Linux Ops high Salary introduction and advanced New Classic video-old boy Linux (free)

May 21, 2015 The latest release, the old boy teacher, the new Linux operation to get started classic!Super-rare Linux Classic Enterprise-class introductory combat coursePrice: FreeQuantity: 138 knotsThis Linux high-paying introduction and advanced,

A summary of the causes and debugging methods of the next segment error in Linux environment

Recently in the Linux environment to do C language project, because it is on the basis of an original project two development, and project engineering is huge and complex, there are many problems, the most encountered, the longest time of the

Linux file permissions and directory management

Three types of identities for Linux file systems File owner Same group of usersUsers of the same user group can access the files of the user group;Each account can be joined to multiple user groups.Files in the same user group can also

Vmtools problem solving for folder sharing between development host and Linux virtual machine after installation

Previously used ubuntu12.04 has been no problem. Recent WHIM update the version to the latest after discovering that the shared folder is not available. So just reinstall the Vmtools. But in compiling the Vmhgfs times wrong. The error is as follows: 

Differences between the Linux su and sudo commands

I. Using the SU command to temporarily switch user identities1, Su's applicable conditions and powerThe SU command is the tool to switch users, how to understand it? For example, we use ordinary user Beinan login, but to add user tasks, execute

Linux system FTP Server Setup and configuration

First, Introduction1. IntroductionFile Transfer is the abbreviation for Protocol (document Transfer Protocol), while Chinese is called "File Transfer Protocol". Used for two-way transmission of control files on the Internet. At the same time, it is

Linux view some commands for system information and the commands to view installed packages

Transferred from: uname-a # View kernel/Os/cpu info # head-n 1/etc/issue # view OS version # Cat/proc/cpuinfo # View CPU Info # hostname # View Meter Computer name #

Linux Common Operations Command (ii)

common commands for monitoring Linux-----------------------Ps-aux View All ProcessesPs-auxwww parameter w indicates widening of the displayed command lineVmstat: Show Current Memory usageNetstat: Display network status, use the parameter p to view

Brother Bird's Linux private dishes (Notes)-File permissions and directory configuration

The first part of Linux simple command operationfirst, the basic command1, display date and time: date;2. Display Calendar: Cal3. Easy to use calculator: BCEnter the number and budget symbol directly, press entry, enter quit to leave the BC

~linux device-driven USB host and device driver

If I can't accompany you to the end Do you regret that we were holding hands If I hadn't met you Now, I Where to stay All love is an adventure. That would be willingly. Waiting for all the suspense in our lives

How to securely log in to Linux with one-time password via SSH

Some people say that security is not a product, but a process. While the SSH protocol is designed to be secure with encryption , if used improperly, others can disrupt your system: such as weak passwords, key leaks, using outdated SSH clients, and

Linux Learning Notes

Part1: IntroductionOpen source software: 1, Apache software, website services to build soft2.nginx, less resources are used to occupy the server.               -   3.mysql,php,linux common site architecture platform. Linux application areas:         

How to set and view Linux environment variables

1. Display Environment Variables Home$ echo $HOME/home/redbooks2. Set a new environment variable Hello$ export hello= "hello!"$ echo $HELLOHello!3. Use the ENV command to display all environment variables$

Build WordPress blog from scratch under Linux

One, prepare the Linux environmentlocal virtual machines can ignore the first partWeibo and the public platform are now in a mess of fire. Since the blog has been online, ready to write some of the process, the province later I forgot. It takes a

28 Unix/linux Command-line artifact

Below are the 28 Kristóf Kovács collected under the 28 Command line tools (original link), some are familiar with, some are very useful, some are not known. These tools are very good, I hope everyone knows. This article is also discussed in Hacker

Linux Command line Network monitoring tool

Network monitoring tools are an important feature for businesses of any size. The objectives of network monitoring may vary widely. For example, the goal of monitoring activities can be to ensure long-term network services, security protection,

Linux Compiler installation Nginx

First, the necessary software preparation1, installation PcreIn order to support the rewrite feature, we need to install Pcre# yum Install Pcre-devel2. Installing OpenSSLRequires SSL support, skip this step if SSL support is not required# yum

The text-processing tool grep and the initial knowledge regular expression of Linux

A), the three major text processing of Linux grep:grep (Global search REgular expression and print out of the line, fully search for regular expressions and print them out): After giving a list of files or standard output, grep searches for text

Linux-Visual Menu interface design

Optimize screen RefreshProblemRefreshing multiple forms requires a bit of complexity, and on a slow link, the screen is drawn quite slowlyThe goal is to minimize the number of characters to be drawn on the screen基本函数int wnoutrefresh(WINDOW

The English word abbreviation for Linux common commands

Http:// (List contents)Cd:change directory (change directory)Su:switch User Switch usersRpm:redhat Package Manager Red Hat Pack ManagerPwd:print Work Directory Print current directory displays the

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