/dev/shm/under Linux and the difference from the swap directory

Excerpt from: http://miaozk2006.blog.163.com/blog/static/3824705820111028183996/First,/dev/shm/Introduction:/dev/shm/is a very useful directory for Linux because it is not on the hard disk, but in memory. Therefore, under Linux, it is not necessary

Linux Monitoring System _zabbix3.0 installation process (n)

Environment Description:CentOS 7.2:HOSENAME:C7R1ip: server MySQLCentOS 7.2:Hosename:C7R2ip:172.16.79. 72Zabbix Agent ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++server++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++A. RPM Package gets:ZABBIX3.0 series

The difference between the Deamon process creation of Linux and its process Exit,_exit,return

The Dameon process is also called the Daemon, in general he has the following 2 characteristics :1. The life cycle is very long, once started, generally will not terminate, until the system is launched, but the Dameon process can be stopped or send

Linux Command Quick Check

Student letter, Linux is the most basic skills, to try to transfer their work platform to Linux, programming script, this will greatly improve work efficiency, find a job is not too counseling. All of Linux's tasks are accomplished by command, with

linux-Routine Schedule of work

1. Types of routine work scheduling One is routine, that is, every certain period to be executed once; One is sudden, that is, just do it once. In order to achieve the above two functions, it is necessary to use the two commands of

Linux system modifies CST time zone

=================================================[Email protected] ~]# date-rFri, Nov 2014 08:35:37 +0800[Email protected] ~]# cat/etc/sysconfig/clock# The time zone of the system is defined by the contents of/etc/localtime.# This file was only for

Linux-based text Processing tool grep and regular expressions (with egrep different from grep)

Text Processing tool grep, regular expressions in the Linux learning process is prone to confusion and obstacles in the place, here to share some of the experience of this content. grep Global search REgular expression and Print out of the

Linux first time job

1, describe the composition of the computer and its functions.The computer is composed of five parts: controller, arithmetic device, memory, input device and output device.1) Controller: The controller is the control center of the whole computer

Linux System Development 5 interprocess Communication Pipe () FIFO () mmap ()

" This article declined to reprint , originally from http://990487026.blog.51cto.com"Linux System Development 5 interprocess Communication Pipe () FIFO () mmap () pipe () Pipeline Communication Introduction pipe () parent-child process communication

View Doc online Help file under Linux

Often see a tool under a Linux, with a doc end file, but the novice does not know how to view.I found a search, finally know ...For example: Ipython This software, in Ubuntu, there is a package of ipython-doc.After installation, a folder with a

Linux Text Processing Three Musketeers-grep

Cat:concatenate text File Viewing toolCat [option] filename ...-N: Add numbers to the displayed lines of text-B: Non-empty line number-V: Show ^-E: Display line terminator $-T: Show tabs-A: Displays all the control characters-a=-vet-S: Compress

A detailed description of the history of Linux Basics

Background: History is a regular use of Linux in the content, in the work of some users will suddenly find that they can not install a certain software, and then seek the help of operators, and do not show you what he did in the end what the pit

"LINUX" Port number and POW (2,n) Table

The/* linux of the lower end of the port is maintained by the IANA (internet assigned numbers authority, an internet-assigned numerical authority), and the port number is divided into 3 segments. 1, 0~1023, (10) These ports have IANA allocations and

Permissions on the Linux file system

Permissions on the Linux file systemFirst, let's look at how to modify a file's owner and owner groupModify the owner of the file: Chownchown [OPTION] ... [OWNER] [: [GROUP]] FILE ...UsageOwner modifies the ownerOwner:group Modify owner: Genus Group:

Linux Rights Management

Today to talk about Linux inside the permissions of the problem, in the Linux system, there are so several kinds of permissions, r,w,x,s,t so several kinds of permissions, the system why should have permissions this thing, Linux all files, some

Linux Fundamentals and new virtual machines

1,windows graphical interface is only popular on personal computers (Dos interface), LUnix is in the server domain, there is absolutely no graphical interface (command line) on the server.2,2.6.18 motherboard, minor version, last versionIf the last

Linux High CPU Analysis

1.1 Viewing CPU consumption valuesTypically, this type of failure occurs when the user has a long response time, the WebLogic server is running abnormally slow, the request or operation times out, and so on. After receiving the fault notification,

Identify the type of device (disk) on Linux

1. Devices on LinuxIn the Linux operating system, various device drivers (devices driver) manage various devices (device) through device controllers, as shown in the following relationship:Among these devices, Devices managed by the same

Introduction to----linux commands [embedded training notes]

The Linux file system is structured like a tree and is grown from a root. The root is called/. A lot of forks grow from the roots, so they grow. When we use the Linux operating system, we always fall on a fork. The LS command helps us to see all the

CentOS7 using Rsyslog+loganalyzer To configure the log server and Linux and Windows client configuration

With the increase of server and network equipment in the room, log management and query become a headache for system administrators.The common problems that system administrators encounter are as follows: 1, the Daily maintenance process is

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