20 Common Linux performance monitoring Tools/commands

20 Common Linux performance monitoring Tools/commands20 command-line system monitoring tools that are useful and most commonly used by Linux/unix system administrators. These commands can be used under all versions of Linux to monitor and find the

20 most common command-line tools for monitoring Linux system performance

2015-12-27 iOS DevelopmentFor every system administrator or network administrator, it is very difficult to monitor and debug Linux system performance issues every day. I've had 5 years of experience working with Linux administrators and know how to

Linux Learning Series 4---File Permissions and Access modes

For more secure storage of files, Linux gives different permissions to different files, each with the following three permissions : Owner permissions: What the file owner can do Group permissions: Actions that can be made by the user

Memory leak detection in Linux (iv) record the size of the leak

"Detection of memory leaks in Linux (iii) customized New/delete" The use of C + + 's function overloading makes C + + code easier for New/delete plus statistical code for detecting memory leaks. However, new problems are also introduced.The current

Compression and decompression of Linux note files gzip, bzip2, XZ, Zip&unzip, tar Pack, tar Pack and compress and use

Compressing file meaning saves network transmission bandwidth and reduces disk usage. But a certain CPU will be used.1. GzipCompression directory is not supported, gzip directly with the file name, when compressed in the current directory, the

Installation and configuration of RABBITMQ under Linux

RABBITMQ is based on Erlang, so you must first configure the Erlang environment. Download the latest Erlang installation package from Erlang's official website http://www.erlang.org/download.html, the version of Linux and MacOSX download is r15b0

Build and configure the SVN server environment under MAC (except for the display image, all commands are available under Linux/unix)

These days the leadership did not arrange work, idle nothing to want to take their own two years to do the iOS development sense of the lack of knowledge of the place want to take a deep tutorial, yesterday and today plan to learn the next SVN and

Linux screen command details (not validated + research)

I. BACKGROUNDSystem administrators often require SSH or telent telnet to a Linux server and often run tasks that take a long time to complete, such as system backups, FTP transfers, and so on. Usually we open a remote terminal window for each of

Linux unzip zip, BZ, bz2, Z, GZ, tar (unpack)

Zip:Compression:Zip [-acddffghjjkllmoqrstuvvwxyz$][-b ][-ll][-n ][-t ][-][compressed file] [ File ...] [-i Extract:Unzip [options] Compress file name. zipOptions:-X file list to unzip the file, but not include the specified file file.-V View the

program linking and loading and implementation of dynamic link under Linux

http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/linux/l-dynlink/program linking and loading and implementation of dynamic link under LinuxThere are many ways to link and load a program, and today the most popular are dynamic-link, dynamic-loading methods. This

One Linux command per day (9): Touch command

Linux touch commands are not commonly used, and are generally used when using make, to modify file timestamps, or to create a new file that does not exist . 1. command format:touch [Options] ... File...2. Command parameters:-A or--time=atime

LDAP Unified authentication solution under Linux

LDAP Unified authentication solution under Linux--http://www.cangfengzhe.com/wangluoanquan/3.htmlEnterprises need to authenticate a lot of services, employees need to remember a lot of passwords, even if the same password settings for these services,

Basic introduction to Linux and file systems

Linux and File system introduction 1 Internet Industry StatusIn the server-side market: Super computer The November 2014 data shows that 485 systems in the top 500 systems are running Linux

Linux SSH Usage depth resolution (key login details)

The SSH full name Secure Shell, as the name implies, is a very secure shell, and the SSH protocol is a protocol developed by the network Working Group of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task force). SSH's main purpose is to replace the traditional

Linux rar garbled


We all know, Linux under the Chinese garbled is a very annoying thing, here I ask you how to solve this problem.RAR garbledUbunut Open the RAR package, if there is Chinese will show garbled, in fact, the problem is the simplest, as long as the entry

Change the owner and user groups of Linux files (Chown and CHGRP)

, usingchown CommandChange file ownerin the shell, you can use thechown Commandto change the file owner. chown Commandis the abbreviation for change owner (changing owner). It is important to note thatThe user must be in an existing system, which

Linux section Error Details

by Falcon of tinylab.org2015/05/12BackgroundI wrote an early article: "Abominable" segmentation faults "of the preliminary summary of the network is reproduced very much. Over the years, the discussion of paragraph errors is still very enthusiastic,

Introduction to the use of multi-threaded download tool mwget and Axel under Linux


Linux Operations in the operation of the Linux process, the most used Linux download tool must be wget, do not see which server has not been installed wget, perhaps someone use ftp download, also someone use multi-threaded axel and Prozilla, There

Install PHP7 Alpha on Windows and Linux and install YAF

Install PHP7 Alpha on Windows and Linux and install YAFPHP Technology widuu 2 months ago (06-15) 126 views 0 Comments Windows 1.windows on the installation php7 alpha only need to download from the official website

Use SecureCRT's sftp to transfer files between Windows and Linux

Background: There is a host that installs the Windows7, installs the VirtualBox in it, and then installs the Ubuntu virtual machine. Install SECURECRT on Windows7 to SSH to the Ubuntu virtual machine. Generally download software on windows and then

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