Basic Linux Learning (II.)

Through the previous study, we initially understand some of the basic Linux commands, this one, we will be more in-depth to understand the Linux system structure, file management and other knowledge.1.LINUX System StructureLinux is an inverted tree

Install ncurses library under Linux system

The ncurses library is a library of functions for graphics support under a Linux system, a character terminal processing library, including panels and menus.Today, when installing the ncurses library, we encountered some problems, which are as

[Linux distributions] Common Linux system downloads (RPM)

This feature page summarizes the most popular Linux distributions basic introduction and, if you are a new contact with Linux, the introduction may be helpful to you, if you think Linux use predecessors, you can also leave your comments and

Linux iptables turn on and off the service port number

Requirements: The simulation database hangs, the service is normal but access to the database error, after recovering the database port, the service can access the database normallyStep: First, disconnect the port number 5432, test the operation of

Linux under the concept of modules and use of the detailed [repost]

First, what is modules?Modules literally means the module, which refers to the kernel modules; Simply put, a module provides a feature such as Isofs, Minix, NFS, LP, and so on. Traditionally, modularity has been solved in two ways: designers can

Linux Add Users, permissions

# useradd–d/usr/sam-m SamThis command creates a user Sam, where the-D and-m options are used to generate a home directory for the login Sam/usr/sam (/usr is the parent directory where the default user home directory resides).Assuming the current

Installing Ubuntu16.04lts in virtual machine WMWare12.5 and establishing an embedded Linux development environment

1, install VMWare12.5 in WIN10;2, install 32-bit Ubuntu 16.04 LTS in VMWare12.5;3. Installation of VMware Tools;after the guest OS Ubuntu installation is complete, click Vm->install VMware Tools under VMware, and then Ubuntu will load the ISO files

Linux FTP Chroot_local_user and chroot_list_enable two small enemies

1. Build FTP Environment1.1 Download Install FTP, use yum install-y vsftpd1.2 Starting the FTP service1.3 Create a new FTP user and configure the home directory//and permissions, the permissions are set very large, only limited to not allow SSH

Linux Operations (v)

The head was a little big and wasted some time. Buffer After tomorrow .1. What is the difference between a stored procedure and a trigger?A: (1) triggers are executed primarily through event execution, and stored procedures can be called directly by

Several examples of Linux file Management command summary and wildcard

Linux File Management Class command summary1. text File View class command: Cat,tac,more,less,tail,headCat (TAC): Forward (reverse) displayCat [OPTION] ... [FILE] ...-E: Display line terminator $-N: Numbering each line displayedMore [OPTIONS ...]

Some Linux commands

The main advantage of computer network is that it can realize the sharing of resources and information, and the user can access information remotely. Linux provides a powerful set of network commands to serve users, which can help users log on to

Linux Common commands


Source: who have played Linux will know that there are really a lot of commands in Linux, but people who have played Linux have never bothered by the fact that Linux commands are so many,

Unix/linux interprocess communication (ii): Anonymous pipe, well-known pipe pipe (), Mkfifo ()

1, pipeline overview and related API application1.1 Key concepts related to pipingThe pipeline is one of the original UNIX IPC forms supported by Linux and has the following features: The pipe is half-duplex, the data can only flow in one

[JIRA] Linux version jira6.3.6 installation Chinese hack and data migration

Jira Environment:System: CentOS 6.7Jira version: 6.3.6Other environment: jdk1.6, MariaDB10.0.21First, configure the Yum source and upgrade the system to the latest1), install Epel source#yum-y install epel-release#yum-y upgrade && yum-y Update2),

"Dynamic Library" and "Static Library" in Linux system the suffix of the/etc/ dynamic library is *.so the suffix of the static library is libxxx.a ldconfig directory name

"Dynamic Library" and "Static Library" in Linux system the suffix of the/etc/ dynamic library is *.so the suffix of the static library is libxxx.a ldconfig directory nameReprinted from:

Summary and analysis of common commands in Linux

Command summaryMkdir-p (Recursive Create directory) command to create a directory MkdirdirectorysLs-l (Long)-D (directory) displays the directory or the file name list (the first file in Linux belongs to the hidden file) use-A to view such filesCD

Linux folder role

Linux file structure to see what each folder is used for/bin binary Executable command/dev Device Special files/etc system administration and configuration files/ETC/RC.D startup configuration files and scriptsThe base point of the home user

Linux how ARP sniffing linux down sniffer tool Dsniff installation record

Download the dependency package and some tools that must be used first. I'm using the dsniff-2.3 version here. wget Backup

Common Linux devices and corresponding/dev/xxx file names, mount point, Mount points, Mount commands, fstab, Mount partitions

There are 2 types of devices in Linux: Character devices (unbuffered and can only be accessed sequentially), block devices (buffered and randomly accessible). Some of these devices are abstractions of physical hardware that actually exist, while

"Linux" Why check the thread of a process, the PID of all the threads found is different AH

It's wrong to say that the Linux threads and processes are the same as those upstairs. See the landlord's problem, feel that the landlord is to be confused by the PID, the thread process will have its own ID, this ID is called Pid,pid is not

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