Most complete sysctl.conf optimization to improve Linux performance

Sysctl is an interface that allows you to change the Linux system you are running. It contains advanced options for TCP/IP stacks and virtual memory systems, which allows experienced administrators to improve compelling system performance. Sysctl

Linux unset command detailed linux unset command how to use

Unset for the shell built-in directives, you can delete variables or functions. Grammar unset [-fv][variable or function name] Parameters: -F Deletes only functions. -v deletes only variables. Instance Delete environment variables

A specific tutorial on installing Arch Linux on a USB drive

Introduction to Arch Linux Arch Linux (or arch) is a Linux distribution with lightweight simplicity as its design concept. Its development team adheres to the design tenet of simplicity, elegance, correctness and code minimization. The Arch

Analysis of DSA and RSA asymmetric encryption for OpenSSL under Linux

In the day-to-day system management work, need to do some encryption and decryption work, through the OpenSSL toolkit will be able to complete our many needs!1. OpenSSL RSA encryption and decryptionRSA is an asymmetric encryption method based on the

How to obtain the globally unique identifier UUID in Linux

UUID (Universally unique IDentifiers), a globally unique identifier. It is a string that identifies the storage device in the system so that it determines all the storage devices in the system. Why should I use UUID? Because the system

Basic Usage Tutorial of NFS Network File system under Linux

0. What is NFS (network filesystem)NFS is the acronym for Network FileSystem, which was first developed by Sun. His greatest function is to be able to use the network to allow different machines, different operating systems, to share individual

Solve the problem of iowait too high in Linux

I/O problem is always a difficult problem to locate, today, the online environment encountered I/O caused by the CPU load problem, see the following this relatively good article, after dinner I still in and tomatoes and cucumbers on the road to lose

Linux SSH cleanup disk large File sample

Remove command rm under SSH Start to find online explanation RM [path] can delete files/foldersBut when I used to delete, I was prompted: RM admin1Rm:cannot remove ' admin1 ': is a directory Later found RmDir, but only the empty folder can be

Usage of the awk comparison operator in Linux

For users who use the awk command, it is convenient to use comparison operators to filter text and strings when working with numbers or strings in a line of text. In this section of the Awk series, we'll explore how to use comparison operators to

Common commands for Linux to view system loads

Web servers often encounter problems with the Linux system load, so what are the commands for viewing the system load under Linux?The main commands for viewing the load under Linux are as follows:Top, Uptime,w, command to view Linux load:

Automatic cutting and deletion of logs in Linux

Example One /script/cut_log.phps automatically cuts the Nginx Web Access log. The default will save 7 days of log, according to the hard disk space situation adjustment, as much as possible to save more log. This log is very important, such as the

Linux and Windows batch name generation by date

Windows bat Batch File The code is as follows Copy Code @echo offSet time_hh=%time:~0,2%if/i%time_hh% LSS (set time_hh=0%time:~1,1%)Set filename=%date:~,4%%date:~5,2%%date:~8,2%_%time_hh%%time:~3,2%%time:~6,2%echo Test >>

Eaccelerator Accelerator method for VPS installation in Linux

One, install and configure on the VPS The following actions are performed in SSH. Check to see if the Make module is installed, most of it is installed, no, first install make module: The code is as follows Copy Code

Under-Linux SVN installation and deployment/read/password/user detailed

Step One: Quick Start Linux Install SVN The code is as follows Copy Code Installation: Apt-get Install Subversion (apt-get installation)Installation: Yum install Subversion (yum installation) Whether the test

Linux under the CVS Server installation script detailed

First step: CVS installation The code is as follows Copy Code sudo apt-get install CVS Initializing CVS The code is as follows Copy Code $ sudo cvs-d/var/lib/cvsd/cvsroot init$ sudo

Introduction to File View/edit commands in Linux

Introduction to CAT Commands The original meaning of the cat command is a connection (concatenate) that connects multiple file contents and outputs to the standard output stream (the standard output stream defaults to the screen). In practice, we

Linux ffmpeg compile Configuration installation detailed

About FFmpeg FFmpeg is an open source free Cross-platform video and audio streaming program that belongs to free software, using LGPL or GPL licenses (based on the components you choose). It provides a complete solution for recording, converting,

Linux System server maintenance common commands collection

Change time zone to East 8, Shanghai 1 cp/usr/share/zoneinfo/asia/shanghai/etc/localtimeModify Host Name 1 #需要改下边这两个文件: 2 vim/etc/hosts 3 Vim/etc/sysconfig/networkView the number of connections per IP for a server to detect DDoS 1 Netstat-ntu |

Linux file permissions settings to modify the detailed

We already know the importance of file permissions for the security of the system, and also know the relationship between file permissions and users and user groups, then, how to modify the permissions of the file? How many file permissions can we

Linux restund server setup tutorial

Address: Install libreWget install2. Install libremWget install3. Install restundWget

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