Find the Linux File Finder tool (Detailed)

Find detailedA. What is the Find command?Real-time Lookup tool that iterates through all the files in the specified directory to complete the lookup.Two. Job features of Find:Real-time SearchFind and support a wide range of search criteriaFind speed

Linux Text Filter Finder Common regular expressions and usages of grep and Egrep

The corresponding regular expressions and usages of grep and egrep in the grep family.The 1.grep family is one of the three great musketeers of text processing. (Grep,sed,awk)grep: (Global search REgular expression and Print out of the line). It

The Linux Touch command modifies the timestamp of the file

Function: Modify the time that the file already exists, Access time (modification time). Create a new blank file for files that do not exist.Syntax: Touch [Options] File Short Options Long Options meaning -A

Linux kernel Upgrade

I. Linux kernel overviewLinux is an integrated kernel (monolithic kernel) system.The device driver has full access to the hardware.Device drivers within Linux can be conveniently set up in a modular (modularize) format and can be mounted or unloaded

[Country EMBED strategy] [099] [Linux kernel configuration and compilation]

Why to configure the kernelSelect the required functions based on hardware and software requirements and remove the unwanted functionality.Method of kernel configurationMake config: text-based interaction configuration.Make Menuconfig: Configuration

The history of Unix and Linux

Before 1965, the input of the computer was complex and slow, whereas the CPU of the computer was very fast in data processing of the input, so the CPU was idle for the input of the data most of the time. So there was an urgent need for an operating

Linux soft and hard connection knowledge points

Hard Link Knowledge points summary:1. Multiple files with the same inode number are hard-linked files.2, delete the hard link file or delete any of the source files, the file entity has not been deleted.3, only delete the source file and all the

One Linux command per day: free command

The free command displays the idle, used physical memory and swap memory in the Linux system, and the buffer used by the kernel. In Linux system monitoring tools, the free command is one of the most frequently used commands.1. Command format:free

Average load of Linux systems 3 digits meaning

More and more people are beginning to touch the Linux operating system, from VPS to the brushless system (such as OpenWrt, Tomato), but also essential to a variety of probe and system monitoring interface to see "System average Load" or "load

One Linux command per day: Watch command

Watch is a very useful command, basically all Linux distributions with this gadget, like the name, watch can help you monitor the results of a command, save you to manually run over and over again. Under Linux, watch is the periodic execution of the

Linux 7th Day

Ways to avoid zombie processes on the server side:1 ) by ignoring SIGCHLD signal to resolve zombie processesSignal (SIGCHLD, sig_ign) 2 ) by Wait method to resolve the zombie processSignal (SIGCHLD, HANDLE_SIGCHLD);Wait (NULL)

Application of Soap embedded Linux (i)

  Huaqing Vision LecturerSimple Object access Protocol (SOAP) is a protocol specification for exchanging data, a lightweight, simple protocol that is based on XML (a subset of standard generic markup languages). It is designed to exchange structured

A detailed description of how to use the Linux Cat command-connect the file string and upload it to the basic output

A detailed description of how to use the Linux Cat command-connect the file string and upload it to the basic outputDate: 2011-12-05 click: 2324 Source: Unknown share to: How to use:Cat[-ABEENSTTUV] [--help] [--version]fileNameDescription: Connect

Linux in cat more less head tail command difference

1, Cat display file connection file content tool;Cat is a text file viewing and linking tool. To view the contents of a file, it is simpler to use cat, which is the name of the cat directly behind it.Like what:[Ro[email protected] ~]#

Linux kernel TCP/IP parameter Analysis and tuning

Reproduced in: shown is the three stages of TCP. 1,TCP three handshake. 2,TCP data transfer. 3,tcp's four waves.SYN: (Synchronous sequence number, Synchronize Sequence Numbers)

Linux system time and RTC time "turn" Linux RTC Driver is relatively simple, it can be used as a normal character device, or a misc device, or a platform device, which is not related, mainly to rtc_ops this file

Linux BASIC Commands--rpm Package management tool

What is RPM?RPM is a package format with a file extension of ". RPM", and its management mechanism was first suggested by Red Hat, and later as the version was upgraded to incorporate more outstanding features, it became the accepted package

Linux OpenSSL: Remote logins based on passwords and keys

Ssh:secure Shell, Prototol, 22/tcp, secure telnetOpen source implementation of the OPENSSH:SSH protocolSSH protocol versionV1: Based on CRC-32 do mac, unsafe: Man-in-middleV2: The host protocol chooses the safe Mac way, makes the key exchange based

Linux timed Tasks crontab detailed

Original address: I made a backup script of the database, and by the way the system had to learn the settings of the timed execution script under Linux. Linux scheduled execution is mainly used in the

Linux folder permissions and Umask

First create a directory to see the permissions: - drwxrwxr-x 3 huangxm huangxm 4096 :/ drwxr - 12288 - -- : /drwxrwxr-x 2 huangxm huangxm 4096 : test/Then we change the permissions to 444, that is, all R permissions - drwxrwxr-x 3

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