The theory of Samba server in Linux

First, Samba and NFS, FTP Before you know about the Samba service, you need to know about the CIFS protocol (Common Internet File System), which was the first of a Microsoft deal. The CIFS protocol is the first to implement file sharing and print

Implement Web server load Balancing in Linux (haproxy+keepalived)

Description Operating system: CentOS 5.X 64-bit Web server:, Sites: and deployed on two Web servers To achieve the purpose: Add two servers

Linux under Memcached Server deployment procedures

Operating system: CentOS 6.x 64-bit Implementation Purpose: Install deployment memcached Server First, firewall settings Vi/etc/sysconfig/iptables #编辑防火墙配置文件, add the following code -A input-m state--state new-m tcp-p TCP--dport 11211-j ACCEPT :

Detailed explanation of tar extract XZ file in Linux

XZ This compression may be a lot of unfamiliar, but you can see that XZ is the absolute number of Linux default to take a compression tool.Before the XZ use has been very little, so hardly anything to mention. I was downloading phpmyadmin when I

Linux view the number of physical CPUs, the number of cores, the number of logical CPUs

(i) Conceptual ① Physical CPU Number of CPUs on slots in actual serverNumber of physical CPUs, several physical IDs can be counted ② Logical CPU /proc/cpuinfo used to store CPU hardware information.The information content lists the specification

Cloudera Manager 5 and CDH5 offline installation in Linux

I. Related software preparation and planning 1, related software and download address: Cloudera manager: installation package Address: Official

Examples of how the awk sed cat implementation repeats in Linux

Took an e-mail address, want to go to the address of the heavy.Open the file a look, several columns. There are comma distinctions and there are spaces to distinguish 9589,,1,1,2015-04-08 15:31:07.763000000, Xianyang, Shaanxi Province,

In Linux, awk implements the IP address binary and digital mode & decimal Binary

[Root@lookback ~]# echo|awk-f. ' {for (i=1;i00001000.00001000.00001000.00001000[Root@lookback ~]#[Root@lookback ~]#[Root@lookback ~]# echo|awk-f. ' {printf '%d\n ', ($1* (2^24)) + ($2* (2^16)) + ($3* (2^8)) +$4}

The bitwise AND operation, bitwise-OR operation, bitwise XOR, or operation of the mathematical functions in awk in the Linux

[Root@legion10 ~]# Echo 5 22|awk ' {print $1,$2,and ($1,$2), or ($1,$2), XOR ($1,$2)} ' 5 4 [Root@legion10 ~]# Analytical: And: And operations, only true when the same is true, similar to multiplication. Or: Or an operation, which is false

Introduction and usage of LSOF commands in Linux

Because the application opens a list of file descriptors that provide a lot of information about the application itself, the ability to view this list through the Lsof tool can be very helpful for system monitoring and error scheduling. Linux is

Linux boot automatically mount NTFS partition for writable

After you upgrade to OpenSUSE 13.2, Windows NTFS partitions that were originally configured to mount and write automatically are now not mounted automatically, and automatic mounts are configured in Disk Management and the Mount read-only is not

Implementation of DOS file conversion in Linux Dos2unix and Unix2dos

The most annoying thing about transferring files to a Linux system when using Windows is to file different modifications. I have also written an article about Excel files copied to Linux under the problems caused by. VI View the Space, tab, and

How to solve multi-process multiplexing wake-up conflicts in Linux systems

Linux for Accept (2) of the Panic Group (thundering herd) problem, has long been resolved. At present, many people also call this phenomenon a new surprise group: When using a multiplexing model, the intersection of a file descriptor set that is

Linux under DF and du view disk remaining space and folder size

DF-HL View disk remaining space Du-sm folder Returns the total m of this folder More features please view: DF--help Du--help Du-sh (the name of this directory) is the size of this directory. Use the du command to view a directory, such as

Linux system date Time Settings View command

1. Date Order The function of the date command is to display and set the system date and time.The general format for this command is: date [options] Displays the time format (beginning with +, followed by formatting)Date set time formatThe meanings

ImageMagick in Linux to implement the map, zoom, edit, transform format

ImageMagick can perform quite a few operations. This guide will guide you through the syntax and basic operations of ImageMagick and show you how to combine the various actions and how to batch multiple images. Installationin Ubuntu and many Linux

Linux and Windows XCache installation tutorial

XCache is another opcode cache tool that is used in PHP. Like APC, xcache stores opcode in shared memory and uses cached opcode to respond to requests for PHP footsteps. Installing XCache on a Windows system 1, in

Linux tar Command pack directory and exclude directory package

Packing the compressed directory is very simple as follows The code is as follows Copy Code TAR-CZF small.tar.gz Small (directory name), compressing and packaging catalogs More examples The code is

A detailed explanation of SCP command usage in Linux (transmission speed)

SCP commandThe SCP can replicate files between 2 Linux hosts; Command basic format:SCP [Optional parameters] File_source File_target = = = Copy from local to remote = = * Copy file:         * command format: &NB sp;              SCP

Use the Unrar command to extract *.rar format files under Linux

Download Download the appropriate version Installation[Email protected] ~]$ cat/etc/redhat-releaseFedora release (twenty Four)[Email protected] ~]$ uname-r4.8.15-200.fc24.x86_64Tar zxvf

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