OpenVPN install notes in Linux and Windows (with GUI)

I. OpenVPN installation Environment Server-Side environmentRedhat, kernel version: 2.4.20-31.9, IP for need to support Tun devices and need to load iptables modules. Check to see if Tun is installed: Code:root@a [/]# Modinfo

How can data be recovered efficiently under Linux? Extundelete help you, Extundelete application

First, how to use the "RM-RF" command Under the Linux system, the command "RM-RF" can remove any data directly from the hard drive, without any hint, and Linux does not have the same function as Windows Recycle Bin, which means that the data cannot

Zabbix Monitoring switch setup steps in Linux

Description The Zabbix monitoring server is already configured to monitor the switch using Zabbix. Specific actions: The following operations are performed on the monitored switches, for example, Cisco switches.

Disk size of VirtualBox virtual machines in Linux system VPS

Using VM VirtualBox creates a CentOS virtual machine, divides 3GB of disk space, uses dynamically allocated storage, and the file system is LVM. After a while, they found that there was not enough disk capacity. After reading some information, I

Linux Yum Command detailed

Yum (full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat and SuSE. Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically download the RPM package from the specified server and install, can

Overriding the default Linux kernel 20-second TCP socket connect Timeout

Whatever language or client library you ' re using, you should is able to set the timeout on network socket operations, TYPI Cally split into a connect timeout, read timeout, and write timeout.However, although you should is able to make these

OpenSSL for Linux Services (i)

OpenSSL (1)Transport Layer protocol: TCP,UDP,SCTPPort: Process address, the process registers with the kernel using a port (exclusive)interprocess communication on the same host: IPC, Message queue, SHM, Semerphorinterprocess communication for

Linux SCP Command

GrammarScp[-1246BCpqrv] [-C cipher] [-F Ssh_config] [-i identity_file][-l limit] [-o ssh_option] [-p port [-s program][[[email protected]]host1 :] file1 [...] [[[email protected] host2:]file2 Simple notation:[Optional parameters]Parameter

Linux Base command: Find and Replace in VI mode

First, findFind command /pattern: Find pattern Match string downPattern: Find pattern Match string upAfter using the Find command, use the following two keys to quickly find:N: Continue searching in the same directionN: Search in the opposite

Detailed description of Linux ll command parameters

Usage: LS [option] ... [File] ...Lists the FILE information (default is the current directory).If you do not specify the-cftuvsux or--sort option, sort by letter size.The long option must use parameters that are also required for short

Compile error output to a text file under Linux

Compile error output to a text file under LinuxCommand > FileName redirect the standard output to a new fileCommand > > FileName REDIRECT standard output to a file (append)Command 1 > Fielname redirect the standard output to a fileCommand > FileName

Unix Linux General VI command, using the Help Manual "Collector's Edition"

About ViVi is the most popular full-screen document editor in the Unix world, and almost any UNIX machine can saywill provide this software. Linux Of course also has, its VI is actually Elvis (copyright question), but they allAlmost. Familiar with

Linux wget using command parsing Daquan

Namewget-Non-interactive Web download toolGeneral overviewwget [Options] ... [URL] ...DescribeThe GNU wget is a non-interactive free tool for downloading files on the Web, supporting the HTTP,HTTPS and FTP protocols, and the way HTTP proxies are

Log the pits that are encountered by the QT Linux static compilation

QT under the static compile Qt, according to my experience, if according to the kind of windows under the Official SDK installed directly after the file to compile is not feasible, need to download QT source package directly, At present, the source

Linux Process Learning

process and process management :Clear screen: System ("clear"); #include System calls:Write (file descriptor, string, string size). Read (file descriptor, string, string size), reads the contents of the previous ' string size ' in the file and saves

Linux file system architecture and Virtual file system (VFS)

Figure 1. Architecture of Linux File system componentsThe user space contains applications (for example, the users of the file system) and the GNU C Library (GLIBC), which provide a user interface for file system calls (open, read, write, and close).

One Linux command per day (6): rmdir command

Learn about Linux commands today: the RmDir command. RmDir is a commonly used command, the function of which is to delete an empty directory before a directory is deleted must be empty. (Note that the Rm–r dir command can be used instead of rmdir,

Linux account security Management--useradd, Groupadd, passwd, Chown, chmod tools

Groupadd- g set Group ID numberExample: Groupadd Tomcatgroupadd-g600 TomcatDelete Group with GroupdelGroupdel TomcatUseradd      -c Comment Add a comment   to the new user;     -d home_dir Specify a name for the main directory (if you do not want

One Linux command per day (9): Touch command

Linux touch commands are not commonly used, and are generally used when using make, to modify file timestamps, or to create a new file that does not exist.1. Command format:touch [Options] ... File...2. Command parameters:-A or--time=atime

Interesting Linux Command line Tricks and Tips Worth knowing

I passionately enjoy working with commands as they offer + control over a Linux system than GUIs (graphical User Interfa CES) applications, therefore am always on the look out to discover or figure out interesting ways and ideas to make Linux

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