A detailed tutorial on using tripwire to monitor data integrity under Linux installation and construction tripwire system

ObjectiveWhen the server is attacked by hackers, in most cases, hackers may modify some important files, such as system files, and so on. In this respect, we use tripwire to establish data integrity monitoring system. Although it can not protect

Linux under FTP create virtual account Db_load

Linux_ftp Configure virtual User issuesExecute db_load-t-T hash-f login.txt/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd_login.db times wrong-bash:db_load-t-T hash-f login.txt/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd_login.db:no such file or directoryDb_load should create a virtual account under

Linux uses iptables to add extension modules to achieve a closed peer-to-peer, national IP

Adding ipp2p modules on the iptables requires: iptables≥1.4.3, kernel ≥2.6.29.When compiling ipp2p this extension I was CentOS 2.6.32-573.3.1.el6.centos.plus.x86_64 this kernel pit, which was installed when Yum update The last thing I had to do was

Linux system Debugging Tools Sysdig use of detailed

Sysdig is the Sysdig cloud developed a powerful tool based on the Lua language, as described on the site's home page, "Sysdig is open source, System-level exploration:capture system State and activity from a running Linux instance, then save, filter

Build Shadowsocks tutorials with Ss-manyuser and Ss-panel in Linux

II. Installation Mkdir/dataCd/datagit clone https://github.com/mengskysama/shadowsocks.git Backendgit clone https://github.com/orvice/ss-panel.git FrontIII. Configuration Front # 1. Create a database and set up a local user shadowsocks@localhost,

The usage and implementation principle of ping command in Linux

The general format of the ping command is:ping [-dfnqrrv][-c send number][-i interval seconds][-i network interface][-l Front load][-p template style][-s packet size][-t survival value [host name or IP address] Parameter description:-D uses the

Linux under CentOS6.2 Compile and install MySQL5.5.25 tutorial

After installing the previous Ubuntu installation, starting MySQL does not start up. The error code is "the server quit without updating PID file (/var/lib/mysql/centos.pid)", baidu and Google have searched some information, basically consistent,

Linux parent Linus: Object reference count must be atomic

Linus the great God again in rant! This time the Spit object is the hot parallel technology (parellism), and it is straightforward to say that parallel computing is a waste of all time ("the whole" let's parallelize "thing is a huge waste Of

SCP,SFTP,FTP command usage and difference in Linux

Scp Help command: Man SCP If you want to upload or want to download the directory, the best way is to use the tar compression, is the most sensible choice.Downloading things from a remote host to the local computer Copy File command SCP

Linux System Mount data disk demo with one-click Mount Data Disk Script

Applicable system: Linux (Redhat, Centos,debian,ubuntu) * Linux Server data disk is not partitioned and formatted, you can follow the following steps to partition and format the operation. The following operation will divide

Detailed Linux Sort command working principle and tutorial

Sort is a very common command in Linux, pipe sort, focus, five minutes for sort, now start! 1 How the Sort works Sort compares each row of the file as a unit, comparing it to each other, from the first character backwards, sequentially by the

Automatic remote copy using SCP command in Linux

In general, the copy command prompts us to enter the username and password for the remote server, which is an obstacle in automating the program because there is no manual intervention. About the server between the exchange of the password does not

Using RM to delete non-empty directories in Linux

I thought I should use the command rmdirHowever, it was found that it could not delete the Non-empty directory.Later found that the original should use the command RM-RF directory namewhere the parameter-F indicates force. Using this parameter will

About file and folder permission notes in Linux systems

Linux basics, Linux file and folder permissions, do not have 777 permissions. Online tutorials are too complex?? The プ of the horse flies?.. First, view Linux file permissions Ls-l (General)LL (Ubuntu applies, equal to Ls-al) Second, the

Linux Server Maintenance Related common commands summary

VI Delete blank line : g/^s*$/d Find the file in the directory that contains the specified string Find./-name ' *.conf ' | Xargs grep-in "baidu.com.demo.upall.cn"# Note: ' baidu.com.demo.upall.cn ' is the string to look for# This command is used

A summary of file permissions under Linux

chgrp: Changes the user group to which the file belongs. chown: Change the owner of the file. chmod: Changes the properties of the file, suid, and so on. To change the owning user group, CHGRP The user group that changes the file is simple, just

Linux FTP connection times is wrong, unable to switch to home directory (cannot change directory)

Access prompts the following error:Oops:cannot Change Directory:/home/ftpThe reason is that his CentOS system installed SELinux, because the default is not open FTP support, so access is blocked.View SELinux Settings The code is as

Display file permission code in Unix/linux

The code is as follows Copy Code Description: Display file permissions in unix/linux formatFinishing:$perms = fileperms ('/etc/passwd ');if ($perms & 0xc000) = = 0xc000) {Socket$info = ' s ';} elseif (($perms & 0xa000) = = 0xa000)

Common uses for Yum commands in Linux

Yum-y Install package name (Support *): automatic selection of y, automaticYum Install package name (support *): Manually select Y or nYum Remove Package name (* not supported)RPM-IVH Package Name (support *): Install RPM PackageRPM-E Package name

Apply for a free 15-day Plesk panel Key and Linux system installation process

Generally, cPanel and Plesk panels that we may contact when purchasing and using overseas virtual hosts are mostly used in Linux servers, while Windows is commonly used in Windows. Recently, many netizens have seen the use of Plesk panels in Linux

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