Starting Linux successfully from the RAMDisk root file system and booting Linux with Initramfs

The following two articles are very good articles on the RAMDisk file system in the ARM9 forumToday did a test, let Linux2.6.29.4 from the RAMDisk root file system to start a successful, summed up.It involves more content, a lot of things no longer

Booting Linux II from the RAMDisk root file system

Today did a test, let Linux2.6.29.4 from the RAMDisk root file system to start a successful, summed up.It involves more content, a lot of things no longer detailed, for further study please consult the relevant information (Baidu or Google a

[Turn]linux Sort command in detail

Transferred from: is a very common command in Linux, sort by tube, concentrate, five minutes to fix sort, start now!1 How the Sort worksSort compares each line of a file as a unit,

[Turn]linux TR command in detail

Transferred from: using TR, you can easily implement many of the most basic features of SED. You can see TR as a (extremely) simplified variant of sed: it can replace another

Linux awk command Details

IntroductionAwk is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports. To put it simply, awk reads the file line-by-row, using spaces as

Linux Learning Notes 0x00

LINUX startHackersHacker = Black HatRed GuestWhite HatBlack HatGrey HatRed Hat: Redhat Linux systemCentOS6.5"User name @ hostname name" ##表示管理员$ represents a normal userTo view the configuration commands:Cat/proc/cpuinfo Viewing CPU

Installation of OpenSSL in Linux under the whole process

Chapter I.1,: a new version of OpenSSL, I am under the version is: openssl-1.0.0e.tar.gz1.0.1G source package can be obtained by #wget In the downloaded GZ

Linux commands basic List Folder directory -A lists all files (including hidden files)650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 3.PNG " Style= "Float:none;" alt= "Wkiol1brxhwat1iqaaarg5jxoxc820.png"

Linux System some configuration commands

1 Restrict permission to use the SU command except for the root userUnder/etc/pam.d/su, add:Auth Required pam_wheel.so2 Timeout settings/etc/profile insidetmout=18003 Timing Password Change· /etc/shadowUser name: $1$8zdakdfc$xda8esus2i7nql7ujrsiy/:13

Linux (x86) Exploit development Series 5: Using the RET2LIBC chain to bypass NX

A simple-to-chain multiple libc functions is-to-place one libc function address after another in the stack, but its no T possible because of function arguments. Chaining Seteuid, system and exit would allows us to exploit the vulnerable code ' VULN '

Linux System Learning notes: No dead Corner understanding saved settings User ID, set user ID bit, valid user ID, actual user ID

First, the basic conceptactual user ID (ruid): used to identify who the user is in a system, usually after logging in, is uniquely determined, is the UID of the logged-on user.Valid User ID (EUID): used by the system to determine the user's

How to use the rpm command parameter in Linux

RPM is an abbreviation for Red Hat Package Manager and is intended to be managed by Red Hat packages, as the name implies in the package management that Red Hat has contributed, and in mainstream releases such as Fedora, Redhat, Mandriva, SuSE,

Find the Linux File Finder tool (Detailed)

Find detailedA. What is the Find command?Real-time Lookup tool that iterates through all the files in the specified directory to complete the lookup.Two. Job features of Find:Real-time SearchFind and support a wide range of search criteriaFind speed

Linux Text Filter Finder Common regular expressions and usages of grep and Egrep

The corresponding regular expressions and usages of grep and egrep in the grep family.The 1.grep family is one of the three great musketeers of text processing. (Grep,sed,awk)grep: (Global search REgular expression and Print out of the line). It

Linux (x86) Exploit development series 3:off-by-one

What are Off-by-one bugs? Copying source string to destination buffer could result in off-by-one when Source string length is equal to destination buffer length. When source string length was equal to destination buffer length,

The Linux Touch command modifies the timestamp of the file

Function: Modify the time that the file already exists, Access time (modification time). Create a new blank file for files that do not exist.Syntax: Touch [Options] File Short Options Long Options meaning -A

Linux kernel Upgrade

I. Linux kernel overviewLinux is an integrated kernel (monolithic kernel) system.The device driver has full access to the hardware.Device drivers within Linux can be conveniently set up in a modular (modularize) format and can be mounted or unloaded

Linux soft and hard connection knowledge points

Hard Link Knowledge points summary:1. Multiple files with the same inode number are hard-linked files.2, delete the hard link file or delete any of the source files, the file entity has not been deleted.3, only delete the source file and all the

One Linux command per day: free command

The free command displays the idle, used physical memory and swap memory in the Linux system, and the buffer used by the kernel. In Linux system monitoring tools, the free command is one of the most frequently used commands.1. Command format:free

Average load of Linux systems 3 digits meaning

More and more people are beginning to touch the Linux operating system, from VPS to the brushless system (such as OpenWrt, Tomato), but also essential to a variety of probe and system monitoring interface to see "System average Load" or "load

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