Code--linux process communication (based on shared memory)

1. Communication of affinity process, parent write sub-readthought analysis:1 First we need to create a shared memory.2) The fork function is used to create a parent-child process. After the fork function is created, two processes run independently

Instructions for using syslog under Linux

Syslog System Log Application1) OverviewSyslog is the default log daemon for Linux systems. The default syslog configuration file is the/etc/syslog.conf file. Programs, daemons, and kernels provide log information for accessing the system. Therefore,

Automatically mount and unmount USB disks using the command line under Gnu/linux

In the command-line environment, it is cumbersome to mount and unmount USB disks by manually typing mount and Umount commands each time. In particular, the Mount command has very many parameters. For example, the partition type of the disk (VFAT,

The English word abbreviation for Linux common commands

Command abbreviation:Ls:list (List contents)Cd:change directory (change directory)Su:switch User Switch usersRpm:redhat Package Manager Red Hat Pack ManagerPwd:print Work Directory Print current directory displays the absolute path of the current

[linux]date command timestamp and time conversion

Many times we look at the data in the database, or the data in other people's systems need to be time-stamped to query, or the result of the query is a timestamp. There are times when you need to enter a timestamp for the query condition. My

Linux in Link,unlink,close,fclose detailed

Each file can obtain the file information through a struct stat structure, where one member St_nlink the number of links representing the file.When using the shell's Touch command or open a nonexistent file with O_creat in the program, the number of

Operation and maintenance automation deployment of Linux operating system using Cobbler automation

What is 1.Cobbler?Cobbler is a Linux installation server that can quickly set up a network installation environment. It automates and slipstreams many Linux-related tasks, so you don't need to switch back and forth between a wide variety of commands

Wildcard characters, metacharacters, escape characters in Linux

Tagged with: Shell wildcard characters LinuxWildcard characters, metacharacters, escape characters in Linux Wildcard OFDM character escapes in Linux The composition of the shell command Wildcard characters

Managing Linux device files with Udev

In this paper, the concept of udev and related terminology, udev configuration files and rules files are expounded in a popular way, and some examples of managing device files and querying device information are presented on the platform of Red Hat

Linux mail server

One, the e-mail system consists of five parts: MUA ( Mail User Agent ) Mail User agent mua Common tools: foxmail , outlook , webmail , mail Command and so on. Send mail using protocol: smtp

Linux directory structure

I've been using Linux for more than a year, and I've been maintaining the site system host. The following is the Linux directory structure description I use the CentOS system, a long time no blog post will be in the near future to collate their

Simple PWD command implemented under Linux

/*    pwd  command      path name through the stack storage, first into the stack storage, and then out of the stack output */#include   #include   #include   #include   #include   #include   #define  NUM 40/*     defining Nodes */struct  node {    

Linux tips: Use screen to manage your remote sessions

Do you often need SSH or telent telnet to a Linux server? Do you often have headaches for long-running tasks such as system backups, FTP transfers, and so on. Usually we open a remote terminal window for each of these tasks because they take too

Linux Common Command Daquan

System Information The processor architecture of the Arch Display Machine (1) UNAME-M display the processor architecture of the Machine (2) uname-r display the kernel version dmidecode-q display hardware system parts-(SMBIOS/DMI) hdparm-i/dev/ HDA

Linux programming-synchronization with Semaphores (12th chapter)

12.5.2 synchronizing with mutexes Another way of synchronizing access in a multithreaded program is to useMutex Amount. itallows the programmer to lock an object so that only one thread can access it at a time. To control access to critical code,

Linux syslog Server Erection Strategy

From the current situation, syslog (System log), a long-standing log system, still occupies the most mainstream status. Due to the origin of Unix-like platforms, Syslog is the most easily available log system in a real-world application environment.

The Du and DF commands for Linux

Today, some classmates asked me to look at the directory size under Linux command, now also will be the former learning to DU/DF two command summary of it.In the pre-test work, we have encountered the DF and du two commands because of the fact that

Linux programming-Processes and Signals (chapter 11th)

11.3 Starting a new process canstart another program inside the program to create a new process. This work can be done through the library function systemYes.#include int system (const char *string);the function of the system function is to run the

Linux Modify the system time and Linux view time zone, modify the time zone method

One, view and modify the time zone of Linux1. View the current time zoneCommand: "Date-r"2. Modify settings for the Linux server time zoneMethod ACommand: "Tzselect"Method B is limited to Redhat Linux and CentOSCommand: "Timeconfig"Method C applies

Log output class that supports the conversion of the specified memory segment to 16 and ASCII in Windows Linux

Source: Http:// IntroductionConverts the specified memory segment to a class of 16-in and ASCI-code output to a log file.2. Function Introduction1) Supports Windows and Linus dual systems.2) The output directory can be

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