A detailed approach to view the public IP in Linux terminals

First, look at the General IP command: Ifconfig Linux View IP address command--ifconfig Ifconfig command to view and change the address and parameters of a network interface $ifconfig-A lo0:flags=849 MTU 8232 inet netmask ff000000

The common method of dpkg command in Linux

If Ubuntu is installing new software, there is already a Deb installation package (for example: Iptux.deb), but you cannot log on to the desktop environment. So how do you install it? The answer is: Use the dpkg command. The dpkg commands are often

Tutorial on Basic use of UNIQ commands in Linux systems

uniq [Options] File Description: This command reads the input file and compares the adjacent rows. Under normal circumstances, the second and more repeated rows will be deleted, and the row comparison is based on the sort sequence of the character

Summary of the usage techniques of the TAR command under Linux system

The Linux tar command is a powerful weapon for filing or distributing files. The GNU tar Archive package can contain multiple files and directories, retains its file permissions, and supports multiple compression formats. Tar represents "Tape

Linux provides a SFTP service environment for users who do not use SSH

SFTP SFTP is a secure File Transfer protocol abbreviation for security FTP. You can provide a secure encryption method for transferring files. SFTP and FTP have almost the same syntax and functionality. As part of SSH, SFTP is a secure way to

The gzip commands for Linux commands to understand and use instances

Gzip can be used not only to compress large, less-used files to conserve disk space, but also to form the more popular compressed file format in Linux operating systems, along with the tar command. According to statistics, the gzip command has a 60%~

Basic methods of user management in Linux system

User-managed configuration files User Information file:/etc/passwd Password file:/etc/shadow User group file:/etc/group User group password file:/etc/gshadow User profile: /etc/login.defs /etc/default/useradd New user information

Linux copy, delete, move files command: CP, RM, MV

The CP command copies the source file or directory to the destination file or directory. If the source file is a normal file, the command copies it to the specified destination file, and if it is a directory, you need to use the "-r" option to copy

How to clear the System log under Linux

The code is as follows: #!/bin/sh Cat/dev/null >/var/log/syslog Cat/dev/null >/var/adm/sylog Cat/dev/null >/var/log/wtmp Cat/dev/null >/var/log/maillog Cat/dev/null >/var/log/messages Cat/dev/null >/var/log/openwebmail.log Cat/dev/null >/var/

Introduction to exec usage of find command in Linux system

Find is one of our most common Linux commands, but we generally look for more than just look, there will be further operations, this time the role of exec is revealed.   EXEC explained: The-exec parameter is followed by the command command, which

Summary of Linux user and permissions-related common commands

 First, view the identity Id:display user identity. The output of this command displays the Uid,gid and the group to which the user belongs. UID is the user ID, which is assigned when the account is created. The GID is the primary group ID and

The way of high performance Linux cluster monitoring

Monitoring is the core task of cluster management. Monitoring data can be used for scheduling tasks, load balancing, reporting hardware and software failures to administrators, and extensive control of system usage. Monitoring information must be

Linux file compression and decompression commands to use the detailed

In Linux systems, the file compression commands we typically use are: BUNZIP2, bzip2, Cpio, Gunzip, gzip, split (cut file), Zgrep (look for matching regular expressions in compressed files), zip, unzip, tar, R Ar. The last four are more commonly

How to view hardware information under Linux

Detecting new hardware with hardware detection program Kuduz: Service kudzu start (or restart) Viewing CPU information: Cat/proc/cpuinfo View board Information: CAT/PROC/PCI Viewing PCI information: LSPCI (more intuitive than CAT/PROC/PCI)

Method of bulk compressing picture size under Linux system

Now the mobile phone users are very large, for mobile phone users have to consider the traffic, but the mobile network bandwidth is small, how the image compression on the internet is a problem, in Windows easy, there are many software, but there is

View system Resource Usage commands under Linux

One, Top command 1. Role The top command is used to display the program process in progress, with permissions being all users. 2. Format Top [-] [D delay] [Q] [C] [s] [s] [i] [n] 3. Main parameters D: Specifies the interval of the update,

Implementation method of SSH session replication function under Linux

Special thanks to Agan for your email sharing.   Detailed method The code is as follows: Linux/mac, add in $home/.ssh/config Host * Controlmaster Auto Controlpath /tmp/ssh-%r@%h So long as the first SSH login to enter the password, then the

The introduction to awk tutorial under Linux

Brief introduction Awk is a powerful text analysis tool that is particularly powerful when it comes to analyzing and generating reports on data, compared to grep lookup and sed editing. To put it simply, awk reads the file line by row, using a

How to restart Apache under Linux

Linux System for Ubuntu First, start Apache 2 Server/start Apache service #/etc/init.d/apache2 Start Or $ sudo/etc/init.d/apache2 Start Second, restart Apache 2 Server/restart Apache service #/etc/init.d/apache2 Restart Or $

A summary of uninstalling the Apache method under Linux

Method One The code is as follows: Root@server ~]# Rpm-qa|grep httpd Httpd-2.2.3-11.el5_2.centos.4 Httpd-manual-2.2.3-11.el5_2.centos.4 Description: Rpm–qa | The grep mysql command is for MySQL-related packages listed, my example above is the

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