Remove Eth0.bak and redundant network cards from Linux systems __linux

Remove Eth0.bak and redundant network adapters from Linux systems Deleting redundant ifcfg-eth0.bak in a VM CentOS a Eth0.bak configuration backup file appears after the system changes the NIC or Nic MAC address Workaround:

How to hide your Linux command line history __linux

If you are a user of the Linux command line, sometimes you may not want certain commands to be recorded in your command line history. There may be many reasons, for example, when you hold a position in a company, you have some privileges that you do

Sqlplus/as SYSDBA output by using the Linux strace command to track the Bdump directory's X permission loss

In the previous article, we said that the X permission for the Bdump directory was missing, resulting in an Oracle database exception.The following is the Linux strace command to track the Bdump directory when the X permission is lost, Sqlplus/as

The Find command in Linux

FindBecause find has powerful features, it has a lot of options, most of which are worth taking the time to look at. Even if the system contains a network file system (NFS), the Find command works equally well in the file system as long as you have

Linux Find---xargs and find----exec in conjunction with

Example: Delete/home/raven, including all files named Abc.txt in subdirectories:Find/home/raven-name Abc.txt | Xargs RM-RFIf Xargs is not used, then:Find/home/raven-name abc.txt-exec RM-FV {};Preface: About the Find commandBecause find has powerful

How to use Golang to get the creation/modification time of files on Linux

To get the meta-information of a file on Linux, we need to use a system call lstat or stat .Stat has been encapsulated in the Golang OS package as a stat function, which is much easier to use than syscall.This is the OS. The prototype of stat:func

The use of GDB debugging and debugging scripts under Linux gcc/g++

GDB debugging and the use of debug scriptsReturn Script BlackstoneFirst, GDB debugging1.1. GDB OverviewGDB is a powerful UNIX program debugging tool released by the GNU Open source organization. Perhaps, you prefer that graphical interface, such as

Linux Monitoring platform Introduction, Zabbix monitoring Introduction, installation Zabbix, forget admin password how to do

Introduction to Linux Monitoring platformZabbix Monitoring IntroductionZabbix He is also C/s architecture, there is a server and then go to the client to catch data, grasping data in the client must have a service to start, the service is to

The GPG command for Linux

GpgfunctionGPG is a free tool for encryption and digital signatures, mostly for the transmission of encrypted information. In addition to password-only encryption, the biggest difference in GPG is the provision of a "public/private key" pair. Use

Brief analysis of Linux initialization init system, part 2nd: Upstart

From Sysvinit to SystemdIn recent years, the Linux system init process has undergone two major evolution, the traditional sysvinit has faded out of the historical stage, the new system upstart and SYSTEMD each have the characteristics, but more and

Date of the Linux command I used-Display, modify system date time (RPM)

Description of UseThe ATE command can be used to display and modify the system datetime, noting that it is not a time command.Common parametersFormat: DateDisplays the current date time.Format: Date mmddhhmmFormat: Date mmddhhmmyyyyFormat: Date

>linux File System Analysis of < data collection

Source: File System architectureThe Linux file system architecture is an interesting example of abstracting complex systems. By using a common set of API functions, Linux can

Linux DNS Service

  Install The bind package First look at its configuration file and working directory. rpm -qc bind Where you can see:/etc/named.conf master configuration file /etc/named.rfc1912.zones zone configuration file /var/named/ Locations

Install XAMPP,XAMPP directory structure under Linux

XAMPP directory StructureImportant Files and directoriesFile/directory Usage /opt/lampp/bin/ XAMPP Command Library. For example,/opt/lampp/bin/mysql executable MySQL monitor. /opt/lampp/htdocs/ The Apache

Linux Server cluster System (i)

Add by Zhj: Although it was a 2002 article, it was a lot of money to read. In Zhangwensong: About LVs and Ali Open source behind the wonderful story of LVs initiator and main contributors talk about the development process of LVS and Ali Open source

Analysis of TLB mechanism under Linux X86

Tlb-translation lookaside BufferFast table, literal translation as a fallback buffer, can also be understood as page table buffering, address transformation cache.Since the page table is stored in main memory, it takes at least two times for each

Turn: Linux under XAMPP installation and configuration

--When reproduced please keep the following, for everyone to add my MSN, enhance communication, learn together.--Kang Tinghua msn: [email protected]--Blog: downloads on the following

Linux command Dos2unix-convert DOS format text files to UNIX format usage notes

The Dos2unix command is used to convert a DOS-formatted text file into Unix (Dos/mac to UNIX text, format Converter). Dos text file is based on \ r \ n As a break mark, expressed as 16 binary is 0D 0 A. The text file under Unix is marked with \ n as

How to enhance the security of Linux system, Part one: Introduction to the Linux Security Module (LSM)

HTTP://WWW.IBM.COM/DEVELOPERWORKS/CN/LINUX/L-LSM/PART1/1. Related background: Why and whatIn recent years, Linux system has been widely concerned and applied by computer industry because of its excellent performance and stability, the flexibility

Embedded Linux system how to set TimeZone

*************************************************************************************************************** ************Easywave Time: 2014.06.08Category: Linux kernel-timezone Settings declaration: Reprint, please keep the linkNote: If there is

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