Linux Basics Common File management rollup

Document management and the common commands detailed Linux file system is a basic inverted tree structure, we have to further study the file or directory operation and management commands: Directory-related operations: CDs, PWD, mkdir,

Yunfile file download script in Linux system

Script memory and CPU footprint is very low! Answer the question when my script has been completed 60%, yesterday morning overtime completed, using the Orc parsing verification code, specify only the analysis of numbers! Before using the need to

Most complete sysctl.conf optimization to improve Linux performance

Sysctl is an interface that allows you to change the Linux system you are running. It contains advanced options for TCP/IP stacks and virtual memory systems, which allows experienced administrators to improve compelling system performance. Sysctl

Using Linux to copy file and directory commands between the SCP server

The SCP is a secure copy shorthand for remote copy of files under Linux, and a similar command has CP, but the CP is only copied on the local computer, not across servers, and the SCP transmission is encrypted. may have a slight impact on speed.

Basic memory management knowledge of Linux system

Memory is one of the most important resources managed by the Linux kernel. The memory management system is the most important part of the operating system because the system's physical memory is always less than the amount of memory required by the

Linux unset command detailed linux unset command how to use

Unset for the shell built-in directives, you can delete variables or functions. Grammar unset [-fv][variable or function name] Parameters: -F Deletes only functions. -v deletes only variables. Instance Delete environment variables

Linux Swap partition swap virtual memory deep analysis

The swap partition is a Linux swap partition. The swap partition actually exists on the disk, but the Linux system can use it as memory, and swapping partitions can exchange data with real memory when the physical real memory is low. To put it

A detailed explanation of the echo command usage in Linux

EchoIF-E is in effect, the following sequences are recognized: \ Backslash \a Alert (BEL) \b Backspace \c produce no further output \e Escape \f Form Feed \ New Line \ r Carriage Return \ horizontal Tab \v Vertical Tab \0nnn byte with

Appnode paid Linux VPS host Web Panel installation and simple experience record

Linux VPS Host site for many novice friends, and the user is accustomed to using a virtual host may still prefer to have a Visual Web panel management site is more convenient, at least to see the menu, management site, so it seems more practical. It

Use Privoxy to convert Shadowsocks to HTTP proxy in Linux

We all know that Shadowsocks only provides SOCKS5 proxies, not HTTP proxies, and many software offers only HTTP proxy support, such as the need to use shell command line to help the wall, or use Git to sync the source code of Android, or update the

Summarizing Linux IO file operations tutorial

1.For file operations, although they are implemented through function calls, they can be divided into two categories: system calls and library functions.2.In Linux, almost everything can be seen as a file.This means that ordinary programs can use

Change file read/write permissions chmod, owner, or group under Linux Chown

BodyIn the terminal input:Ls-l ( is file name)Then there will be similar messages, mostly these:-rw-rw-r--The following figure: A total of 10 digitsWhere: The front one-represents the type, if it is a directory, the front one is DThe

Introduction to 10 commonly used Linux systems

A MandrivaMandriva formerly known as Mandrake, was first created by Gaël Duval and released in July 1998. Remember the first two years when the domestic just began to popularize Linux, Mandrake very popular. Speaking of the history of Mandrake, in

Linux ssh can log in sftp can't login solution

My server has been normal use, peacetime use of SECURECRT for management, using Securefx file upload download, and suddenly one day Securefx connection when the problem, Securefx log as follows: I Securefx version (official

Linux VPS Server Security Configuration steps detailed

We need to do some basic security when we have a VPS or server that has a Linux system open. There are probably several areas:1. Prohibit root account ssh, use custom account ssh;This way, the hacker must first guess the account number, then can

ImageMagick image Batch Compression example in Linux

The code is as follows Copy Code sudo apt-get install ImageMagick Other Linux has the corresponding software installation commands, I wrote the following two scripts, the pictures are batch format and compression operations:

Chakra Linux installation and configuration steps diagram

I. Introduction to Chakra Linxu Chakra Linux is a user-friendly, powerful release and bootable CD-ROM, based on Arch Linux. Features include a graphical installer, automated hardware detection and configuration, the latest KDE desktop, and a wide

Linux to execute script-generated file owner as root solution through command line

Executing the script from the command line, the owner of the generated and exported file is root, which adds an obstacle to the two processing of webserver. (1) through Su www can solve this problem However, in the case of the/sbin/nologin

Linux under the Disk Management du command usage instructions

Function: Counts the size of the disk space that the directory (or file) occupies. Syntax: du [options] [files or directories] Parameters: -S: Only the total number of blocks of data used for each names parameter is given.-A: Recursively displays

Linux Build man Chinese manual illustration (Man-pages-zh help page)

It's a good thing to have a Chinese help manual just to learn Linux. Linux has its own help in many languages, the current version of Linux in a variety of distributions has no Chinese help manuals. It makes sense to create a suitable Chinese

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