Linux about screen commands detailed _linux

I. BACKGROUND System administrators often need SSH or telent to telnet to a Linux server, often running tasks that take a long time to complete, such as system backup, FTP transfer, and so on. Typically, we open a remote terminal window for each of

Linux source code compilation installation Configure SVN server steps to share _linux

Description SVN (subversion) runs in two ways: One is based on Apache HTTP, HTTPS Web Access form; There is also a stand-alone server model based on Svnserve. SVN has two different ways of storing data: One is to store the data in the Berkeley

Compile and install Ixgbe-driven tutorials in the Debian Linux system _linux

Intel's 10G network adapters (for example, 82598, 82599, x540) are supported by the Ixgbe driver. Modern Linux distributions are already powered by Ixgbe, and can be used in the form of loadable modules. However, there are situations where you want

Configure lamp environment _linux under Linux

1. Prepare Depending on the system, the files may be prepared differently, I use Ubuntu Linux, I have the following five files packaged, click the link below to download it Httpd-2.2.9.tar.gz Mysql-5.1.52.tar.gz Php-5.3.5.tar.gz

Linux proc Directory The role of files or subfolders _linux

I. Introduction to the LINUX/PROC catalogueThe Linux kernel provides a mechanism for accessing kernel internal data structures and changing kernel settings through the/proc file system at run time. Proc File system is a pseudo file system, it only

About Ali Server Remote connection Management Linux server graphics and text tutorial _linux

Remote Connection Linux Cloud Server-command line mode 1, remote Connection tool. Currently there are many kinds of Linux remote connection tools, you can choose the right tool to use. The following is a Linux remote connection tool named Putty.

Linux rmdir Commands Use the detailed _linux

This article study linux command: RmDir command. RmDir is a commonly used command that has the function of deleting an empty directory and must be empty before a directory is deleted. (Note that the Rm-r dir command can replace RmDir, but it is

RM command in Linux with detailed _linux

I learned the command to create files and directories mkdir, today I'm going to learn the commands for deleting files and directories in Linux: RM command. RM is a commonly used command that deletes one or more files or directories in a directory,

A method for generating the MD5 of files in a directory recursively by Linux _php instance

Linux using md5sum recursively to generate the entire directory MD5 today to use the md5sum operation directory, recursive generation of all the files in the directory MD5 value, the results found that it does not support recursive operations and

Linux in the CD command to use the detailed _php example

Linux CD commands can be said to be the most basic Linux command statements, other command statements to operate, are based on the use of the CD command.So, learn Linux commonly used commands, first of all, learn how to use the CD command techniques.

COMPUTE command collation under Linux

In the Linux system, there are often some computing needs, then the following simple comb the next few commonly used calculation commands(1) BC commandThe BC command is a calculator language that supports interactive execution of arbitrary precision.

The use of Linux composer

The installed composer is easy to use, with two-step loading of componentsCases1. Search component: Composer Search Phpexcel2. Download component: Composer require manufacturer name/package nameThen, in the script that uses the plug-in,

Readable, writable, executable permission interpretation and usage of CHMOD,CHOWN,CHGRP commands for Linux files

I. Interpretation of file permissionsAs shown, the beginning of the-rwxrw-r--string identifies the file permissions.This string has 10 bits, which can be divided into 4 segments to interpret. Note: r--readable, w--writable, x--executable.The first

DHCPD Command--linux command application of large dictionary 729 commands interpretation

The content originates from the people's post and Telecommunications press "Linux command Application big dictionary"tell 729 commands, 1935 examplesLearn about the Linux system's reference books, desk book, encountered the command or command not

Dealing with leap seconds under Linux

Article LuxianghaoArticle Source: reprint Please specify, thank you for your cooperation.Disclaimer: The content of the article represents only personal opinions, if not, please correct me.---Why do

Linux-top the meaning of each field after the command output

The top command is a common performance analysis tool under Linux that shows the resource usage of individual processes in the system in real time, similar to the Task Manager for Windows. Here is a detailed description of how it is used. Top is a

Linux Learning--copy file

1. local Copy FileCP [option] source file destination file-A as far as possible file status, permissions and other information are reproduced as original.-R If the source contains a directory name, the files under the directory are also copied to

Linux fork () function reprint ~ ~ ~

Transfer from::, Fork Introduction knowledgeA process, including code, data, and resources assigned to the process. The fork () function creates a process that is almost identical to the

16 Practical Linux/unix Tape Management commands

In this tutorial you will learn:· Tape Device Name· Basic commands for managing tape drives· Basic Backup and Restore commandsWhy backup?A backup plan is necessary for regular backup files, and if you prefer not to back up, the risk of losing

"Linux" xshell-linux common commands

(1) Command ls--list filesLs-la gives a long list of all the files in the current directory, including a "hidden" file that begins with a periodLS A * lists all files in the current directory that begin with the letter ALs-l *.doc gives all files

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