Linux Regular Expression Detailed _ regular expression

A. Linux Text Lookup command Before saying Linux regular expressions, it also describes the three common commands for finding text files in Linux: 1.grep: The earliest text-matching program that uses a POSIX-defined basic regular expression (BRE)

An example analysis of fork () function in Linux _linux

First, fork introductory knowledge A process that includes code, data, and resources assigned to the process. The fork () function creates a process that is almost exactly the same as the original process through system calls, where two processes

Linux View and modify directory file permissions (commands) _linux

View and modify directory file permissions under Linux There are several folders under my server You can also use Ls-l to view the permissions for these several files. Look at the assets file, which has a total of 10 digits, of which:The front

Use Linux to get rid of a few command habits _linux

First, create a directory habit ~ $ mkdir tmp ~ $ cd tmp ~/TMP $ mkdir a ~/tmp $ CD a ~/tmp/a $ mkdir b ~/tmp/a $ cd b ~/tmp/a/b/ $ mkdir C ~/tmp/a/b/$ cd C Should use: Second, the habit of extracting files

The problem and solution of installing MARIADB database under Linux (binary version installation) _linux

The MARIADB database is divided into source and binary versions, the source version requires CMake compilation, and this is the binary version installation # tar zxvf mariadb-5.5.31-linux-x86_64.tar.gz # mv

Ensure Linux server security against four levels of attack _linux

With the continuous expansion of Linux enterprise applications. A large number of network servers are using the Linux operating system. The security of Linux servers can be more and more concerned. This is listed here according to the depth of the

20 Linux server performance optimization techniques worth collecting _linux

Linux is an open source operating system, it supports a variety of hardware platforms, Linux servers around the world, the main difference between it and Windows is that the Linux server by default generally does not provide a GUI (graphical user

Linux Yum Command principle and detailed _linux

Yum (full name Yellow Dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat as well as SuSE. Based on the RPM package management, can automatically download the RPM package from the specified server and install, can

Lumanager Linux/unix Server Management panel recommended domestic panels _linux

Most of the foreign VPS is Linux/unix platform, the advantages of Linux/unix platform is also a lot, the focus is that it is free, (with the U.S. VPS Friends know foreign IDC installed Win Dows is the need for copyright fees in large domestic sites

Teach you how to build a secure Linux server tutorial _linux

To establish a secure Linux server, you first need to understand the meaning of the configuration files that are related to the network service and how to configure them securely in the Linux environment. In a Linux system, TCP/IP networks are

Server Maintenance Little Common sense (win+linux) _win server

In order to facilitate everyone in the maintenance of understanding some maintenance content while avoiding errors. Here is a collection of some of the day-to-day maintenance of the server common sense for your reference. Hardware maintenance of

8 security setting techniques for Linux Apache Web server _linux

Apache server is an open source Web server, is supported by the non-profit organization Apache Software Foundation, many of our virtual host, VPS, etc. will use the Apache server architecture environment, but any architectural environment will be

Linux Apache Web Server (continued III) _ Server

。 In this case, the only authentication mechanism that is guaranteed to be available on the WWW is provided by HTTP itself. The standard Apache server implements such a certification that it can control which hosts may access a particular site or a

Linux OpenSSL Basic Introduction _ Server

The current online banking and electronic commerce, such as large-scale online trading system is commonly used in combination of HTTP and SSL approach. The server side uses a Web server that supports SSL, and the client uses SSL-enabled browsers to

A detailed _c language for acquiring time functions based on Linux

//-------------------------------------------------------------// Asctime (representing time and date in string format) #include Defining functions char * asctime (const struct TM * timeptr);Function description asctime () converts the

What is Linux soft link and Linux hard link _linux

There are two kinds of Linux links, one is called hard link (Hard link), the other is called soft link (symbolic link). By default, the LN command produces a hard link. A, [hard link]--> refers to through the index node to connect. In a Linux file

Linux uses SCP to implement server A to transfer files to server B _linux

The SCP is a security file copy, based on SSH login. Easy to operate, such as to the current one file copy to a remote other host, you can command the following. Copy Code code as follows: Scp/home/daisy/full.tar.gz Root@

Issues to be aware of during Linux installation of Apache _linux

As the most common Web server, Apache can be used in most computer operating systems, and as a free and open source Unix-like operating system Linux, it and Apache can be said to be the golden partner. This article introduces you to the installation

The difference between the mkdir function in Linux and the _mkdir function in Windows _linux

Let me introduce the _mkdir function of Windows below Copy Code code as follows: #include int _mkdir (const char *dirname); Parameters: DirName is the directory's path name pointer return value: If the new directory

Linux Command Learning Summary of the RMDIR command _linux

Introduction to Commands: The rmdir command is used to delete an empty directory and an error occurs if the directory is not empty. After you can use RM to delete a file in a directory, use RmDir to delete the directory. You can also use RM-RF

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