MD5 porting and programming __arduino under Linux

Target platform: LOONGSON-1B Development Board Kernel: Linux 3.0 Compiling platform: ubuntu10.04 Cross tool chain: gcc-3.4.6-2f Note: The following actions are performed under root user Brief Introduction This article is intended to provide

Linux Network Programming--unix local socket __arduino

Overview Today we explain a content in network programming--unix local socket.Found that a lot of people do not know or do not understand the concept of Unix local sockets, it is no wonder that the socket API is originally for the network

Title: Linux must learn 60 commands (6)-Other __linux

Title: Linux must learn 60 commands (6)-Other Linux must learn 60 commands: OtherImportant commands that Linux must learn (1)Author: Cao Yuan its dispatch time: 2004.12.16In the previous lecture, we introduced the Linux commands into several parts,

"Linux process creation, execution, monitoring and termination" __linux

Overview This article mainly describes the process of Linux under the relevant operations, and later will write an article on the Linux thread operation. These two articles and I have to finish an article (IPC communication under Linux) to form a

activemq5.7.0+jdk1.6 can not boot in Linux environment __linux

ActiveMQ5.7.0 in the website download After you deploy JDK and ACTIVEMQ, use the command ${activemqpath}/bin/activemq start Console printing linux-qk6h:~ #/HOME/WORKSPACE/APACHE-ACTIVEMQ-5.7.0/BIN/ACTIVEMQ StartInfo:using default configuration(Can

Remove Eth0.bak and redundant network cards from Linux systems __linux

Remove Eth0.bak and redundant network adapters from Linux systems Deleting redundant ifcfg-eth0.bak in a VM CentOS a Eth0.bak configuration backup file appears after the system changes the NIC or Nic MAC address Workaround:

How to hide your Linux command line history __linux

If you are a user of the Linux command line, sometimes you may not want certain commands to be recorded in your command line history. There may be many reasons, for example, when you hold a position in a company, you have some privileges that you do

The Find command in Linux

FindBecause find has powerful features, it has a lot of options, most of which are worth taking the time to look at. Even if the system contains a network file system (NFS), the Find command works equally well in the file system as long as you have

Linux Find---xargs and find----exec in conjunction with

Example: Delete/home/raven, including all files named Abc.txt in subdirectories:Find/home/raven-name Abc.txt | Xargs RM-RFIf Xargs is not used, then:Find/home/raven-name abc.txt-exec RM-FV {};Preface: About the Find commandBecause find has powerful

20 things to do after installing Linux Mint 17

20 things to do after installing Linux Mint 17Linux Mint Qiana CinnamonLinux Mint 17 has been released, named Qiana. Mint is one of the best Linux distributions, targeting desktop users, focusing on usability and simplicity. It carries a very

Linux-dns basic knowledge and simple configuration of BIND-3 (Master-slave DNS server and forwarding)

RNDC Related knowledge:1. What is RNDC:Remote Name Domain controllerRNDC communicates with the name server via a TCP connection and sends a digitally signed command. In the current version of RNDC and named, the only supported authentication

Implementation of Linux under OD-TX-TC xxx function

Implementation of Linux under OD-TX-TC xxx function one, od command (1) functionThe OD command is used to display the specified file contents in eight-, decimal, 16-, floating-point, or ASCII-encoded characters, and is typically used to display or

Linux kernel Parameters Arp_ignore & arp_announce Detailed

Arp_ignore defines the different response modes for ARP queries that target addresses to native IP.Arp_announce the source IP address in the ARP Request packet sent on the network interface (NIC), the host chooses the IP address of the source IP or

Linux Notes 6.0

Command:Ping Check network connectivityPing-f Dos attackArp-n viewing ARP tablesIfconfig, route, netstat network management commands (old)IP, SS, TC Network Management commands (new)DMESG Viewing kernel hardware loadingMTR View routesTraceroute

Common memory allocation functions in the Linux kernel ZZ

49965101. Explanation of the principleThe Linux kernel incorporates a memory paging model for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, and for 32-bit systems, the two-level page table is sufficient, and in the x86_64 system, a four-page table is used, and 2-1

Tuning the Linux operating system time zone-CENTOS7

If your Linux system time zone is not configured correctly, you will need to manually adjust to the correct local time zone. NTP's synchronous processing of time only calculates the local time offset from UTC time, so configuring an NTP to

Linux SORT,UNIQ,CUT,WC Command detailed

The sort command sorts the rows in the files specified by the file parameter and writes the results to standard output. If the file parameter specifies multiple files, the sort command connects the files and sorts them as a file.Sort syntax[[email

Linux user and kernel state and process context, interrupt context kernel space User space understanding

1. The CPU of the privileged        intel x86 architecture has a total of 0~4 four privileged levels, 0 highest, 3 lowest, and ARM architecture with different privilege levels. Each instruction on the hardware performs a corresponding check on the

Linux Monitoring platform Introduction, Zabbix monitoring Introduction, installation Zabbix, forget admin password how to do

Introduction to Linux Monitoring platformZabbix Monitoring IntroductionZabbix He is also C/s architecture, there is a server and then go to the client to catch data, grasping data in the client must have a service to start, the service is to

How to enhance the security of Linux system, Part one: Introduction to the Linux Security Module (LSM)

HTTP://WWW.IBM.COM/DEVELOPERWORKS/CN/LINUX/L-LSM/PART1/1. Related background: Why and whatIn recent years, Linux system has been widely concerned and applied by computer industry because of its excellent performance and stability, the flexibility

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