Linux off-shelf Ftp_unix Linux

WU-FTPD is easy to install, and most versions of Linux contain wu-ftpd RPM packages, which you can specify when installing Linux. If you want to compile your own source code, you can also download the latest version of the source package to

The network does not beg for favors! Set up a simple Linux bureau network server _unix Linux

Now has more than two desktops of the family has a lot of retired from the old machine food tasteless, discard. In fact, you can use it as a local area network server, after dinner to call friends to drink friends, shouting neighbors, pull a few

Five ways to empty or delete large file contents in Linux _linux

When working with files in a Linux terminal, sometimes we want to empty the contents of the file directly without having to open the files with any Linux command-line editor. So how do we achieve this goal? In this article, we'll introduce several

Detailed unix/linux the cycle execution instruction crontab command _unix Linux

Brief introduction The crontab command is common in UNIX and unix-based operating systems, and is used to set periodically executed instructions. This command reads the instruction from the standard input device and stores it in a "crontab" file

Implementation steps for installing JDK in Linux using Yum _unix Linux

First, uninstall CentOS self-with JDK 1. View the current JDK version and uninstall Root@localhost opt]# rpm-qa|grep java java-1.6.0-openjdk- Tzdata-java-2015g-1.el5 //Uninstall [Root@localhost opt]#

Linux signals to explain and capture signals _unix Linux

The basic concept of signal Each signal has a number and a macro definition name that can be signal.h found in. Use the kill -l command to view the list of signals defined in the system: 1-31 is a normal signal; 34-64 is a live signal. All

Example detailed Linux under the Make command _linux

Objective Make is a very important compilation command, both in Linux and in UNIX environments. Whether you are developing your own projects or installing applications, we often use make or make install. With make tools, we can break down large

Linux configuration Yum Source method detailed _linux

I use the method one, successful configuration, method two has not been tested, can be used as a reference Method One: 1. Ensure that the Yum is installed in the RHEL5 [Root@lvs-master ~]# rpm-qa |grep yum yum-metadata-parser-2-el5

Linux Lightweight Web Server 1th/2 page _linux

A dedicated HTTP application that complements Apache and other market-leading products

Building efficient FTP server with Linux sharing 1th/2 page _ftp server

In many network applications, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) has a very important position. A very important resource in the Internet is software resources, and most of the various software resources are placed in the FTP server. Like most Internet

A concise tutorial on installing configuration of Tomcat+nginx Server environment under Linux _nginx

First, installation1. Install JDKthe downloaded JDK file is: Jdk-6u45-linux-x64.bin, performing the following command to install: #./jdk-6u12-linux-i586.bin 2. Install Tomcat: #tar zxvf apache-tomcat-6.0.18.tar.gz #mv

"Linux" Linux common Basic Command Summary (recommended) _linux

Many of the most common commands in Linux must be mastered, and here I share some of the basic commands I learned when I started Linux, hoping to help you. This is I will be the book on the bird in the collation, I hope not to involve copyright

The interesting solution of Linux socket IO model _linux

Preface Before seeing a very humorous way to explain the windows of the socket IO model, to borrow this story to explain the Linux socket IO model; Lao Chen has a daughter who works in the field and can't often come back, Lao Chen and her through

Detailed Linux patch command parameters and usage _linux

When it comes to patch commands, you have to mention the diff command, which is the necessary tool for making patch. Diff command, in the production of patch files, basically only need to use the Diff-nau this parameter, if the comparison is a

How to disable ping under Windows and Linux [recommended]_ server Other

Prohibit the use of PING commands under Linux Enter the Linux system with root and edit the file Icmp_echo_ignore_allVi/proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_allTo disable ping after changing its value to 1To unblock ping after changing its

Linux Regular Expression Detailed _ regular expression

A. Linux Text Lookup command Before saying Linux regular expressions, it also describes the three common commands for finding text files in Linux: 1.grep: The earliest text-matching program that uses a POSIX-defined basic regular expression (BRE)

An example analysis of fork () function in Linux _linux

First, fork introductory knowledge A process that includes code, data, and resources assigned to the process. The fork () function creates a process that is almost exactly the same as the original process through system calls, where two processes

Linux View and modify directory file permissions (commands) _linux

View and modify directory file permissions under Linux There are several folders under my server You can also use Ls-l to view the permissions for these several files. Look at the assets file, which has a total of 10 digits, of which:The front

Use Linux to get rid of a few command habits _linux

First, create a directory habit ~ $ mkdir tmp ~ $ cd tmp ~/TMP $ mkdir a ~/tmp $ CD a ~/tmp/a $ mkdir b ~/tmp/a $ cd b ~/tmp/a/b/ $ mkdir C ~/tmp/a/b/$ cd C Should use: Second, the habit of extracting files

The problem and solution of installing MARIADB database under Linux (binary version installation) _linux

The MARIADB database is divided into source and binary versions, the source version requires CMake compilation, and this is the binary version installation # tar zxvf mariadb-5.5.31-linux-x86_64.tar.gz # mv

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