Successfully ported SQLite3 to arm Linux Development Board

SQLite, a lightweight database that adheres to the acid-related database management system, is designed to be embedded and is now used in many embedded productsIt occupies very low resources, in the embedded device, may only need hundreds of K of

The difference between the cat, more, less, tail, head commands in Linux

One, cat display file connection file contents of the tool Cat is a text file (view) and (connection) tool, often used in conjunction with more, and the more different is that cat can merge files. To view the contents of a file, it is simpler to

Compile and run of Librdkafka client under Linux

compile and run of Librdkafka client under Linux Librdkafka is an open-source    The Kafka client /C + + implementation provides a Kafka producer and consumer interface.Because of the project needs, I want to encapsulate the Kafka producer

Beginners Learn Linux No. 002 Notes Linux Brief introduction

Basic principles of Linux:1, by the purpose of a single small program composition: The combination of small procedures to complete complex tasks;2, all documents;3, try to avoid capturing the user interface (try not to interact with the user);4, the

Linux under the history command usage

If you use the Linux command line frequently, then using the history command can effectively improve your efficiency. This article will introduce you to the 15 usages of the history command in the form of an instance. displaying

Linux Kernel Learning notes-5 memory management

Http:// Kernel Learning notes-5 memory management1. Related Data structuresallocating memory in the kernel tends to be more restrictive than user space, such as the inability to sleep in many cases

Linux Rights Management Summary (1)--Basic permissions

Linux players know that Linux is much more secure than Windows, and this is mainly because of Linux security permissions mechanism, Linux users and files are the focus of the system, and the main philosophy of Linux is all documents. Users in Linux

How to mount ISO images under Linux


New Catalog/mnt/cdromExecute Command mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom[[email protected] cdrom]# Mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrommount:/dev/sr0 write protection, will be mounted as read-onlyEnter the/mnt/cdrom folder to find that the inside is empty, indicating

Linux Text processing the Three Musketeers of awk

1. Introductionawk is a command under Linux, and his output of other commands is very powerful for processing files.Compared to grep's lookup, the SED editor, awk is especially strong when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports.Big. In

Linux Send Signal

Use the KILL command --To execute the KILL command at the command line. Sends a signal to the specified process.using the Kill function int Kill (pid_t pid,int sig); --parameter PID specifies a process to kill, and the sig is the signal to be sent./

A detailed look at the search command under Linux (find)

4.findThe Linux Find command searches the directory structure for files and performs the specified actions. The Linux Find command provides quite a lot of search criteria and is powerful. Because find has powerful features, it has a lot of options,

Linux Regular Expression--sed

The SED of LinuxSED is the abbreviation for Stream Editor, which allows text editing of text flows, specified sets of files, or standard input. Features are very powerful.The basic mode of the SED command is:sed [-parameter] ' command ' text1. Two

Talk about the Linux open source project OpenSSL

OpenSSL: Open Source projectThree components:OpenSSL: Multi-purpose command-line tool;Libcrypto: public encryption library;Libssl: library, the implementation of SSL and TLS;OpenSSL command:OpenSSL version: Program release number[[email protected] ~]

Linux DD command parameters and usage details---Copy a file with a block of the specified size (you can also backup the whole disk)

Linux DD command parameters and usage details---Copy a file with a block of the specified sizeDate: 2010-06-14 click: 3830 Source: Unknown share to: The Linux dd command uses a detailedMain options for DD:Specify the number of digits at the end of

Linux date Plus and minus operations

In Linux shell programming, the addition and subtraction of dates is often usedView time:[[Email protected] ~]# DateFri SEP 2 13:12:56 CST 2016Modification Time:[[email protected] ~]# date-s "1980-01-01 00:00:00"Tue Jan 1 00:00:00 CST 1980Actually,

Linux Yum Command detailed

Linux Yum Command detailedYum (full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat and SuSE. Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically download the RPM package from the specified

SECURECRT sftp transfers files between Widdows and Linux

Connect to a Linux virtual machine using SECURECRT software ssh. Then open the SFTP session above the SECURECRT------------------------sftp Command------------------------------------------sftp> helpavailable commands:ascii Set transfer mode to

Linux Learning note--bash scripting one variable, variable type

Bash scripting one variable, variable typeShell Programming:Compilers, interpretersProgramming languages: Machine language, assembly language, advanced languagesStatic language: Compiled languageStrongly typed (variable) languageconvert into

Linux Kernel principle-pid namespace

ObjectiveThe last few nights in the process related to the kernel principle, just see the PID this block, it does not seem very complicated, but the introduction of the PID namespace added some data structure, it does not seem so clear, referring to

Linux Find File Lookup command with grep file Content Lookup command

Linux Find File Lookup command with grep file Content Lookup command Linux find File Search command with grep file Content Lookup commandWhen using Linux, file lookups are often required. The commands you find are primarily find and grep. Two

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