Linux virtual Nic Tun and tap

TUN/TAP provides the reception and transmission of packets to the user-space program, which can be viewed as a simple point-to-point device orEthernet devices. It receives the package from the user-space program instead of receiving the package from

A summary of the causes and debugging methods of the next segment error in Linux environment

Recently in the Linux environment to do C language project, because it is on the basis of an original project two development, and project engineering is huge and complex, there are many problems, the most encountered, the longest time of the

Linux Archives and Directory management

Contents1. Directory and path???? 11.1 Absolute path and relative path???? 11.2 CD Transform Catalog???? 11.4 mkdir Create a new directory???? 21.5 rmdir Delete Empty directory???? 31.6 $PATH (must capitalize) the path of the execution instruction???

[Reprint] My Linux bookshelf


Work for several years, has been engaged in the development of Linux kernel drive. From the touch of Linux to now, read a lot of Linux books, now think very good part of the list to share with you.Introductory classIt has been assumed that before

Linux Common commands

Change directory and view current directory commands CD: Go to User's home directory CD ~: Go to the user's home directory CD-: Returns the directory where it was before entering this directory Cd.. : Returns the parent

Linux awk command Details

Linux awk command DetailsIntroductionAwk is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports. To put it simply, awk reads the file

Learn Linux every day (4)---mkdir command

The Linux mkdir command is used to create a directory of the specified name, requiring the user who created the directory to have write permissions in the current directory, and the specified directory name cannot be a directory that is already in

Linux Programming-Shared Memory (chapter 14th)

14.2 Shared Memoryshared Memory is the second of 3 IPC mechanisms that allows two unrelated processes to access the same logical memory.Shared memory is a very efficient way to pass data between two running processes. Most of the shared

Linux file system architecture and commands

1.linux File System Architecture/root directory root|--mnt/| |--sdcard/mount point| |--usb0| |--cdrom|--home| |--soft01 2. Absolute path:/start pathAbsolute path is the location starting from the directoryRelative path: Not the/start pathThe

Linux/unix System Programming Manual--socket Chapter reading notes

Socket Chapter Reading notesHighly recommended Linux/unix system programming manual, known as the God book Beyond Apue.Backlog meaning#include int listen(intint backlog)The backlog parameter limits the number of pending connections (not accept), and

Linux Common Commands 2 chmod, chown

chmod Command[Email protected] ~]# ls-lTotal 104Drwxr-xr-x. 3 root root 4096 Jul 2 22:34 222See here Drwxr-xr-x , R=4,w=2,x=1, so rwx=4+2+1=7,r-x=4+1=5, r-x=4+1=5, Therefore, the file permission can be represented as 755[email protected] ~]# chmod 74

Linux Get File System information (disk information)

The source code is as follows:#include #include #include #include //File system Information Structurestructfilesystem_info{Charfilesystem_format[8];Charfilesystem_total_capacity[ One];Charfilesystem_free_capacity[ One];Charfilesystem_permissions[3];}

A detailed description of the fork function in Linux

First, fork basic knowledgeA process, including code, data, and resources assigned to the process. The fork () function creates a process that is almost identical to the original process through a system call, that is, two processes can do exactly

Linux error-------LN: Could not create symbolic link "* * *": read-only file system

Input to U-boot source for platform selection: Make Am335x_evm_configError:LN: Could not create symbolic link "asm": Read-only file systemMake: * * [Am335x_evm_config] Error 1Get the u-boot source and put it into the virtual machine's shared share

Linux Core Source Reading method

The first time you read the Linux4.0.5 kernel source code, a blank face, its code is not only complex, and large, can not find where to start reading.typically Linux will have the following directories The Arch subdirectory includes all the

Modify Linux File Permissions command: chmod "reprint"

Each file and directory in a Linux system has access permissions, which are used to determine who can access and manipulate files and directories.Access to a file or directory is divided into read-only, write-only, and executable three types. As an

Linux programming-Read and Write the FIFO (chapter 13th)

4. Read and write the FIFOUse of the O_nonblock mode affects the read and write calls to the FIFO.To an empty, blocked FIFO(That is, it is not opened with the O_nonblock flag)The read call will wait until there is data that can be read to continue

Linux System Network Service command (i)

First, the Linux system networking settingsAfter we installed the Linux system, the first is to configure the network services, after all, if the computer is not networked it is a calculator. When configuring network functions, it is simple and

Automatically mount and unmount USB disks using the command line under Gnu/linux

In the command-line environment, it is cumbersome to mount and unmount USB disks by manually typing mount and Umount commands each time. In particular, the Mount command has very many parameters. For example, the partition type of the disk (VFAT,

[linux]date command timestamp and time conversion

Many times we look at the data in the database, or the data in other people's systems need to be time-stamped to query, or the result of the query is a timestamp. There are times when you need to enter a timestamp for the query condition. My

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