Linux Common commands


Source: who have played Linux will know that there are really a lot of commands in Linux, but people who have played Linux have never bothered by the fact that Linux commands are so many,

Unix/linux interprocess communication (ii): Anonymous pipe, well-known pipe pipe (), Mkfifo ()

1, pipeline overview and related API application1.1 Key concepts related to pipingThe pipeline is one of the original UNIX IPC forms supported by Linux and has the following features: The pipe is half-duplex, the data can only flow in one

Summary and analysis of common commands in Linux

Command summaryMkdir-p (Recursive Create directory) command to create a directory MkdirdirectorysLs-l (Long)-D (directory) displays the directory or the file name list (the first file in Linux belongs to the hidden file) use-A to view such filesCD

How Linux Gets the current file path (source How to get the current file path bash how to get the current file path)

How bash gets the absolute path to the current file#!/bin/bashexport bashpath=$ (CD ' DirName $;p wd) echo $bashpathSource file gets the absolute path of the current file#!/bin/bash# below is the absolute path of the output current file CD $

Linux folder role

Linux file structure to see what each folder is used for/bin binary Executable command/dev Device Special files/etc system administration and configuration files/ETC/RC.D startup configuration files and scriptsThe base point of the home user

Linux how ARP sniffing linux down sniffer tool Dsniff installation record

Download the dependency package and some tools that must be used first. I'm using the dsniff-2.3 version here. wget Backup

The ten most widely used Linux distributions

Back in the 90 's, Mandrake Linux was the only Linux distribution, and today, the number of Linux distributions has become numerous. This article has compiled the ten widely used Linux distributions, hoping to help you to choose the right Linux

Common Linux devices and corresponding/dev/xxx file names, mount point, Mount points, Mount commands, fstab, Mount partitions

There are 2 types of devices in Linux: Character devices (unbuffered and can only be accessed sequentially), block devices (buffered and randomly accessible). Some of these devices are abstractions of physical hardware that actually exist, while

Linux command alias

Linux command alias set aliasLinux-Generic alias:alias cd1=‘cd ../‘alias cd2=‘cd ../ ../‘alias cd4=‘cd ../ ../ ../ ../‘alias cd3=‘cd ../ ../ ../‘alias ls=‘ls --color=tty ‘alias ll=‘ls -la ‘alias lt=‘ls -lhrt ‘alias lz=‘ls -lhrS ‘alias

Linux Command-pwd command

The PWD command of Linux is also a very common command, this article describes the use of the PWD command in Linux. For more information on Linux commands, see: Linux Command Quick check manual The Linux pwd command is used to display the

Linux directory stack and directory switching

Use CD-(middle bar) to switch to the previous directoryThe CD command will change the directory stack1, dirs1) functionDisplays all records in the current directory stack (the dirs command with no parameters displays the records in the current

How to get command Help information and man document partitioning on Linux systems

How to get command Help information on Linux system and chapter partition of man document1. Order--Help2. Man commandThe latter more detailedFirst help the middle angle brackets <> and square brackets [] as well as the ellipsis ... The meaning,The

Linux Brute Force hack tool Hydra Detailed

First, IntroductionNumber one of the biggest security holes is passwords, as every password security study shows. Hydra is a parallized login cracker which supports numerous protocols to attack. New modules is easy-to-add, beside that, it's flexible

The best package manager for Linux Newbies

a Linux The new user should know that his or her progress stems from the Linux the use of the release version, and Linux There are several types of distributions and managing packages in different ways. in Linux Development , Package Manager is

One Linux command per day: mkdir command

The Linux mkdir command is used to create a directory of the specified name, requiring the user who created the directory to have write permissions in the current directory, and the specified directory name cannot be a directory that is already in

On Linux memory management mechanism

Often encounter some new Linux novice will ask how much memory consumption?In Linux often found that the free memory is very small, it seems that all the memory is occupied by the system, the surface of the memory is not enough to use, it is not.

linux-Install timing plug-in crontab

Installing crontab[email protected] ~]# Yum install-y vixie-cronloaded plugins:securitybase| 3.7 KB 00:00Epel| 4.3 KB 00:00Epel/primary_db | 5.9 MB 00:05Extras| 3.4 KB 00:00Updates| 3.4 KB 00:00Updates/primary_db | 2.0 MB 00:01Setting up Install

The best package manager for Linux Newbies

a Linux new users should know that his or her progress stems from the use of Linux distributions, and There are several types of Linux distributions that manage packages in different ways. in Linux Development , Package Manager is very important,

Linux Basic Learning 21st Day Automated installation of Linux systems (Kickstart)

Content:Automated installation of Linux systems with kickstartMake CD, u disk boot diskfirst, the System Automation installation :1, AnacondaFrom the previous study we know that the system starts the process:Bootloader-->kernel (INITRAMFS)-->rootfs--

The best package manager for Linux Newbies

the best package Manager for Linux newbiesa Linux new users should know that his or her progress stems from the use of Linux distributions, and there are several types of Linux distributions that manage packages in different ways. in Linux

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