Linux Multi-task programming (vii) Linux daemon and its basic experiment

Daemon Overview Daemon, also called daemon process (somehow, I suddenly remembered the vampire Diary of Damon, very good-looking American drama), Linux in the background service process. He is a long-running process that is usually independent of

Linux Multi-task programming (four) exit () function and its basic experiment

Exit () and _exit () functions Function description The create process uses the fork () function, the execution process uses the EXEC function family, and the exit () and the _exit () function are used to terminate the process. When a process

Linux Multi-task programming (iii) EXEC function family and its basic experiment

exec function Family Function Family Description The fork () function is used to create a new child process that almost duplicates the entire contents of the parent process, but how does this newly created subprocess execute? The EXEC function

Ubuntu Linux sudo logging configuration

Environment: Ubuntu 12.04 Server. sudo permission assignments are managed using Visudo. Examples are available under/usr/share/doc/sudo/examples/sample.sudoers. Baidu Encyclopedia has a detailed introduction of sudo and the use of Visudo

Linux programming conflicting types for ' dev_t ' problem

Compiling programs in Linux sometimes encounters this problem, which seems to be a legacy of Linux history: /usr/include/sys/types.h:62:error:conflicting types for ' dev_t ' /usr/include/linux/types.h:13:error:previous declaration of ' dev_t ' is

POSIX threads for Linux network programming (iii)

POSIX semaphore and mutex sample producer--Consumer issues One, POSIX signal volume The concept of semaphores see here ( The System V Semaphore is also mentioned earlier, and now it says the POSIX

Linux Network programming socket (11) Socket I/O Timeout setting method and timeout with select implementation

Use the alarm function to set a timeout void handler (int sig) { } signal (SIGALRM, handler); Alarm (5); int ret = read (FD, buf, sizeof (BUF)); if (ret = = 1 && errno = = eintr) errno = etimeout; else if (ret >= 0) alarm (0); ........

Linux Network programming socket (10) The difference between shutdown and close function

Assuming that the server and client have established a connection, the server calls close and sends a fin segment to the client (which does not necessarily send the fin segment, after that), when the server can no longer send and receive data

Socket for Linux network Programming (vi) Implementation of ReadLine functions using recv and READN functions

In the previous article, we implemented a READN function to read fixed byte data in order to avoid the problem of sticky packets. If the length of each field in the application layer protocol is fixed, it is very convenient to read it with READN.

Linux System v Message Queuing implements the MSGSND client/server and the MSGRCV function

First, msgsnd and MSGRCV functions #include #include #include Function: Add a message to the message queue Prototype int msgsnd (int msqid, const void *MSGP, size_t msgsz, int msgflg); Parameters MSGID: Message Queue identification code

Linux Network Programming system V Semaphore (ii)

Using semaphores to implement process mutex examples and solve the problem of dining philosophers First, we talked about the process of communication between the process of the concept of mutual exclusion, the following write a program to simulate,

Troubleshoot problems with system clock and hardware clock in Linux

In the process of using Linux, you may encounter the system and hardware clock inconsistent, that is, Date,hwclock--show see the clock is inconsistent. The Linux clock is divided into system clocks (systems Clock) and hardware (real time Clock,

Summary of timing functions under Windows and Linux platforms

This paper sums up the timer functions commonly used under Windows and Linux platforms, including the functions of three precision of seconds, milliseconds and microseconds. For example, Windows API-specific functions GetTickCount (), timeGetTime ()

How to add a service in Linux

Software installation into the service process detailed: Service httpd Restart Composed of three parts service (services), httpd (program name), restart (related commands) One less Service: The system is already defined. No changes are required. /

Linux Scripting Tutorial (ii) scripting examples

Now let's discuss the general steps to write a script. Any good script should have help and input parameters. and write a pseudo script ( that contains the framework structure that most scripts require, and is a very good idea. At this

Virus knowledge under Linux

First, the Linux platform virus type At present, the virus under the Linux platform is divided into the following 4 major categories: (1) executable file virus, which can be parasitic in the file as the main object of infection of the virus. (2)

Linux office one-stop spreadsheet calc

The last time we introduced the OpenOffice of the most commonly used word processing module writer and it built its own first Linux document, this time to introduce OpenOffice in the application of a wide range of Spreadsheet Module Calc. I. Calc

User management in the Ubuntu Linux operating system

As you can see, most of the tasks are easy to accomplish in Ubuntu's daily use. But what happens when you're ready to expand your application on Ubuntu, such as using a new application, building a home network, and adding a new user? This brief

Analysis of time programming and realization principle in Linux (Iv.) the work of Linux kernel

Review In recent years, with the widespread use of Linux, time programming has put forward higher requirements. Real-time applications, multimedia software for the clock and timer precision requirements, in the early Linux kernel, the timer can

Linux interprocess communication Learning: How to use shared memory

Here's another way to communicate between processes, using shared memory. One, what is shared memory As the name implies, shared memory allows two unrelated processes to access the same logical memory. Shared memory is a very efficient way to

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