The Linux console cancels the beep

Alarm tone Alarm time can be set via Setterm-blength 0, 0 means no beepYou can also set the frequency of beep tones (Hz) via Setterm-bfreq 10If set directly from the command line, the current will take effect, but after a reboot, the settings will

Solve the problem of hostname changing Bogon under Linux

Wake up in the morning find the Linux hostname changed to BogonBogon refers to addresses that should not appear in the Internet routing table.These addresses should include:1, private address such as 10,172.16-32,192.168 .....2. Address not

Linux single quotes, double quotes, small summaries of back quotes.

Or the old routine to say the cause of things, because the first of the various quotes under Linux is not particularly sensitive, resulting in the day I add Database field errors, the reason for the error was that I used a single quotation mark in

Linux system Call function

Reproduced:The following is a list of Linux system calls that contain most of the common system calls and functions derived from system calls. This is probably the only list of Linux system calls you can see on the Internet, even if it's a simple

Linux File System Learning Summary

The best feature of Linux is that it is multi-user multi-tasking environment, and for Linux, everything is file, mention the concept of the file is to mention the concept of file-related permissions and attributes, the relevant file attributes

Brother Bird's Linux private Cuisine 0th Chapter

The CPU reads data from main memory and controls and calculates it through a micro-instruction set. The data in the main memory is transmitted from the input unit, and the data processed by the CPU must be written back to the main memory first, and

Linux timed Task execution

(1) How do PHP scripts execute regularly under Linux?(2) How do I set up scheduled tasks under Linux?(3) Crontab timed Execution ProgramCore tips:Type crontab-e Edit crontab service fileThere are two scenarios: (there is also a case where you can

Automatic batch modification of Linux user passwords

         usually have multiple servers need to change the password at the same time, it is not necessary to operate one at a time, you can borrow the expect tool to achieve bulk password modification work. ip address List file ( iplist.txt ,

TNS-12547 Linux error:104:connection Reset by PE (reprinted)

TNS-12547 Linux error:104:connection Reset by peerResolution process Reference: Http://[[email protected] log]$ lsnrctl startLsnrctl for linux:version on 23-jun-2009

Linux file Management

Vamei Source: Http:// Welcome reprint, Please also keep this statement. Thank you!For computers, the so-called data is the sequence of 0 and 1. Such a sequence can be stored in memory, but the data in memory disappears as it

Linux command Daquan _ file Directory Operations Command

File Directory Operations Command[[email] ~]# nl-n rz-w 2 list.txt protected ls02 cd03 pwd04 mkdir05 rm06 rmdir07 mv08 cp09 touch10 cat11 N L12 more13 less14 head15 TailLsLS Prints the inventory and details of the current directory, or you can

Super Cool command line extension tool Oh My Zsh on Linux

Oh my Zsh is a community-driven command-line tool, as it says on its home page, Oh my Zsh is a way of life. It is based on the ZSH command line, provides the theme configuration, plug-in mechanism, has built-in convenient operation. Give us a whole

90-minute QuickStart Linux--linux Guide for Developments Learning notes

System Information: CentOS 64-bit. A picture of command prompt and command line Some practical small commands mkdir (make directory, create directory), LS (list, list the contents of the current directory), RM (remove,

Basic memory management knowledge of Linux system explained

memory is one of the most important resources managed by the Linux kernel. The memory management system is the most important part of the operating system, because the system's physical memory is always less than the amount of memory required by the

Linux mkdir command details and how to use the actual combat "beginner"

mkdir command details and how to use the actual combatNameMKDIR is the abbreviation for make directoriesHow to usemkdir [option (e.g.-P)] ...    Directory name (and subdirectory note separated by delimiter) ... Use the-P command to create a

Some of the basics of using Linux and bash

Basic principles of Linux:1. A small program consisting of a single purpose, combining small procedures to complete complex tasks;2. All documents;3. Avoid capturing user interfaces as much as possible: minimizing interaction with users;4. The

LINUX--SVN Usage Summary

Reference:Http:// article describes the use of common SVN commands under the Linux

Make your own arm-linux cross tool chain

Learn embedded well, you have to do more hands-on, more practice. To get started, configure your own development environment and migrate the kernel. The development environment does not say that the porting kernel will have to compile the kernel

A Linux touch command every day

Linux touch commands are not commonly used, and are generally used when using make, to modify file timestamps, or to create a new file that does not exist.There are three timestamps of the file (available stat Viewing):Access time: Atime, reading

Use of Linux Grep,sed,awk and diff

1:grep// Display Lines# grep ' main '/home/myhome/a.c//displays the A.C containing the main line# grep-v ' main '/HOME/MYHOME/A.C//display all rows except main# grep-n ' The ' a.c//show A.C contains the line# grep-vn ' The ' a.c//shows no Line# grep-

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