Find hidden folders in Linux using Find

We can use the Find command on a Linux or Unix system to query all (all) hidden filesThe basic syntax is as follows:[[email protected] ~] #find/To find the article/Piece/clip/-name ". *"-printExplanation:1. ". *" indicates the name of the file to

Linux command line edit shortcut keys

Linux Command line edit shortcut keys History displays a list of command histories ↑ (ctrl+p) Show previous command ↓ (CTRL + N) Displays the next command !num the NUM command that executes the command history list !! Executes the

How does Linux use a command line to count the number of subdirectories in a given directory

View the number of files in a directoryls-l |grep "^-" |wc-lorfind./company-type F | wc-lView the number of files in a directory, including subdirectories. ls-lr|grep "^-" |wc-lView the number of directories under a folder, including those in

Linux Learning Record-command substitution-wildcard-redirect-pipeline

Command substitution: $ (commands), ' command 'Touch./file-$ (date +%f-%h-%m_%s). txtThere are three types of quotes supported by bash:": Command substitution"": weak reference, can implement variable substitution': Strong reference, do not complete

Install the Linux application using the RPM package tool and the source package compilation

System commands: Generally in the/bin and/sbin directories, or for the shell internal instructions, complete the basic management of the system, such as IP Configuration toolApplications: Typically in the/usr/bin and/usr/sbin directories, complete

Linux command Help information acquisition and division of Man manual chapters

Linux command Help information getBuilt-in commands: #help commandExternal command:(1) command to use Help with a brief format#COMMAND--help(2) using the Help Manual (manual)#man CHAPTER COMMAND(3) Info COMMANDGet the online documentation for the

"Linux" fun Linux commands (ii)

About Linux Talk: following article transfers from: Http:// time reference only, if forbid reprint, contact is deleted)The Linux command line attracts

Operation of Gpio (/sys/class/gpio) (RPM) with file IO under Linux

Through the Sysfs control Gpio, first access to the/sys/class/gpio directory, the export file to write the Gpio number, so that the Gpio operation interface from the kernel space exposed to the user space, Gpio operating interface including

Linux sed command

Introduction to CommandsBasic command formatsed [Common options] Command text inputCommon options-N (--quiet,--silent): Quiet mode. In the basic usage of SED, all information from the standard output is listed on the terminal. With the-n parameter,

Query domain name resolution using dig command under ECS Linux system

Cloud Server ECS Linux system can use the usual dig command to query the domain name resolution. This article gives a brief description of this.Querying Domain A Records command Format :dig For example, the query domain name

Linux (1): fork function

PS: Every blog but in order to record the process of learning, and reflect on the summary, if there are errors, but also to correct .Function prototype: extern __pid_t fork (void) __thrownl;The function is included in the header file unistd.h.Gaze

Linux system Security Configuration baseline

One: Shared account check配置名称:用户账号分配检查,避免共享账号存在配置要求:1、系统需按照实际用户分配账号; 2、避免不同用户间共享账号,避免用户账号和服务器间通信使用的账号共享。操作指南:参考配置操作:cat /etc/passwd查看当前所有用户的情况;检查方法:命令cat /etc/passwd查看当前所有用户的信息,与管理员确认是否有共享账号情况存在。配置方法:如需建立用户,参考如下: #useradd username

Linux environment variables

The difference between BASHRC and profileTo understand the difference between BASHRC and profile, first figure out what is interactive shell and non-interactive shell, what is Loginshell and non-login shell.The interactive mode is where the shell

Sleep and wake-up of Linux processes

1 sleep and wake-up of Linux processes In Linux, wait only for the CPUThe process of time is called the ready process, they are placed in a run queue, and the status flag bit for a ready process is task_running. Once a running process time slice is

A detailed description of the video streaming live server in Linux

Goal:Build a live Streaming media server system (Linux operating system)Background:A set of streaming media server systems for OTT-TV large concurrent live and on-demand. Supports server-side solutions that record back and live on N x 24

Linux view file encoding format and file encoding conversion

Linux view file encoding format and file encoding conversionA tool convmv for file name encoding is provided specifically in Linux, which converts the file name from GBK to UTF-8 encoding, or from UTF-8 to GBK.First look at whether the CONVMV is

Linux (CENTOS6) build FTP server

PremiseThe SSH service is turned on, the firewall is turned off, the host and the virtual function ping PassViewing the status of SSH and firewallsService sshd StatusService Iptables StatusOpen SSH ServiceService sshd StartShutting down the

Reception of network packets in the Linux kernel-Part II Select/poll/epoll

As in the first part of the previous article, these words are designed to help others or to clear their mind. Rather than the so-called source code analysis. To analyze the source code, or direct debug source code is the best, see no matter what

Linux view the number of CPUs, the number of logic, the number of cores

(i) Concept① Physical CPUNumber of CPUs on the actual server slotsNumber of physical CPUs, number of physical IDs that can be repeated② Logical CPU/proc/cpuinfo used to store CPU hardware information.The information content lists the specifications

Linux TZ format

Man Tzset can clearly understand the time zone format, a total of 3 kinds:The first format is used when there are no daylight saving time in the local timezone:STD OffsetThe second format is used if there is daylight saving time:STD offset DST

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