Department developers David and Peter belong to group A; The Administrative department personnel Jack and Mike belong to Group B; 1, the establishment of a shared directory "/project_a", the directory

Introduction to Linux Threads

A process is an instance of the execution of a program, that is, the collection of data structures to which the program has been executed. From the kernel point of view, the purpose of the process is to serve as the basic unit of allocating system

Linux Delete special character Fu Zhengwen garbled file method

Mark a moment. [Root@lvsmaster ~]# LL Total Dosage 44 Drwxr-xr-x. 3 root 4096 May 29 07:26 " -RW-------. 1 root root 1372 May 07:37 anaconda-ks.cfg -rw-r--r--. 1 root root 18796 May 07:37 Install.log -rw-r--r--. 1 root root 4877 May 07:35

Linux system Services 1 rsyslog Log service

1st Zhi 1st log is a plain text file that the system uses to record some relevant information about the system at run time The purpose of the 2nd log is to save the running status, error messages, etc. of the related programs. In order to analyze

Linux basic Operation 3 Linux file basic operation management

1 Copying files and directories 1 copy files or directories using CP: CP source files (folders) destination files (folders) 2 commonly used parameters:-R recursive replication of the entire directory tree-RV display detailed information 1 Copy

Some steps for setting the date and time under Linux

The following are some steps to help you set the date and time under Linux, and include a little ntpd time synchronization. The special reminder is that in the release version the limit is Red Hat series, including Fedora,centos,redflag,unbreakable

Linux system Process Management commands detailed

1. At command: Timed Run command Function: The AT command executes the specified sequence of commands at a specified time. Format: At [-v] [Q-X] [-F file] [-m] Time ATQ [-v] [-Q x] ATRM [-v] [-Q x] job ... Batch [-v] [-f file] [-m] The main

Linux process Management signal processing (1)

Signal is a very important mode of communication in the operating system. In recent versions, there have been few major changes in signal processing. We analyze the signal implementation of the Linux kernel from the user space signal application.

Linux under Find command instance

Linux under Find command instance $find ~-name "*.txt"-print #在 $HOME to check the. txt file and display the $find.   -name "*.txt"-print $find.   -name "[a-z]*"-PRI26NBSP;   #对匹配的文件使用cpio命令, back them up to the tape device-prune #忽略某个目录 $find.  -

Linux Network Interface Overview

Managing Ethernet Connections The network interface uses a sequential identity: eth0, eth1, and so on. The network interface can be set to use aliases (aliases), the alias is labeled: Eth0:1, Eth0:2, which is called Network Sub-interface, is

Discussion on security protection of Linux system

Whether you're a regular Linux desktop user or a system administrator who manages multiple servers, you're faced with the same problem: a growing variety of threats. Linux is an open system that can find a lot of off-the-shelf programs and tools on

Detailed Linux package management and System update

1.RPM is an open package management system that provides a way to quickly install packages 2.RPM is not a good solution to package dependencies, so there are yum. RPM command 3. Install RPM Package general use RPM-IVH upgrade package general

Common Linux Monitoring scripts

Recently, some friends of the internet have asked me about the server monitoring problems, ask the common server monitoring in addition to using open source software, such as: Cacti,nagios monitoring can write their own shell script it? According to

Linux operating system tuning parameters have specific meaning

All TCP/IP tuning parameters are located in the/proc/sys/net/directory. For example, here are some of the most important tuning parameters, followed by their meanings: 1,/proc/sys/net/core/rmem_max-the largest TCP data receive buffer

RedHat Linux Topics

Redhat-bug 576246-missingpower_meter Release () function question Redhat How to install the configuration samba to achieve win shared Linux host directory Redhat system Read-only problem caused by drop disk Configuration problem of Yum source for

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