Explain how to use the Rename command rename in Linux

Rename is used for naming management of files, for batch naming and support of regular expressions, rename commands exist in two different versions. One is the C language version that supports wildcards, and the other is the Perl version. Support

Building an efficient FTP server with Linux

In many network applications, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) has a very important position. A very important resource in the Internet is software resources, and most of the various software resources are placed in the FTP server. Like most Internet

A detailed explanation of dynamic DNS service configuration method under Linux system

In network management, the management of DNS services is a fundamental task. With the expansion of the user scale, it is not easy to manually modify the DNS zone database files frequently. The research on Dynamic DNS (DDNS) has gradually aroused

Linux under Tomcat and Apache Web server consolidation

Apache|web|web Service |web Server 1. Introduction Internet/intranet based on web technology has been widely used in recent years, Intranet is based on TCP/IP protocol, the web as the core intranet, the user through Low-cost, An Easy-to-use client

PHP4.03 installation under Linux

The required software php4.03 source program C language code mysql3.23 Alpha Source Program Apache 1.3.11 source Program phpmyadmin_2.0.5 the best tool for managing MySQL databases The first step is to download the required program and install the

The meaning of the Linux top command virt,res,shr,data

Virt:virtual Memory usage Virtual RAM1. The process "required" virtual memory size, including the library, code, data, etc. used by the process2, if the process to apply for 100m of memory, but the actual use of only 10m, then it will grow 100m,

Linux Learning Notes (20)

One,Zip compression tool (support compressed directory, compressed files and directories, the original files and directories are not deleted)Yum Install zip-y installation zipZip + Compressed file name + original file name compressed files-R +

Linux Load Balancing Summary description (four-layer load/seven-layer load)

In regular operations, load balancing services are often used. The load balancer is divided into four-layer and seven-tier loads, so what's the difference between the two? Needless to say, the following are detailed:One, what is load balancing1)

Linux file Packaging, decompression instructions--TAR,BZIP2

This article is to Uncle Bird's Linux private cuisine (basic study) of the third edition of the study notes, the original text can refer to the original book Chinese website Bird uncle's Linux private dishes.In the Linux environment, the operation

Linux DNS subdomain authorization split split parse cache DNS Server

DNS Subdomain authorizationRole: Applies to the same DNS organizationThe resolution of the parent/child domain is handled by a different DNS serverThe parent DNS server should have the ability to iterate over the sub-domain nameSubordinate

Change the owner and user groups of Linux files (Chown and CHGRP)

, usingchown CommandChange file ownerin the shell, you can use thechown Commandto change all the files. chown Commandis the abbreviation for change owner (changing owner). It needs to be noted thatThe user must be in the existing system, that is,

"Veterans sharing" Linux command line terminal prompt a variety of practical tips!

Introduction to the 1.Linux command-line promptAs we all know, the Linux command line is the system administrator to manage the Linux important means, we manage the Linux, first face is the Linux command line prompt.The prompt at the end of the

Linux:at command Explanation

AT commandThe AT command is a single-work dispatch command. The AT command is very simple, but very powerful at a given time.Grammartime > command to execute CTRL+dOptions-m: When the specified task is completed, the user will be sent a message,

Linux Learning Note 23--time command date and Cal

In the Linux environment, whether it is programming or other maintenance, time is essential, but also often use the time of the operation, skilled use of the date command to express the time you want to express, certainly can give their work to

Linux Archive Tool---Tar

      Tar instruction usage: tar [-][options] [pathname ...]Main mode of operation:-A,--catenate,--concatenate      -c,--create: Creating an Archive-d,diff,compare: Comparing the difference between an archive file and an operating system--delete:

"Cloud and Ink" performance optimization: A reasonable allocation of large memory pages (hugepage) in a Linux environment

Original 2016-09-12 Xiong June"Cloud and Ink" performance optimization: A reasonable allocation of large memory pages (hugepage) in a Linux environmentXiong June (Old Bear)General manager, Cloud and Sumida WestOracle Aced,acoug Core MembershipThe

The difference between a Linux soft link and a hard link

One of the most important features of the Linux file system is its file link. A link is a reference to a file, which allows the file to be seen in multiple places in the file system. However, in Linux, links can be treated as if they were the

24 Security compliance settings for Linux machines

Work of some content, this is China Mobile group's current Linux machine security compliance standards, find some time to classify it, and check out some information, what each configuration means, not only to know it, but also to know its why. A

Linux Learning (10) Find command, linux file suffix name, Linux and Windows file transfer

A few search commands related to find. 1.1 which[Email protected] ~]# which lsalias ls='ls--color=auto' /usr/bin/lsThis command only finds files below the environment variable, as in the above code.1.2 LocateThis command depends on the search

The difference between being a 10-year Windows programmer and being a 10-year Linux programmer

If a programmer has never developed a program under Linux,unix and has been developing programs under Windows for 10 years, most of the time it will be very different for programmers who have developed 10 years under Linux,unix. I write this article

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